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Funeral Guidance: In the Age of Social Distancing

Social distancing measures have changed cremation services Waite Hill, OH. At a time when social distancing is mandatory, attending or arranging a memorial has become more complicated than ever.

Making decisions concerning the health of your friends and family at a time when you are facing emotional upheaval can be overwhelming.

This article aims to provide basic guidelines on what should you do. Social distancing can be enacted, even at memorials, if you take enough precautions.

Don’t Touch the Body

The CDC has advised people not to touch the body of the deceased who have died of COVID-19 complications. Be cautious in performing the rituals involved with touching the body – mostly in religious funerals. Avoid kissing, shrouding, or washing the body as much as possible. The body should be sanitized and people performing such duties should wear gloves and use masks.

Promoting Social Distancing

You have to comply with the social distancing guidelines outlined by the local government – and discourage people from coming in close contact with each other in the event. Elderly and sick people should pay utmost attention to the 6-ft distance rule and hand hygiene. Make sure there’s hand sanitizer available.

Livestreaming the Event

The pandemic has accelerated the use of digital technology and CDC has recommended that people live stream the event to the audience instead of inviting them. It is a perfect alternative where people can partake funeral services virtually without any risk of contracting COVID-19. Ask them to share their sympathies, stories, or condolences online.

Minimize the Attendees

Extraordinary events require extraordinary decisions. You may need to invite fewer people to the funeral. You may call close friends and immediate family members to attend the services. The CDC has advised inviting no more than 20 people for an indoor funeral arrangement – to enforce 6-foot social distancing.

For other friends and family members, you may arrange a dinner or event at a later time to give tribute to the deceased.

Organize the Event in Open Place

You have to make arrangements in an open, well-ventilated, or large space to minimize the chances of people contacting each other. Many religious traditions have restrictions on holding funerals in open places, so make decisions as culture and traditions allow – keeping in mind the gravity of the situation.

Stringently Follow Hygiene Guidelines

All the attendees to the funeral ought to maintain hygiene before, during, and after the funeral. Using regular hand sanitizers, face mask, disposing tissues, etc. will help protect you – and other visitors – from catching COVID-19. Additionally, everyone should try to avoid handshaking, hugging, and coming in close contact with other people – as recommended by the CDC.

cremation services Waite Hill, OH

To conclude, COVID-19 has brought unprecedented changes in our social lives and we have to accept the new realities and mold our lives accordingly. The above guideline will help you arrange cremation or funeral services for your loved – if you don’t want to delay it – without compromising the health of the attendees. Things have changed for cremation services Waite Hill, OH.

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Cremation vs Burial: Decide What’s Best for Your Family

Funerals or cremation services Mentor, OH, among the least discussed topics. Only 26% of Americans talk about funerals with friends or family. No wonder, online platforms are inundated with questions – often left unanswered – about whether a cremation should be preferred or a burial.

Even though organizing a funeral is a highly personal decision involving faith, culture, and family, many factors should be considered before finalizing a decision. There is a significant difference between cremation and burial and this article will help you assess the pros and cons of each – and choose one accordingly.

Understanding the Terminology

Both cremation and burial take place immediately after death. In case of cremation, the body is incinerated into ashes. The remains are handed over to the family to scatter, bury in the ground, or keep as a memory. Contrarily, the burial process includes an entombing body in the ground or mausoleum.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of each to give help you decide what’s best for your lost loved one.

Pros of Cremation

  • Its cost-effective and can be arranged at any place.
  • The family has the possession of the remains and can keep them.
  • You still can organize a burial service after the cremation.
  • It’s time-efficient and involves fewer decisions compared to that of a burial process.
  • It’s considered environmentally friendly contrary to that of burial – including the casket.

Cremation Cons

  • You cannot organize cremation at every locality. Some neighborhoods don’t provide cremation services.
  • The body cannot be exhumed.

Pros of Burial

  • Provides a permanent mausoleum or gravesite that you can visit whenever you want. For many people, it’s an important component of the healing process.
  • Almost everyone is comfortable with a funeral – eliminating the chances of disagreement and confusion.
  • The body can be exhumed – if need be.

Burial Cons

  • It’s often more expensive
  • Sometimes cemeteries have rules contradicting your wishes or decisions – and limit your choices.

Having expounded the basic pros and cons of cremation and burial, let’s discuss some important factors and statistics concerning each.

Religious Considerations

Cremation is often seen as opposed to many religions. For instance, the Jewish faith forbids cremation – with some exceptions. And Muslims never practice cremation under any circumstances. Similarly, Cremation was banned in the Catholic church until the 1960s. Now, Christians can cremate the body as long as they bury the remains. On the other hand, religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism require cremations.

Which is Best – Statistical Analysis

In America, Cremation is increasingly becoming a preferred choice. According to the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), the number of cremation services surpassed that of burial in 2019 and the trend will likely only increase in the coming years. The projection shows that the cremation rate will reach 80% until 2040.

cremation services Mentor, OH

Now that you understand what’s involved in both decisions, it’s time to make a choice. Whatever you decide to do, you don’t have a lot of time. Cremation services Mentor, OH, or funeral services must be planned soon after the deceased’s passing.

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Benefits of Hiring a Funeral Director

Planning a funeral or cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, is one of the toughest things for people who have recently lost a loved one. In such critical times, the bereaved family has the clouded judgment and it is near to impossible to make rational choices; they end up making hasty decisions that cost them extra money. That is why it is always recommended and wise to hire a professional funeral director who understands ins and outs of holding a funeral or cremation. He knows very well the importance of bidding an earnest farewell to your loved one. Capitalizing on his experience in the industry, he will help you better manage and plan the funeral task.

Remember! Although bodies need to be interred within a specified time, yet you ought to vet various funeral directors until you find the one having a good reputation and with whom you feel comfortable to work with.

Plans Everything Perfectly

Once you have hired a funeral director, you don’t need to worry about anything. He will ensure that everything is well-planned as agreed upon while you can spend more time with family and friends in such depressing times. He will take care of every aspect of the funeral process such as:

  • Efficiently planning the schedule of events
  • Sourcing a suitable funeral venue
  • Finding the tombstone or urn of your choice
  • Offer you a choice between direct burial or cremation
  • Finding a coffin and coffin bearers
  • Handle logistics involved in burial or cremation process

You Can Grieve

Having lost someone is depressing beyond words and you need time and space to feel your emotions. Psychologists are in unison that spending more time with close family and friends during a funeral takes a lot of burden off your heart, and it can be possible only when the funeral process is the least of your worry. A funeral director is trained to help you honor the deceased in the best possible way.

Limited Expenses on Funeral

Honestly speaking, money always means a lot! Some people wrongly assume that hiring a funeral director will cost them extra, but he saves you a lot of bucks. When you have just lost a closed one, your power of reasoning is temporarily blurred and you may spend unscrupulously during bouts of grief and pain. Conversely, a funeral director will never get carried away by emotions; rather will always make pragmatic decisions and come up with spending options that fall within your budgetary limits.

Handles All Paperwork

In the event of someone’s death, you should never want to put extra stress on yourself in the form of filling paperwork as funerals come with a lot of legal documentation. A professional funeral director will take charge of necessary paperwork such as death certificates, social security reporting, burial permits, insurance claims, etc.

Has Strong References

Because of regular handling of funerals, funeral directors have contacts with pastors, celebrants, catering companies, insurance companies, flower shops, newspaper contacts, etc. that provide quality services at a discounted price. It makes it extremely easy for you to arrange everything through one channel – a funeral director.

cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH

Cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, is a subject that all families need to know about.

Cremation services Waite Hill, OH

Cremation Service Planning Tips

Cremation services Waite Hill, OH, will be on your mind after your loved one dies. Death is a reality we cannot escape, and saying goodbyes to the loved ones and planning their funerals can be overwhelming. Every year, more than 2.7 million people die in the U.S and you can make things easier for your family by planning a funeral yourself. But for many, planning a funeral seems to feel like an enigmatic and death-obsessed task and avoid discussing it with anybody. That is why, just 26 percent of Americans have talked with a loved one about their funeral, according to a 2018 survey by the National Funeral Directors Association.

But if you are planning to arrange a funeral anytime shortly, this article will guide you on how to make smart decisions and make such a difficult time easier for you and your family. So, stick to reading!

Below mentioned tips will help you plan a memorial service for a loved one:

Plan Your Budget Beforehand

Funerals can cost you a fortune if you make decisions without considering the budgetary constraints. Evaluate how much your family can afford on the funeral and vow to make the rest of the spending decisions accordingly. Never get carried away by emotions while spending.

Learn What’s Involved

To make the right decisions, you need to know what services are involved in a funeral or cremation service. From confirming the deceased transportation to the funeral venue, filling required paperwork and putting financial and administrative matters of the deceased in order, selecting a venue for the funeral, hiring a pastor, and selecting funeral and memorial products, you need to learn about everything in advance to make scrupulous decisions.

Finalize Which Services You Want for the Deceased

Also, you need to know – and finalize – how you and your family want to honor the deceased. Will it be an embalming or cremation services? How many guests are expected to come to the funeral? Where you want the deceased to be buried? Which pastor you would call? What type of ceremony will be held? And then make necessary calls to arrange all these things on time.

Buy What You Want

Remember! Your love for the deceased cannot be measured in terms of how much you spend on their funeral. You don’t need to spend more than you can afford. Never go for a complete package that funeral homes offer, rather buy goods and services individually according to your needs such as the number of expected funeral attendees.

Also, you can save a lot of money by buying flowers, an urn, or burying site after exploring multiple options

Cremation services Waite Hill, OH

Because of psychological factors and pain of losing someone, arranging a funeral or cremation services Waite Hill, OH is a tough task as people often get carried away by emotions and fail to make rational decisions. But after following the aforementioned tips, you would be able to say goodbye to the deceased in the best possible way.

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What to Say at a Cremation Service

Are you planning cremation services Mentor, OH, for your loved one? Or have you been invited to attend a memorial? If the answer to either of these questions is a firm yes, then you might be wondering what it is that you’re going to say.

These events aren’t easy. However, they are somewhat soothing as well. That’s because you can share your emotions in a way that’s unusual. Often, people try to repress extreme emotions in public. They don’t want other people to know that they’re feeling anything so deeply and strongly.

However, things are different at cremation services. At these events, people feel free to open up. They share their grief. At a cremation service, you learn that you’re not alone. You can share your emotions with people who know what you’re going through. Although it feels difficult to do at the moment, you will leave with memories that you can look back on for the rest of your life. ‘

Here are a few things you can say at the memorial.

I love you

If you’re seeing close family members or friends, it’s a good time to tell them that you love them. Death is a reminder that life is short. You have to tell people that you care about them. At the memorial, emotions are already running high. People feel vulnerable. That’s why it’s so important to reach out.

I’m here

Nobody wants to feel alone. Yet, intense grief can make that feeling stronger. To combat, remind your loved ones that you’re there for them. You are a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with, whatever they need. Hopefully, they will do the same for you. Dealing with loss is easier if you have a support system around you.

I’m listening

When is that last time that someone really listened to what you were saying? It makes people respected when they’re heard. This is especially true at a memorial. If you’re too emotional to speak yourself, listen to what other people are saying. You’ll still feel connected to the event.

I remember

If you are ready to speak, focus on sharing stories of the deceased. These stories and memories are all that’s left now. Through these stories, you can keep the deceased’s memory alive.

The actual words that are said at a cremation service aren’t very important. Instead, what matters more is the feeling behind them. What was your inspiration? What was the feeling that motivated those words? Although cremation services are emotional events, they’re still highly social.

If you’re responsible for planning the memorial, you have extra worries. It’s natural to want everything to be perfect. Yet, that’s impossible. There will be words you wish you had said, things you wish you had thought about in time. Focus on the important parts of the service. Your loved one can’t return, but you can honor their memory the best you know how.

The need for cremation services Mentor, OH, will press on your mind until it’s resolved.

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5 Ways Grief Affects Your Physical Health

Human societies use cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, to make sense of what happened after losing a loved one. Everyone dies, but that doesn’t make the reality of death any easier to deal with. This is especially true when the deceased’s passing was unexpected. Experiencing extreme grief can affect you in a deeply physical way.

1. You sleep more

One of the most common ways that grief affects your body is by increasing the amount of time you spend in bed. Sleeping too much can feel like a gift at first when you’re trying to run away from your own thoughts. However, the extra sleep can lead to general fatigue and weight problems. It’s difficult to keep up with your regular schedule if you’re sleeping too much.

2. You sleep less

Getting less sleep is also a common problem. This issue may be harder to deal with because not getting enough sleep will have an immediate effect on your health. It can even be dangerous if you go too long without proper sleep. If you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep, you may need to seek medical attention.

3. You feel unwell

A general sense of unease or an unwell feeling may pervade your senses. When you feel bad in general, it can lead to general physical weakness. You’ll end up feeling sick although you won’t be able to pinpoint an outside cause. If you’re feeling this way, it can throw off your entire routine.

4. You overeat

Overeating is something that can have a major effect on your life. If you fall into the overeating trap, it can take a long time for your body to recover. Food can be used to dull the pain. However, it’s a temporary relief. You can’t use food to eradicate your grief. When you find yourself trapped in this pattern, it’s time to bring a different attitude to your meals.

5. You don’t eat enough

You have to be careful of falling into the reverse trap and not eating enough. This too is a common response to grief. But it can’t provide real aid. By not eating enough to sustain life, you’ll only be giving yourself more problems to worry about. Your body will not accept this treatment for very long.

Your physical health doesn’t have to be delicate to be affected by a serious loss. Losing someone you care about is never easy. However, there is no way to avoid it. When it happens, the only thing you can do is try your best to move on. This doesn’t mean that you’re forgetting about the deceased. It means that you recognize that time, and life, have to move forward.

cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH

Grief isn’t something that you can reason with. Emotions don’t work that way. You can’t will yourself to feel better. Time and work are the only real cures. Living with your grief may become too difficult.

Cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, will naturally be on your mind after someone special to you passes away.

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Common Thoughts at a Cremation Service

A million things will likely run through your mind while you’re planning cremation services Wickliffe, OH. When you’re at the ceremony itself, your mind will be even more distracted. Death comes for everyone, yet it’s a very difficult subject to wrap your head around. It may feel unreal that your loved one is no longer there in person.

Although your thoughts may feel very strange at first, it’s perfectly natural to have strange or unusual thoughts when you find yourself in this situation. These thoughts can range from negative to positive.

Why did this happen?

Although everyone knows that people die, it’s hard to really accept that fact until it happens to someone you know. Losing a loved one can feel unfair, especially if their death was unexpected. Sometimes, people die when they’re healthy and young. The friends and family members left behind to wonder why it happened. This feeling can completely overtake you while you’re in the midst of the memorial service.

What’s next?

If the deceased was heavily involved in your life, you may wonder what you’re going to do next. Your day-to-day life may feel dramatically different. At the cremation service, everything may retain the tinge of unreality. Yet, life has to continue. Time marches forward no matter what you do. The question of “what next?” matters because it’s impossible to do nothing. You have to learn how to live life without the influence of the deceased.

Did I do enough?

No relationship is perfect. After someone passes away, you may be tempted to go over all of the points in their relationship that you weren’t completely happy with. However, this isn’t helpful. Blaming yourself for what happened won’t bring anyone back. Instead, you should try to focus on all of the good and positive emotions that are associated with your relationship to the deceased. These are the memories that will help you move forward.

Will it get better?

This is the question that goes through everyone’s mind. Will the pain and hurt that you’re experiencing ever go away? It’s a tricky question to answer. There will never be a moment where you don’t miss the deceased. However, you can learn how to live with your grief. Your loved ones wouldn’t want you to spend all of your life in the worst grief. Many believe that grief comes in stages.

Peace can come in surprising ways. At the cremation service, there may be moments of beauty as well as sadness. You are saying goodbye to someone you loved, but it’s also a moment where you’re cherishing their spirit. Standing with other mourners and sharing memories can be very powerful

cremation services Wickliffe, OH

The cremation service is just one day out of many. The entire story of your grief can’t be told in one day. Yet, it’s expected that powerful emotions will be involved. There’s no way to get around it. These emotions are what make us human. The cremation service will give you a chance to express yourself.

Your family’s need for cremation services Wickliffe, OH, can soothe your soul.

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5 Ways to Connect to Grieving Loved Ones

When your mind is occupied by cremation services Willoughby, OH, you may feel as though you don’t have time to take care of your mental health. It’s important to fight against this feeling. One of the easiest ways to do this is to increase your human connections. These valuable relationships are your links to the rest of the world.

If you need ideas on how to form new connections or strengthen the old ones, read this post.

1. Call old friends

Adult life is busy. You may not have time to speak to your friends every day. However, when you’re feeling rough, it’s a good time to reach out to people anew. You don’t have to talk about what happened. You can ask your friends not to bring up the death, or you can speak to people who don’t know what happened. It’s normal to feel as though you can’t speak about what happened.

2. Go outside

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to comfort a grieving friend. In that spot, it can be difficult to know what to do. You want to help, but you don’t know what to say or do. Try taking your friend for a walk or hike. It can clear your mind. There’s less pressure to talk because you can soak up the beauty of the outdoors. In addition, fresh air and sunlight can brighten your mood.

3. Virtual meetings

Sometimes, when your mind is bowed with grief, it can be difficult to get out of the house. Instead of forcing yourself out the door, you can opt for a virtual meeting. You get all of the social benefits of the meetup without having to leave your living room. It can make you feel more secure and safe. You know that you’ll be able to leave the meeting whenever you need to.

4. Be open

To forge new relationships and strengthen old ones, you need to focus on being open and vulnerable. It’s not easy, but the attitude will take you far in your relationships. It can have a direct effect on your grief because you’ll have an outlet for your most powerful feelings. This openness attracts other people. To do this, you can find someone who you feel comfortable talking to. You don’t have to talk about the loss you’ve experienced immediately, but you will at some point.

5. Follow your routine

It’s a good idea to follow a routine. It’s understandable if your life has changed dramatically since the loss of your loved one. However, getting back into a routine will help you connect to the rest of the world. You can even create a social routine for yourself, like making sure you greet the store clerk when you grab your daily coffee.

cremation services Willoughby, OH

There is no guide that will tell you the best way to live your life. Yet, there are things you can do to try. The need for cremation services Willoughby, OH, strikes every family.

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Understanding Grief in Children

The community’s need for cremation services Willowick, OH, will never end. Honoring your loved one’s memory is a time-honored response to grief. The complicated emotion can completely derail your life. Children are not exempt from this. Even very young children can feel powerfully affected. Grief in children can look unusual. Because they have less experience managing their emotions, it can be harder for them to restrain themselves.

So, the first thing you need to do is let go of the expectation that you will be able to predict how your child will react. They’re individual beings with their own needs and demands. You have to allow your child to go through the natural steps of grief. You’ll need to do this the moment you tell them that the deceased has passed away.

Their reaction may not be immediate. Because there are no rules as to how a child may react, there’s no way to predict what their reaction will be. A scared or upset child may retreat entirely. The child will appear sullen or closed off. Conversation will feel more difficult. Or, the child might act out. This will be very frustrating to deal with, but you must understand that children have limited tools. Their emotions can’t be easily controlled.

Another normal reaction is to seem undisturbed. This happens when the child behaves as though nothing is wrong. It could be a deep form of denial, or it could be that the child is too young to understand what happened. This is frustrating as well, because you may feel as though the child didn’t really care about the deceased. However, this is the wrong conclusion to reach. Grief is too complicated.

You should be willing to speak to your child as many times as is necessary. These conversations won’t be easy, but they might be necessary. Young children need help understanding what’s going on. If you need help with these conversations, you can seek professional help. Grief counselors understand how to have difficult conversations. Speaking to a child about death is something they learn how to do.

It’s impossible to map out every step of someone’s grief. There are too many potential surprises. The healing process could be significantly longer or shorter than you’re expecting. This may be disappointing, but it’s not unexpected.

Children should be protected from the world. However, protecting them grief isn’t always possible. The only thing you can do is try to help them process their new reality. Whatever happens, don’t lie to them. It’s very important that they trust you completely. It’s tempting to want to soften the blow, but this is impossible. The negative reality has to be met. The deceased is never coming back.

cremation services Willowick, OH

Children need care and protection. This is especially true when they’re dealing with mature emotions like grief. There’s no easy way to do this. It could bring you closer to your child. Having your family there in times of need is a great benefit.

The right cremation services Willowick, OH, can soothe your soul. Orlando-Donsante-Previte Funeral Home will be here to help you heal.

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Types of Urns

Knowing what type of urn you want will help when it’s time for cremation services Wickliffe, OH. There are many, many different styles depending on your needs. It may be appropriate to purchase more than one urn. For example, you may buy a large funeral urn for display during the memorial service. A smaller urn may be a better fit for your bedroom or living room.

Funeral Urn

Any urn can be a funeral urn. However, when people in the industry use this term, they’re usually referring to large urns specifically designed for people to look at during end of life services. These urns can be any color or design. Often, the urn is placed beside a nice picture of the deceased. People walk by and pay their respects.

Keepsake Urns

Keepsake urns are very different from large funeral urns. These are small and private, intended for your personal comfort and solace. Keepsake urns can take a variety of different. It could be a piece of jewelry like a necklace or a locket. It doesn’t have to contain their ashes. It could be something like a lock of hair or dried flowers from the memorial.

It’s common for the deceased’s ashes to be spread among multiple people. Each person can choose their own keepsake-style urn.

Companion Urns

Companion urns are designed for two. Many people are comforted by the thought of their remains resting alongside their loved one. You don’t need traditional burial plots for this to happen. In addition, both parties don’t need to be deceased to buy a combination urn. The two people can purchase it together, or one person can purchase it after the other person passes away.

Religious Urns

Religious urns are designed with religious symbols. You can find an urn that matches any religion. This option is a good idea if the deceased or the mourners are very religious. That may be why the deceased’s remains are being cremated. Some religious and spiritual traditions believe that cremating someone’s remains is a better option than burying them. You should have a lot of options when you look for religious urns.

cremation services Wickliffe, OHCustomized Urns

In modern times, you can find a customized urn. This is an urn that’s uniquely suited for the deceased. For example, if the deceased was a musician, the urn can be decorated with musical notes. The idea is to design the urn in a way that mourners will be able to identify. There are a lot of different ways you can go about finding this.

Choosing the right urn may not be an easy decision. After all, you may be happy with multiple different styles. If you find yourself in this position, you can relieve the pressure on yourself by buying more than one style.

There are no rules when it comes to urns. There are rules regarding traveling with human remains, however. Airlines are quite strict. This is something to remember when you’re making a decision. Orlando-Donsante-Previte Funeral Home can help you decide.