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Comforting a Grieving Parent

The grief of cremation services Waite Hill, OH, for a child cannot be contained in words. The life of a bereaved parent may be changed forever and they need your support and care more than ever to get through this difficult phase of life.

If you have a close friend or relative mourning the loss of a child, then the below advice will help you get better informed about their needs.

Understand Their Emotions – Don’t Ignore Them

Losing a child will have a profound impact on their behavior and how they interact with people. They may seem cold or indifferent to you at times and tend to avoid speaking with anyone including you. It doesn’t mean they don’t regard your support or are grieving wrong by any means.

The emotional turmoil and turbulence that come with the death of a child are too difficult to bear and often prompt the brain to behave unusually as a means to protect itself. Understand the vitality of the situation and try to be there to see them through this critical journey. They may feel isolated if you’re not around.

Talk About the Deceased Child

Don’t be afraid from talking about the lost child if it comes up during the conversation. The more you discuss their child, the quicker they’d be adapted to the changed reality. Acknowledge their loss and pain by saying, “I am so sorry for your loss. He/she was such a kind-hearted, brilliant individual. I am always here to help if you ever need me.” Running away from the topic or keeping a silence would do no benefit – and often adds to their pain.

However, don’t try to lead the conversation or force them to discuss the lost child if they don’t want to. Also, let them speak more and share their emotions and stories of the deceased child and listen and acknowledge whatever they say, even if it may seem irrational to you.

Send Positive Thoughts

Offer your condolences regularly, even if you don’t get a chance to meet them very often. Your messages and letters of positive vibes, good wishes, and prayers will engender a sense of “being held up” in them and they will feel all supported and loved.

Also, it’d reassure them they are not alone in this difficult time and someone is always there to share their burden.

Don’t Abandon Them

You can’t generalize how long they will grieve the loss. It could be a couple of weeks to a few months or even a year and beyond. Let them grieve in whatever way they want but never abandon them during the journey and keep tabs on their behavior and health.

Studies show that parents are at higher risk of committing suicide during the first three months of losing the child and that’s why you should put extra efforts to console them.

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Similarly, you should:

  1. Invite them to social events
  2. Offer practical support in everyday chores like running errands, cooking meals, washing clothes, and cleaning.
  3. Engage them in fun activities to bar them from hiding behind the grief forever.
  4. Encourage them to exercise regularly and eat nutritious food and sleep well.

Attending the cremation services Waite Hill, OH, is often the first step in your support plan.

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How to Support a Grieving Relative

Today or tomorrow, you’d have to support close relative mourning the loss of a loved one at funeral homes Waite Hill, OH. Most people tend to keep their distance from the bereaved out of fear of saying something wrong and making things worse.

You shouldn’t let this thought stop you from approaching the grieving relative during and after the funeral service to help them see through this tough phase of their life. There’re a lot of things you can say and do to comfort them and ease their grief journey.

Here’s how you should try to support a mourning friend and make them feel loved again.

Know What to Say to Them

It’s understandable if you feel awkward about talking to them about the loss but verbal condolences are very helpful for your grieving relative. Depression and sorry make a person feel sad and alone. They may pretend or feel like they don’t need any company at this time, but deep down they need your shoulder to cry on; to express their feelings, and share the overwhelming emotions they are having difficulty managing.

You don’t have to give any advice to them, just saying, “How are you feeling?” and “I am so sorry for your loss” will assure them of your support.

Talk About the Deceased

Don’t be afraid from talking about the deceased if it comes up to that. Deviating from the topic when the bereaved want to discuss how the loved one has died makes them feel that you are not understanding their pain or worse, you have already forgotten their loved one.

Using the word, “died” in your conversation shows you’re open to talking about their feelings about the loved one who has died or how much they miss him.

Speak Less, Listen More

Try not to take charge of the conversation. Let the relatives talk more about their emotions and grief and encourage them to share more stories of the departed soul. Naturally, the bereaved person may share the same story again and again; don’t interrupt them if they do that. It’s a way of accepting the new reality and show how much the loved one is being missed.

Don’t judge their emotion or think of them as weak and vulnerable if they have n emotional outburst in front of you or cry their eyes out. Be supportive and empathetic.

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Offer Practical Help

Sometimes grieving individuals are in dire need of practical help but they struggle to ask for it. Little tasks like running errands or cooking food often seem insurmountable while you’re grieving. Look for practical ways of helping your relative like cooking, babysitting, buying essential, daily-use products, and hiring cleaning services for their house.

Always ask beforehand to make sure your relative is not offended and don’t get angry if they reject it.

Encourage Them to Socialize

Invite your grieving relative to social events to bring novelty and happiness to their life. They might decline the invitation at first, but keep insisting politely that they indulge in activities they enjoy. It’ll likely improve their physical and mental fitness and accelerate the healing process after funeral homes Waite Hill, OH.

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What to Consider While Shopping for a Funeral Director

It’s important to choose the right funeral director and funeral homes Mentor, OH, to carry out the final dispositions of your lost loved one.

A funeral director helps you arrange all the activities associated with a funeral service from transporting the body from the hospital to dealing with the necessary documentation to seeing through the burial or cremation process. That is, they handle the whole process so you could grieve in peace and spend more time with friends and family.

For many people, it’s their first time arranging a funeral, so they tend to spend more or skip important details at a time when emotional turmoil can take a toll on them to make rational decisions.

Follow the below step-by-step guide to choose a perfect funeral director:

Choose the Type of Funeral

First things first, choose what type of funeral type you want to arrange for your loved one, be it green funerals, direct cremation, traditional burial, or any special disposition. The last wishes of the deceased, if any, and the cultural affiliations of the family play a significant role in this decision.

No matter what type you choose, make sure your family members are on board with it. Based on your decision, start searching for a funeral director.

Read the Reviews

Aside from recommendations from friends and family, you can rely on online reviews to shortlist the funeral directors. Nowadays, every business has an online presence, so use Google or social media platforms like Facebook to read the recent reviews of funeral directors left by other bereaved families about the quality of services they provide.

Contact “Funeral Directors” in Your Locality

Most people seem to hire the first director they meet or have been recommended. It’s worth contacting at least three reputable funeral directors to compare their services and costs. It’s better to visit them in person but you can also contact them on the phone. Make sure they provide the final disposition services you want to arrange for the departed soul.

Ask Right Questions

Whether you meet them in person or contact them on phone, discuss in detail what you want of them. This is the time when you clear all your queries and ask about any complete funeral packages, additional services, and their costs, expenditure on third-party services like florists, payment options, or how far they can go to customize or personalize the funeral as per your wishes.

You’ll get an idea about their professionalism from how they answer your questions.

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Compare the Prices

Now compare the price via the services they offer and choose the best option. Choose the best option for your budget without compromising on quality. It’s not wrong to save money from where you can. It doesn’t by any means imply that you don’t love the deceased.

It may sound a bit hard work to choose the right funeral director and funeral homes Mentor, OH, but it’ll save you from a lot of trouble.

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Unique Ideas to Scatter the Ashes After Cremation

In the last few years, the trend of choosing cremation services or funeral homes in Willoughby, OH, as a method of final disposition is becoming increasingly popular in America, Europe, and elsewhere. Part of it can be attributed to often affordable cost and ease of doing but most families prefer it to traditional burials due to the myriad of creative ways it offers to honor the lost loved one.

Below are some of the unique and exciting ways you can have in scattering or storing the cremated remains:

Bury in Nature

If the deceased loved to travel and explore the beauty of nature, then give a perfect final tribute to the departed soul by burying their remains in an aesthetic landscape or scatter them from a mountaintop. Else, you can also choose any special place where the deceased loved to go.

That way, you will be giving your loved one perpetual peace and salvation by burying them in a place where you can go and remember them in a peaceful, aesthetic environment. Moreover, you don’t have to spend any extra bucks to bury them in nature.

Bury in Your Garden

It’s also an inexpensive and far more personalized option to bury the urn or ashes in your backyard. Knowing that the loved one is always near you will positivity in your life and motivate you to achieve your goals.

You can also mark the small space with meaningful items to give it a more personal touch.

Plant Them

For many people, mere the thought of keeping the ashes on the mantle creeps them out. Looking for another unique way, grow them into a tree. Spread the ashes under a plant and with time and care, as you see this plant grow, you’ll be able to remember the loved one in your own unique way.

If you want to spend more, buy a “living urn” wherein your loved one’s ashes are mixed with essential nutrients to grow a plant in your garden or at a place of your choosing.

There are a different types of urns to choose from. You can go with an outdoor fire/becue bowl, which will be perfect for pots andrings as well! There’s also the elegant Chinese Urn that comes complete with gold engraving on it

Shoot Them into Space

Only a few of us will ever make it to the moon or maybe lucky enough to be able to visit Mars, but what you send your loved one’s ashes in a galaxy far, far away. How personalized and amazing it sounds and how perfect a tribute it will be if you’re the departed soul always had a desire to visit outer space, though it may cost you thousands of dollars.

Companies like Elysium Space and Celestis turn this dream into a reality.

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Take Them on a World Trip

Who doesn’t aspire to travel across the world and visit some of the most beautiful and tourist sought after destinations? If your loved one was one of them – an avid traveler – you could take the ashes on a trip around the world- especially the places they wanted to visit but couldn’t.

An added benefit of this option is that it can help you overcome your grief and sorrow. You can also lay their ashes to rest at their favorite destination after the cremation services Willoughby, OH