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Say Goodbye to a Terminally Ill Friend

All the memories and happy times you spent together flash in front of your eyes as your friend prepares for cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH. And if anything, saying a final goodbye to a terminally-ill friend is one of the most overwhelming experiences of life.

Many people shy from visiting a friend who may breathe his or her last in the coming days, but the one thing the dying wants is the presence of close ones near him to share and relive the good old memories, to have one last laugh, to know that someone will remember them after their passing.

That’s why you should go and visit a friend if you care about them. Saying a final goodbye will make both you and your dying friend feel good and satisfied.

Here are some simple tips you should bear in mind while visiting a dying friend.

1. Be Supportive and Optimistic

Many people feel anxious to visit a dying friend as they don’t want to face or say goodbye to her. The very acknowledgment of the fact that someone is about to die can make most feel uncomfortable and it’s natural. You may feel weak and restless knowing you can’t do anything to help your friend.

But just imagine the comfort and solace your visit will bring to the friend. You don’t need to talk about death or say goodbye; just being there and having a conversation like a friend will give you enough strength and comfort to passing through that critical time.

2. Listen More, Speak Less

You need to control your emotions and be as supportive as you can be. Don’t take the lead yourself, instead of respecting the patient’s choice and letting them set the topic of discussion or standard of interaction.

Those last few minutes of your company should be all about the dying friend. Once you have initiated a conversation, just be there, holding their hand, and let them speak whatever they want to. If they want to talk about illness, let be it; if they want to avoid that topic, then find other topics that give them comfort and a few moments of happiness.

cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH3. Do Share Your Thoughts

The most awkward part of visiting a dying friend is starting a conversation. Your friend may also feel awkward about what to speak. No matter how difficult it’s for you to talk to a dying friend, you have to speak.

The easiest way is to start asking questions on random subjects to get rid of the elephant in the room. Don’t directly jump onto the topic of illness or death, instead, let them decide what they want to talk about.

4. Say Goodbye

And lastly, you have to say goodbye, and that’s the hardest part. You have to control your emotion and say a final goodbye to your friend. It should be heartfelt for both you and your friend and help them get ready cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH.

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Arranging a Funeral Service

No words can justify the pain of cremation services Waite Hill, OH. Your life suddenly comes to a stop as you try to process the loss.

During such an emotionally trying time, you have to hold together to arrange for the one last goodbye to the deceased, the one they truly deserve. Planning a funeral is amongst the most challenging events, as grief and sorrow of losing the beloved can cloud your judgments.

Because of this, we are here with a list of tips to help you get started with the funeral arrangement when the time comes:

1. Look for a Funeral Director

The first thing you should do is start looking for a professional funeral director. He or she is the person who will guide you throughout the funeral process along with providing emotional support and comfort.

Many people have a misconception that hiring a funeral director costs extra money, but it cannot be further from the truth. You just cannot save anything by arranging all the services yourself, rather most people end up spending more.

A funeral director has years of experience in handling various tasks associated with funeral services. Because of his direct contact with all the funeral service providers, such as catering, music, burial, religious clergy, florists, etc., he gets you discounted prices.

2. Choose the Type of Service

If anything, the surviving family needs to honor the deceased’s last wishes about the type of service they wanted. But if they haven’t made a will, then the onus lies on the family to choose how to say goodbye.

In America, the two most common types of funerals are burial and cremation. Religious and cultural traditions play a key role in deciding whether to go with a burial funeral or cremation. Else, the family can make a consensus depending on the budgetary allocations.

In the last decade, cremation has become more prevalent in America due to fewer costs associated with it.

3. Funeral Rituals

Another critical aspect of funeral planning is honoring the religious propensities of the deceased. If he had a strong faith in the denomination, then the final services would follow religious rites and rituals. Else, there are many secularist human traditions that you can choose from.

The concept of non-traditional funerals is gaining traction in the states and your funeral director can better guide you on what’s best for you.

4. Think About Hearse to Transport the Body to Gravesite

Mostly, the casket is transported in a hearse, but that’s not the only option you have. Now, people are increasingly opting for non-traditional ways of transporting caskets like floats and horse-drawn carriages.

cremation services Waite Hill OH5. Plan for Post-Funeral Service

Many families plan a wake or memorial service to honor and remember the deceased. Close friends and family are invited to the deceased’s house or a private location like a hotel or funeral home.

Compared to the funeral, this event is less formal, where the guests commemorate the life of a person. But you can skip this event if you want or hold it anytime you deem suitable. You control the events at cremation services Waite Hill, OH.


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Understanding Direct Cremation

In the last few years, the trend of choosing cremation services Waite Hill, OH as a type of final disposition is on the rise. Today, many bereaved families consider it as a natural alternative to traditional burial funerals. It is quick, simple, and can cost significantly less compared to burial.

If you’re planning to arrange a direct cremation for your loved one in the near future, read on to get insights into this trending final disposition option.

What is Direct Cremation

A direct cremation is a type of funeral service in which no service is performed before or after the cremation. It is also known as simple or immediate cremation, and no viewing, ceremony, or visitation is required.

The body of the deceased is put in a simple cardboard container, also called a cremation container, and burned to ashes in the presence of a few immediate family members. Direct cremation doesn’t involve any pre-funeral services, so there is no need for a casket.

How Much Direct Cremation Cost

Direct cremation is the least expensive of the funeral types and, on average, can cost half of what you spend on average burial services. The main reason is you don’t need a casket, embalming, or services of a funeral director to arrange a direct cremation which reduces the funeral costs.

That is why cremation is considered a low-cost alternative to a burial funeral.

The Family Require Authorization

Even though the name Immediate cremation reflects the burning of the body soon after death, but you cannot cremate a body without the necessary paperwork.

What documents and certifications you need vary from state to state, but in any case, it may take you 24-48 hours to complete the paperwork. Meanwhile, immediate kin fills in the cremation authorization form, and then a cremation permit is issued by the county where the person has died.

Scatter The Remains Anywhere You Want

The whole cremation process takes almost three hours, and the remains are filtered and delivered to the family within five to ten days in an urn of your choosing. It is upon the bereaved family to decide what to do with the remains.

They can bury it in any special spot, disperse in the air, bury under the sea, display it at the house, or turn it into pieces of jewelry.

cremation services Waite Hill, OHCremation is Quick, Simple, and Cost-Friendly

Direct cremation, unlike burial services, doesn’t require rigorous shopping and making dozens of decisions. You don’t have to worry about services such as catering, floral arrangement, coffin type, venue, and inviting members of the clergy.

The cremation process is simple and straightforward, and it appeals to people who want to make the last services of the deceased as simple as possible.

The aforementioned points show why direct cremations are on the rise in the US and elsewhere. It is the most affordable, simple, and quick type of funeral to say a final goodbye to the lost loved one.

Now, the choice is yours to decide if cremation services Waite Hill, OH is the right disposition method for your loved one or yourself when the time comes.

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Etiquette Tips for Funeral Service

Planning to attend the funeral or cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, of your friend or colleague? Bear in mind that a funeral is an event where everyone is expected to be on their best behavior.

So, if you’ve never attended a funeral service before, here is everything you should remember when visiting one.

1. Be on Time

There is probably never a more important time to be on time, than a funeral. Try to reach the venue 15 minutes before the scheduled time.

If you are late for a funeral the chances are that you will miss out on the part of the service you aren’t there for, because it is almost impossible for us to hold up service and wait for someone to arrive.

2. Record Your Attendance

Most funeral services will have a memorial or guest book that they want people to sign when they arrive. When you record your details, it is best not to simply sign your signature. Also, add a couple of lines in tribute to the deceased.

It helps the grieving family have an easily legible record of who attended. They may choose to send thank you cards or messages to those that attended, so make sure your name is easily understood.

3. Interact with family

Don’t shy away from approaching the bereaved family and offering your condolences. But don’t try to take a lot of their time.

For families, it can be particularly overwhelming when masses of people are trying to seek them out. Sometimes a grieving person just needs a little space before a funeral to collect their thoughts and emotion.

So, if possible, spend time with the bereaved family members after the service. This is a much more relaxed time and means that you can support them when they need it most.

4. Be Respectful

A funeral is one of those times when nothing less than the utmost respect is acceptable. This means respecting the family, the gathering of mourners, the funeral directors, the clergy, or the celebrant, but most importantly, it means respecting the deceased.

So, conduct yourself with respect, courtesy, and dignity. Never even think of disrespecting the mourning person, even if you have had a strained relationship for years or whatever. Do your very best to be supportive of each other and the family of the deceased.

Be patient if you don’t like something in the event. Just remember where you are and why you are there.

cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH5. Dress Up in proper Attire

Wear what you feel most comfortable in and what you feel is the most respectful outfit for the occasion. It doesn’t have to be all black, but the darker attire is taken as a symbol of grief.

But anything that is not too shiny or attention-drawing is acceptable. Remember that it is a funeral so it is one of those occasions where it’s acceptable to dress up during the day!

In short, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to funerals. But always be on your best behavior before and after cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH.

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Coping With Sudden Loss

All the planned events and trips have suddenly come to an end when you have to plan cremation services Waite Hill, OH.

The news of the sudden loss of a loved one upends your life upside down. For some time, it all seems unreal until your brain starts processing the loss and it follows an overwhelming grief journey that can manifest itself in several emotions ranging from shock, anger, confusion, exhaustion, and disbelief to acute pain.

Nothing can help you prepare to face this turbulent time, but you can make the grieving process slightly better with certain practical tips. Check them out below.

1. Acknowledge Your Loss and Emotions

Don’t come hard on yourself while trying to show that nothing has happened. You have lost a person close to your heart, and it is natural to feel weak and somber. At times, you may find yourself blaming yourself for the loss and feel guilty especially if the deceased had some unfinished business with you.

Give yourself space and time to process the loss and come to terms with it. Mentally prepare yourself for complex emotions and don’t hesitate to express them. Understand that everyone grieves uniquely, and it doesn’t follow a specific timeline.

2. Share Your Feelings with Close People

Research shows that spending time with friends and family hastens the healing process and brings normalcy to your life. It helps you believe that you’re not alone in the grief journey and that your friends and family understand your unique feelings and if they stand by you during such difficult times.

While it’s important to take out time for yourself, sharing your emotion with close ones can be greatly beneficial. Getting emotional support from others provides you an opportunity to come to terms with the loss rather quickly.

3. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Grief can take a serious toll on your mental, psychological, and physical health. Even the small daily tasks may seem insurmountable while you’re dealing with the grief journey. Try to get involved in healthy activities to get your mind off the loss.

It can be your favorite sports, a walk in the park, hiking, fishing, cooking, or spending some time with your close friends in a comfortable environment.

4. Eat Balanced Diet

Grief makes it difficult to maintain a healthy eating schedule or even eat properly and it seriously affects physical health. Take in a healthy and balanced diet and consume a lot of water.

Also, do exercise for at least 10-15 minutes daily and sleep well. If you’re having trouble getting enough sleep, get prescriptions from a health specialist.

cremation services Waite Hill, OH5. Take Professional Help

If you’re unable to get over the loss even months after the loss or you’re experiencing symptoms of complicated grief, seek professional help from a therapist or grief counselor. They are trained to understand your emotions and prescribe ways to get back to normal life.

Remember that it doesn’t make you look weak or vulnerable as losing a loved one suddenly and having to plan cremation services Waite Hill, OH, can be overwhelming.

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Common Types of Funeral Services

Cremation services Mentor, OH, is now considered a go-to disposition type for many families. Today, people are exploring more flexible and eco-friendly options to honor the final services of a departed soul.

Let us take a quick look at these funeral types to decide what’s best for you or your family when the time comes:

  1. In-Ground Burial
  2. Above Ground Burial – Public or Private Mausoleum
  3. Cremation
  4. Natural Burial

Below is a detailed description of these funeral types:

1. In-Ground Burial

It is exactly as it sounds. The deceased’s body is placed in a casket and subsequently put into a vault or other burial container and lower into the ground. The casket as usual is made of steel or concrete.

After the burial, a gravestone engraved with an epigraph is typically placed at the gravesite which serves as a memorial.

2. Above Ground Burial

In this type, the body is placed in a casket but instead of burying it under the soil, the casket is preserved in a public or private mausoleum or lawn crypt. Choosing either mausoleum or lawn crypt as the resting place depends on the family’s preferences.

The big difference between a mausoleum and a lawn crypt is that whereas the former is a building that families may enter, the latter is an underground structure. Note that a lawn crypt also allows two bodies to be buried in the same place.

3. Cremation

Cremation is the final disposition of a deceased body through burning. The last few years have witnessed a remarkable increase in the popularity of direct cremation funerals. Not only is it less expensive than traditional burials but also gives more flexibility to the families to honor the deceased.

However, the religious factor comes into play in cremation families. While Hindus are obligated to cremate the body, this practice is considered prohibited in Muslim and conservative Jewish traditions.

In any case, cremation can be a great option for those who wish to take part in a scattering of ashes. Not to mention, direct cremation is the most cost-effective funeral type.

4. Natural Burial

With the increase in environmental consciousness among people, natural burials have become a go-to alternative to traditional burials. It is a great option for people who wish to pursue an eco-friendly funeral.

Unlike traditional burial, it process does not use embalming fluid, a casket, or a vault. It instead allows a body to decompose naturally into the earth. This also preserves wildlife aside from saving invaluable natural resources.

Choosing the Right Funeral Type

A funeral is a highly personalized event. Which funeral type to select is the sole prerogative of the bereaved family – if the deceased hasn’t left a Will.

But these factors also come into play when choosing the type of funeral:

  • Any cultural or religious factors
  • Personal wishes or preferences
  • How much you’re willing to spend.

Cremation services Mentor, OHAfter making a choice, you have to make the below decisions:

  • Should there be a religious reading at the funeral?
  • Where should the funeral take place?
  • Who should read a eulogy?
  • Who should attend the funeral?
  • How should attendees dress for the funeral?
  • When should I host the ceremony?

You may decide that cremation services Mentor, OH, is the right choice. Contact us today.

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Guide for Organizing a Funeral

Soon after the loss of a loved one, the bereaved family needs to start thinking about the funeral process and cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH. The deceased deserves a perfect final send-off for the amazing life they have spent.

But planning a funeral is amongst the most challenging experiences. The raw grief and the painful emotions it accompanies limit a person’s ability to make scrupulous decisions.

That’s why it’s important to have a basic idea of funerals and their related services. It will give you a head start when you have to arrange a meaningful and appropriate funeral for the departed loved one.

1. Hire a Funeral Director

Many people have a misconception that hiring a funeral director costs extra money. And that one saves all that amount by arranging the services himself. Truth be told, hiring a funeral director is the best thing to do.

A funeral director has years of experience in handling various tasks associated with funeral services. Because of their direct contacts with all the funeral service providers such as catering, music, burial, religious clergy, florists, etc. you can get these services at a discounted price without lifting a finger.

They can take care of all the details that allow you to spend more time with your family and friends. In addition, the person is trained to provide you with emotional support and strength during such tough times.

2. Choose Either Burial or Cremation

If the deceased has not already expressed his or her wish about their final disposition type, the responsibility falls on the surviving family. The two most common types of funerals are burial and cremation in America and elsewhere.

If your family is a religious one or follows a longstanding tradition, then you have to go with it, else the family can make a consensus on whether to burn the body (cremation) or bury it – depending on your budgetary allocations.

In the last decade, cremation has become more prevalent in America due to fewer costs associated with it.

3. Include Religious Element or Not

The most critical aspect to consider while making this decision is the religious beliefs of the deceased. If the person had a strong faith in the denomination, then the final services would follow religious rites and rituals.

Else, there are many secularist human traditions that you can choose from. The concept of non-traditional funerals is gaining traction in the States and your funeral director can better guide you on what’s best for you.

4. Funeral Hearse or Not

Mostly, the casket is transported in a hearse, but now people are increasingly opting for non-traditional ways of transporting the casket like floats and horse-drawn carriages. It all boils down to the choice and financial capacity of the surviving family.

cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH5. Hold A Memorial Service

Post-ceremony gatherings are arranged to honor and remember the deceased. Mostly, a memorial service is held by the bereaved family where close friends and family are invited to the deceased’s house. But they can also be performed at funeral homes or other convenient places like a beach, restaurant, or the deceased’s favorite place. The memorial can be held after cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, as well.

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Common Questions About Funeral

Many people do not have an understanding of cremation services Waite Hill, OH, funerals, and their related services. After all, the funeral is not a topic that many people would love to talk about until they have to visit one.

Because of this, there’re a lot of questions about funerals that need clear answers. Below are some common queries of people that we find necessary to answer. Give it a read to improve your understanding of funerals and how to better take care of bereaved people.

1. Should You Hire a Funeral Director?

That’s the question that crosses the minds of many people, especially ones who are likely to arrange a service in near future.

The answer is YES. A funeral director is responsible for arranging all the funeral services for the deceased. Some of these tasks include:

  • Preparing the body for burial or cremation
  • Handling all types of paperwork
  • Provide emotional support to the bereaved family
  • Providing transportation for the body
  • Working with a church to schedule non-religious services
  • Managing tasks such as catering, music, and after-burial services

Since funeral directors have contacts in the industry, they can provide all these services at a discounted price. That’s why it’s always a recommended choice to hire a reliable and professional funeral director.

2. What is The Most Appropriate Funeral Attire?

For most people, all-black is the go-to attire to attend a funeral. And you probably have already seen it in the movies but it’s not the only attire you can wear.

You can wear dark-colored attire or any color of your preference as long as they don’t look too casual. Also, depending on where the services are being held, you have to choose whether to dress more conservatively or wear casual attire.

However, if you’re unsure, an all-black is still the go-to attire.

3. Is There Any Difference Between A Funeral and A Memorial Service?

The answer is yes. A funeral service involves the body of the deceased, while a memorial service is held without the presence of the deceased’s body. The latter is a gathering of close friends and family after the body is cremated, donated to science, or buried, where the attendees pay tribute to the lost loved one.

Both events are meant to offer the bereaved an opportunity to get in touch with close relatives and friends and honor the life of the decedent.

cremation services Waite Hill, OH4. Can You Bring Children to the Funeral?

Yes, no rule bars guests from bringing their children to the funeral. It’s understandable if someone doesn’t bring their children to a funeral.

But if the child is a sibling or a son/daughter of the deceased, then they should be allowed to mourn the loss and be with the grieving. If you’re taking a child to a funeral, be sure to give the necessary information child about what’s going to happen at the funeral or memorial services.

This would help them prepare their mind beforehand. If they have any questions, answer them politely and remember that children are vulnerable and don’t cope with grief as adults do. They may not understand cremation services Waite Hill, OH.

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What You Need to Know About Cremation Urns

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re thinking of getting some information about cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, and cremation urns. Maybe your loved one is cremated and you’re tasked with buying a cremation urn, or maybe you want to understand more about cremation and its related services.

Either way, knowing about cremation urns always comes in handy given that more and more families are choosing cremation as the final disposition method in the last few years. Keep reading and find out!

Cremation Urn Facts

Here are some amazing facts about cremation urns.

1. A cremation urn is a container

The primary purpose of a cremation urn is to hold the remains (also called “ashes”) after cremation. Consider it as a small box or vessel which can be made of anything, but mostly decorative wood or ceramic.

You can also get an urn made of metal, paper, sand, and even cornstarch. The bereaved family has got tons of options to choose an urn of any shape, style, or design.

2. It’s not compulsory to buy a cremation urn from the funeral home

You don’t necessarily have to buy the urn from the funeral home where you plan to have the cremation service performed. Hit the local market and go through different designs and styles, in varying price ranges, to choose the best cremation urn to hold the remains of the lost loved one.

Many families choose to buy cremation urns online via their smartphones. But lately, funeral homes have become more competitive in their pricing of funeral products. Still, the choice rests with the bereaved family.

3. Renting an urn is an option

Want to save some bucks? Consider renting your preferable urn. The good thing is many most funeral homes offer a selection of nice cremation urns which you can “rent” for use during the memorial service.

4. Capacity, not size is what matters for urn size

The size of the urn is very important to make sure it can accommodate the remains of the departed soul easily. But often, the customer is thinking about the outside measurements of the urn.

Remember that urns are generally decorative and can have visible accents or edges. So, the exterior dimensions are not the best way to figure out if the urn is the right size to hold the ashes. What you really want to know is the capacity. Urn capacity is measured in cubic inches. A 200 cubic inch urn can hold the remains of an individual weighing roughly 200 lbs.

cremation services Willoughby Hills, OHBut exterior measurements also play a key role in deciding where the urn is going. For instance, an urn that fits onto a mantle or shelf or some other specific location needs different external dimensions than the one you would like to place into a columbarium niche.

But the main catch is that unless you have a particular placement in mind for displaying the urn, you need not worry about the exterior dimensions of the memorial. The capacity of the urn should be the determining factor for sizing.

These tips can help you find the right urn for cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH.

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How to Choose Between Burial or Cremation

Today, choosing a final disposition method for the lost loved one boils down to either cremation services Mentor, OH, or burial. What option you select depends on many factors, including the deceased’s preferences, beliefs, priorities, finances, family situation, and so on.

Still confused?

Let’s look at the two options in detail to give you a great start on deciding whether burial or cremation is best for you.

What is Burial?

Burial is considered the “traditional” option in the United States and much of the Western world. A body can be buried in the ground at a cemetery or on private property.

Most families decide to bury their loved ones in a cemetery or other designated burial grounds. But some choose to place the body in a mausoleum – also called above-ground burial.

The last few years have also witnessed the resurgence of green burial or natural burial. This is the practice of returning the human body to the earth in the most natural, eco-friendly way possible. It doesn’t involve the use of embalming fluid and metallic or wooden casket.

Pros of Burial

It provides a burial place the family can visit. A graveside funeral can be very comforting and emotionally satisfying for family and friends.

It gives enough time to the family to plan and execute a perfect plan that speaks to the personality of the deceased.

With the availability of eco-friendly and sustainable options, such as the “natural burial” methods, you have plenty of choices.

Many religious traditions prescribe full-body burial.

Cons of Burial

Generally, burial costs more than cremation. Casket/coffin costs are much higher than cremation urns. Similarly, the costs include a cemetery plot, digging expenses, grave liner, and headstones.

Traditional burial is not an eco-friendly option. Involves expensive and environmentally harmful chemicals used in embalming.

Moving a body after burial is very difficult or even impossible due to laws, regulations, and logistics costs

What is Cremation

In simple terms, cremation is a final disposition method where a dead body is turned to ashes through burning. Compared to burial, it takes significantly less time and thus, it doesn’t need any embalming or the use of caskets.

The fact that the cremated remains are returned to the family gives much more flexibility and a variety of options for memorial services after the cremation. The family can scatter the remains in whatever way they like, be it scattering on land or at sea, burying them in the garden or the deceased’s favorite place, turning it into jewelry, or keeping some of the ashes in a locket near your heart, and so on.

Even with cremation, you can choose just about all of the services and options offered by the funeral home. But the simplest and cheapest option is direct cremation in which the person’s body is cremated “directly” after death without viewing services.

Pros of Cremation

The biggest advantage is the lower cost associated with cremation.

Flexibility in disposition options, personalization choices, and the ability to move the ashes.

No additional shopping aside from buying the urn.

Schedule the memorial or scattering service anytime you want.

cremation services Mentor, OHCons of Cremation

Cremation is permanent. The process cannot be undone.

Some religions or cultures do not approve of cremation.

With this information, you’re in a better position to decide what’s best for you, a burial or cremation services Mentor, OH.