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Tips for Writing a Perfect Eulogy

Eulogy has long been an important part of cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH. It is given to honor the memory of the lost loved one and highlight their personal life, contributions, and achievements.

Since a eulogy is supposed to be very emotional and personal for both the bereaved family and the attendees, it should be meaningful, captivating, and draw on the most memorable bits of the deceased.

Here are the tips you should keep in mind while crafting a eulogy:

Be Organized

Before you start writing, give some time to organize your thoughts in order. As a rule of thumb, arrange the memories, stories, or contributions in chronological order. It will also make it easier for the audience to follow. The eulogy should have a proper start, middle, and end.

Start with a brief biological sketch of the deceased that includes personal details, names of family members, etc. The first part should reflect the uniqueness of their personality, such as a great military or family man, loving wife, devoted social worker, an accomplished artist or writer, etc.

The middle part includes their contributions, achievements or distinctions, or other notable works. Share a couple of stories or memorable moments of the loved one you were a part of or other favorite memories you have of them.

Finally, end it on a high note by reiterating key points of their life that illuminate their greatness. Use a poem or sentence like “You will forever be deeply missed” to conclude.

Brevity is the Soul of Eulogy

The eulogy should be concise, poignant, to the point, and should avoid unnecessary details of the deceased’s life. Try to limit it to around 1000 words or something you can deliver in 3-5 minutes. The longer you speak, the more are the chances of the audience getting bored or you making mistakes.

Keep it Meaningful

While writing, focus on highlighting their strengths, major accomplishments, and volunteer work they have done. It should reflect the deceased’s attributes and unique qualities.

Instead of delving into the unnecessary personal details, listing dry facts, or exaggerating facts, provide the audience a meaningful insight into the deceased’s personality and major attributes so they could honor and cherish their memory.

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Be Authentic in Narrating Events

Write authentically from your heart about who the loved one was, what was their relationship with you, why you admire them, and what makes them a person worth remembering? Find positive things about them and avoid mentioning negative thoughts even if the deceased was a complicated person to understand.

Don’t shy from adding a taste of humor in the eulogy especially if the loved one was an amusing person. Avoid portraying the deceased as perfect and impeccable as it can create doubts in the minds of the audience. Write a eulogy as if the loved one will be sitting in the audience and hearing you.

They should get a real overview of the lost loved one to invoke feelings of appreciation, respect, and tribute during cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH.