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Burial Rites From Around the World

When you realize that you need cremation services Willowick, OH, it’s time to spring into action. If you plan on cremating your loved one’s remains, you don’t have time to waste. You have to start planning immediately. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t imbrue the service with your emotions. Your feelings are very real. They can’t be pushed aside.

If you need inspiration for the service, you can use tradition. There are burial rites and passages from around the world that you can use to inspire you. A cremation service is very similar to a burial. The goal is the same in both cases. You want to honor the deceased. It doesn’t matter who you are. Every culture on earth respects their dead.

Different cultures, however, have different customs. Hindus and Buddhists often incorporate prayers and chants into the cremation service. In the West, people often choose a special spot to gather the ashes.

You don’t need to have a specific plan. Having an overall sense of how you want the service to go will be enough. Remember, the event will likely be very emotional. Even if everything goes smoothly and all of the details are perfect, you may still want to change something. It’s impossible to stop grieving when you want to. Your emotions must take their own course.

Worldwide differences show how people think. If you aren’t religious, you might be uncertain about how to organize the event. This is where your knowledge of other cultures will be useful. You can use it to pepper the memorial service with new elements. The cremation service is meaningful because of the people involved.

There are also wide cultural differences involved in how people dress. For example, many people believe that dressing in white shows purity and respect. Others prefer to dress in black after someone dies. Black is a traditional mourning color.

Cremation services aren’t bound by time. After your loved is cremated, the ashes can last forever. You can keep them in an urn, scatter them somewhere that’s important to you. You can schedule the memorial service at any point. It doesn’t have to be within a few days of the deceased’s death. If people are traveling across the country, you can give them time to attend the event.

Deciding to cremate your loved one rather than burying them is a big decision. However, there is no right or wrong answer. It depends entirely on the people involved. There are so many different faiths and beliefs that you can surely find information about your own. The memorial service will be the last time people gather in the name of the deceased. It’s an intense and powerful moment. It can help you feel better when you’re grieving.

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5 Ways to Share Your Condolences

You may have to visit multiple funeral homes Willowick, OH, before you make your final decision. Or, if someone else is in charge of planning the funeral, you have to worry about how to support the other mourners. This can be easy or it can be difficult. Expressing yourself during emotional moments is simple but it’s not easy.

Here are a few tips.

1. Send a Card

Although technology rules our lives, people still appreciate cards. There are cards specifically designed to express your condolences after a death. You can find these cards online and in-person. A card is appropriate for a wide variety of friends and family members. It’s also an affordable option.

2. Send Flowers

You don’t have to send the card by itself. If you want to create a bigger gift, you can send flowers as well. It’s a sweet gesture with a wealth of symbolism behind it. However. Working with a florist isn’t free. You will have to spend money if you send flowers. How much you spend depends on you. You can bring flowers to the funeral and leave them at the gravesite, or you can have flowers delivered to the family home.

3. Call

A short, simple phone call reminds the survivors that you’re thinking of them. When someone is consumed by grief, they may not have the strength to call you. You will have to be the first person to reach out. It doesn’t really matter what you say. You will be showing your support either way.

4. Visit

If you’re up to it, visiting your grieving friend in-person really shows that you love them. The visit may feel awkward or forced. Your friend may struggle to keep up with the conversation. However, this is not a typical social event. You’re not trying to have fun. You’re trying to show someone how much you care. Being a good friend requires this.

5. Give Space

It’s counter-intuitive, but it’s possible that the best thing you can do for your friend is to give them space. They may be too overwhelmed to deal with anyone on a social level. It’s very hard. They may need to be by themselves for a while. By giving them space, you’re giving them a special gift. It’s the gift of understanding. There’s no rulebook when it comes to being a friend. There are many different ways that you can prove yourself. Ultimately, what matters is how you make your friends feel. People want to be around people who support them and make them feel good.

When someone dies, it puts things into perspective. Suddenly, you remember that life is short. You won’t be around forever. If you care about someone, you have to let them know whenever you can.

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The History of Cremation Services

You are following tradition when you plan cremation services Wickliffe, OH. Cremations are less common than traditional burials in the West, but it’s still an option. There may be a variety of reasons why you ultimately decide to cremate your loved one. It could be because it’s your local culture. Or it might because you feel a deep affinity toward this type of service.

The Beginning

Historians believe that human beings began cremating their young over 17,000 years ago. Its popularity was associated with the region and the religion of the people. For example, the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians forbade cremation while other cultures encouraged it. Hindusm and Jainism are examples of religious sects that actively promote cremation.


Currently, cremation is a very common service in the U.S. If someone passes away without family, their remains are likely going to be cremated. There are many reasons why this is the case. Cremating your loved one is often less expensive.

When you attend the service, you can take comfort in the solemn activities. You know that you are participating in an activity that your people have engaged in since the beginning of time. Somehow, that adds extra heft to the service.

Cremation services may be the toughest experience of your life. It’s an hour or more of your time where your entire focus will be on the deceased. Emotionally, it may be very difficult. However, the experience can also be elucidating. After all, you will be able to connect with people who loved your friend or family member.

It’s possible that you’ve never attended a cremation service. If that’s the case, it’s possible that you will have lots of questions. Cremation services rose to popularity in the West during the late 1800s. The Victorians grew interested in cremation services for sanitary and practical reasons. Cemeteries were overcrowded.

Now, people have different reasons for preferring cremations. When your loved one’s remains are cremated, they’re not tied to a specific spot. You can keep the ashes with you forever. Or you can scatter the ashes in a place that holds significance for you and the deceased. Common choices include the ocean, in the mountain, in a park, etc.

When you organize the deceased’s memorial, you will naturally want to pay attention to cultural concerns. The mourners may expect certain rites and passages. If you’re not sure and would like extra guidance, speak directly with your funeral home or crematory. Their experience can be substituted for your own.

Emotional, difficult events like funerals are often hard to attend. They can be very moving as well. There are few activities as potent as listening to, or reading, a eulogy for someone you love. You will realize that yourself after the event.

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5 Reasons to See a Grief Counselor

When you feel lost and like you’re drowning in grief, you may need to search for funeral homes Wickliffe, OH. It’s not a simple search. There may be a wealth o funeral homes to choose from. Choosing a funeral isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. If you’re grieving, you may need extra help to move forward.

A grief counselor is a trained professional who can help you make sense of your emotions. Here are some reasons why you should go.

1. Overwhelming Grief

Grief can be so powerful that it takes over your like. You can no longer think straight because all of your thoughts are focused on your departed loved one. Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict the course of your grief. If you still feel overwhelmed months after the deceased passed away, it may be a good idea to see a professional. There is no stigma attached to getting help.

2. Improved Health

Your physical health can suffer if you’re mentally disturbed. Even simple tasks like eating and showering can feel draining. When you work with a grief counselor, however, you’ll be reminded to take care of yourself. Your improved health will be obvious. If you start to feel better, your grief will almost certainly be lessened.

3. Work

Unless you’re retired or a homemaker, you still have to make money after your loved dies. You still have to keep paying your bills. Yet, if you’re emotionally distraught, it can feel impossible. Your grief counselor can help you find the strength to go back to work. The key is to learn how to compartmentalize. Keep your work lie separate from your home life. Instead of venting to your coworkers, vent to your counselor.

4. Pain Relief

Psychological pain can be as intense as physical pain. That’s one of the main reasons why counselors exist. Their role is to help people work through their emotions. This can be a cathartic experience. When you’re experiencing a lot of physical pain, any form of relief is welcome. Exposing your inner soul to your psychologist won’t be easy. You may feel tempted to try to mitigate the extent of your pain.

5. Peace

Eventually, you hope to be at peace with your loved one’s death. That doesn’t mean that you don’t still miss or that you wouldn’t bring them back if you could. It simply means that you recognize that you’re still alive. Life moves forward at a furious pace. There’s no way to control it, even if you want to.

The funeral will be an emotional event. Yet, you may feel bad if you don’t go. It’s a symbolic way of saying goodbye. You can speak with other people who loved the deceased. It’s a powerful moment for many people.

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