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5 Reasons Why People Want to be Cremated

Cremation services Willoughby, OH are a critical part of the city. When you die, have you thought about what you want to happen with your remains? It’s not the most pleasant thought that you’ll ever have, but ignoring death doesn’t make it go away. Once you start thinking about your own death, you may decide that you want to be cremated. It differs from a traditional burial in obvious ways.

1. Religious

Hindus, for example, prefer to be cremated rather than buried. There are Buddhists that opt for cremation as well. Religious preferences hold a lot of weight. If the deceased believed that the state of their soul or position in the afterlife depended on their being cremated, you have to comply. It probably won’t be a surprise.

2. Cultural

For some, culture exerts a stronger influence than religion. There are atheists who choose to be cremated because it’s the custom in their region or with their family. These ties are hard to break. If the deceased falls into this category, you’ll know in advance.

3. Cost

Being cremated is generally much cheaper than being buried. The total cost for a burial often reaches five-figures. A body can be cremated, however, for less than $1,000. Of course, urns and other features of a memorial can be very costly. But, if you don’t want to worry about money, being cremated can be the right choice.

4. Flexibility

Because your loved one’s remains won’t be tied to a physical burial plot, you will have a lot of flexibility. The memorial service, for example, can be scheduled months after the deceased’s passing. It may take time to gather all of the people who want to be there. In addition, you can carry the ashes with you wherever you go.

5. Environmental

People rarely think about this issue, but burial plots require physical land. Cemetaries can actually become too full. By choosing to have the remains cremated instead, you’re saving land and helping the environment. You can also buy a biodegradable urn. This a very important motive for some people. If you want to be cremated after you die, make sure you put in your will or let your family know.

The average person doesn’t know very much about cremations. It’s only natural. It’s not a subject that lends itself to casual conversation. Most people would prefer to pretend they’re going to live forever. Discussing the details of death is bland. Yet, you may need to do so. Your survivors may not assume that you want to be cremated. In many places, burials are still far more common. So, you need to have the tough conversation.

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Funeral Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Follow

All of the funeral homes Willoughby, OH, serve a very special purpose in the community. When you attend a funeral, your expressing your sympathy to the deceased’s family as well as paying respects to the deceased’s memory. Because of the duel nature, etiquette rules become very important. If you behave inappropriately at a funeral, people may feel very hurt and offended. You could cause irreparable damage to your relationships.

While it’s impossible to cover everything you need to know in advance, this post can tell you what you need to keep in mind.

Dress Appropriately

When people offend at funerals, they’re usually doing on accident. Few people want to start problems at a memorial service. Your clothing should be very modest. You shouldn’t draw attention to yourself. What color you wear depends on your culture. Some cultures ask their mourners to wear black while white clothing is acceptable in others. Make sure you figure this out before you arrive.

Show up on Time

Arriving late to an event is generally frowned upon. But it’s considered especially rude when the event in question is a funeral. Anything that distract attention from the main service should be avoided. People don’t want to look at you arriving late, they want to focus on the memorial. In addition, showing up late can give the impression that you didn’t care enough to show up on time. This can be very hurtful.

Be Quiet

Turn off your phone and pay attention during the memorial service. If your grief won’t let you focus on the words, close your eyes or stare straight ahead. You don’t have to be engaged in what’s happening, you just have to make sure that you aren’t interfering with anyone else’s enjoyment. This means that you need to be quiet when others are speaking.

Leave the Kids at Home

This advice is highly dependent on a variety of factors. However, if your child is young and did not have a close relationship with the deceased, it’s generally considered more appropriate for the child to stay home. The environment is stressful for everyone involved. There’s no need to put a child through that if it’s not necessary.

Be Helpful

If you’re close to the family of the deceased, try to be as helpful as possible. Their minds are probably racing a mile a minute. Dealing with the death of your loved one never gets easier. If you help them with simple tasks like carrying stuff out to the car or packing up leftover food, you’re making their lives easier in a concrete way. Words only go so far.

There’s a lot to know about modern funerals. That’s why you should contact an expert. There’s nothing that we haven’t seen. We can help.

When you stop by Orlando-Donsante-Previte Funeral Home, you can start planning your funeral homes Willoughby, OH. We’re located at 29550 Euclid Ave, Wickliffe, OH, 44092. Our caring, professional team has the tools to help you plan a fitting memorial. Give us a call at (440) 943-2466 to begin.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Host a Cremation Service

When you need cremation services Willowick, OH, the process doesn’t end there. In most cases, you’re expected to host a cremation service as well. This is a memorial intended to honor the deceased’s memory. It brings all of the mourners together in one place.

1. Price

Funerals, and all of their trappings, can be very expensive. The coffin alone can cost five-figures. In addition, you have to purchase a burial plot. Financial concerns, unfortunately, don’t cease to exist when someone dies. It may be tempting to spend all of your money on the memorial, but it won’t actually help your grief.

2. Custom

It’s customary to host a memorial service after someone dies. It brings people together in an important way. After your loved one passes away, the people in your community may expect there to be a service. Deciding to have the deceased’s remains cremated rather than buried doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a service.

3. Religious

There may be religious reasons behind your decision to have the deceased’s remains cremated. In some belief systems, cremations are far more appropriate. If the deceased believed that being cremated is important to their spiritual wellbeing, it’s important that you try to honor those beliefs.

4. Flexibility

Cremating someone’s remains offers their loved ones more flexibility than a traditional burial. Funerals have to occur within a few days of the deceased’s passing because the burial can’t be delayed. Ashes, however, last forever. You can host the cremation service weeks or months after the remains are cremated. In addition, you can keep the ashes with you. A burial plot is tied to a single geographical location. Ashes are not.

5. Preference

Some people simply prefer to be cremated. They don’t have a religious or societal reason for their choice. When a human body is buried, it eventually breaks down. The thought of this may be unappealing to some people. Those preferences should be honored. Some people want to be cremated because they want their ashes scattered in a specific spot.

6. Family

If your family supports cremating your loved one’s remains, that’s another strong reason to do it. Family often becomes even more important during times of distress. You want their support and approval. Often, the family will have an opinion about what should happen after death.

Death can unravel a lot of your plans. It’s very hard to see it coming. When it does happen, however, you’re left with a choice. How to lay your loved one’s body to rest is one of those decisions. Cremation is a very reasonable choice in many situations. Any one of the above reasons can explain why someone would choose this.

At Orlando-Donsante-Previte Funeral Home, we can serve all of your cremation services Willowick, OH, needs. You can find us at 29550 Euclid Ave, Wickliffe, OH, 44092. You can also reach us by calling (440) 943-2466. Our dedicated team members will go above and beyond to help you plan the service as well as the cremation.

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What Happens When Someone Dies

The need for funeral homes Willowick, OH certainly won’t make you feel better about life. Death is an ugly reality. Yet, you can find comfort in knowing something about the process. We have no idea what the next step is when you die. But, we can know what happens to your survivors. After someone in the family dies, there are a few common steps that occur.

Take Care of the Body

The first thing that needs to happen is you need to take care of the body. In most locations, there is a county morgue that will hold onto the body until the funeral or wake. Whatever happens, you’re not allowed to keep the body in the home with you.

Call the Family

When someone dies, you have to alert their family. These are heartbreaking, but necessary conversations. You can’t neglect them. Make a list of all the people you need to call. If someone is accidentally left off of the list, their pain may be felt for a long time to come. It’s not enjoyable for anyone.

Call the Office

If the deceased was employed, their work needs to be informed of what happened. Otherwise, the frequent calls from the boss will be distracting and hard to handle. You simply have to let the office know that the person has passed away. You don’t need to go into unnecessary detail.

Speak to the Children

This may be one of the most difficult tasks on the list. If the deceased has children, those children need to know what happened. If they’re very young, they may not be able to understand what’s happening. Suit the conversation to match the child’s maturity level, but don’t try to hide what happened.

Plan the Memorial

Often, when someone dies, their loved ones hold a memorial service. All of the mourners gather in one spot to express themselves and share memories about the deceased. The event is very emotional, but it may be exactly what you need to help you process your feelings. If you’re one of the immediate family members, it’s expected that a lot of the responsibility for planning the event will fall on your shoulders.

Take Care of Yourself

While you’re worrying about everything and everyone else, it’s easy to forget to take care of your own needs. Yet, if you succumb to grief, you won’t be able to do anything for anyone. You have to keep yourself together. This means remembering to eat, exercise, and treat yourself well.

There are many, many steps that you must go through when someone dies. They won’t be enjoyable but they are part of the process. There is comfort in doing common actions.

Orlando-Donsante-Previte Funeral Home, conveniently located at 29550 Euclid Ave, Wickliffe, OH, 44092. You can reach us at (440) 943-2466 if you would like to make an appointment. The search for funeral homes Willowick, OH, doesn’t have to be demoralizing. When you speak with our team, you’ll realize why we’re the best.