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Most Common Funeral Flowers

The tradition of sending sympathy flowers to funeral homes Mentor, OH, is embedded in tradition. They play an important role in conveying your message of love and respect for the deceased and unconditional support for the loved ones.

Even today, the trend of sending flowers to the funeral home or directly to the grieving family is accepted – even encouraged. Each type of funeral flower reflects a particular meaning. If you’re planning to send flowers to a grieving friend or family member, here is the list of the most common sympathy flowers along with the meaning they carry for the bereaved.


Also known as to-go funeral flowers, lilies are probably the most popular flowers found in funeral homes – and there’s a good reason for this. They convey a deep message for the bereaved and symbolize purity, innocence, and rebirth of the deceased.

Most people choose the Stargazer and the Oriental varieties of sympathy flowers which, in many faith denominations, reveal the innocence that is restored to a person’s soul after death.


Because of their elegant displays in floral wreaths and standing sprays, carnations are also very commonly used funeral flowers. In general, carnations send a message of virtue, upright character, and innocence of the deceased.

Like other funeral flowers, they also come in many colors and each color symbolizes a specific meaning. The red carnation reflects your love and admiration for the lost loved one while the pink one represents remembrance.


Roses need no introduction. These lovely flowers are highly aromatic and represent unconditional love, affection, and respect for the departed soul.

Much like carnations, roses also come in a variety of colors each representing a bit different meaning. Red roses indicate deep love and acute grief while white roses show humility, reverence, and purity of the lost loved one.

Yellow roses are a symbol of a strong and eternal bond of friendship which makes them a perfect choice to send to a funeral of a lost friend. Pink roses exhibit grace and sweetness.


Being the most colorful funeral flowers, Tulips are a symbol of hope and courage for the bereaved family. They brighten up your mood and bring positivity and optimism to your life to cope with the overwhelming grief of losing a loved one.

If you’re close to the bereaved family, sending Tulip directly to the family can be a great option to send uplift their morale. A unique, colorful arrangement of Tulip can brighten anyone’s day.

Want to go a step forward, then choose a specific color of Tulips. Choose White tulips to express forgiveness while Yellow tulips signify cheerfulness and positivity in life.

funeral homes Mentor, OH


Gladioli are the “tallest” funeral flowers that can grow as long as four feet. Also known as sword flowers, they represent the valor, courage, and bravery of the deceased.

If you want to signify the sincerity, honesty, and strong character of the lost loved one, send Gladioli flowers, irrespective of their color. Yours won’t be the only ones gracing funeral homes Mentor, OH.