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The Grief of Losing a Loved One

Cremation services Mentor, OH, and the death of a beloved family member or close friend can shake your world upside down. It is something all of us will likely experience during our lifetimes. Even though everyone responds to the loss in their own way, there are some commonly shared experiences – and grief is one of them.

It is a natural response to losing something important in life and can take a significant toll on your physical and mental health. Let us discuss more grief, including its key phases, physical symptoms, and how to cope with it.

The “Stages” of Grief

You might have already heard about the five stages of grief. Before understanding these phases in detail, note that not everyone experiences them to the same extent. And most importantly, not in a specific order.

But they still provide insights into explaining the symptoms of grief, particularly the emotional manifestations. Let’s read them out!

1. Denial: The initial reaction to losing a loved one. It accompanies shock, numbness, and disbelief that the loved one has left you forever. Your brain uses denial as a defense mechanism to minimize the impact of this tragic news and prepare your body for what’s to come.

2. Anger: Soon after denial, your body starts accepting the harsh reality and what follows the second stage of grief is called anger. It may not come right after denial, but feelings of helplessness and frustration at not being able to change what happened are too common among grieving.

This anger is natural and short-lived and it is often not healthy for the mourning person.

3. Bargaining: At this time, your mind has already accepted the hard fact and you start second-guessing your own behavior. You wish to strike a bargain with God or high power that if you had only done something – or not done something – your loved one may not have died.

This may seem unrealistic but it’s natural.

4. Depression: Probably the most painful and lasting phase of the grief journey. This is more than just sadness and crying; it often accompanies mixed feelings of regret, loneliness, and being overwhelmed. If lasted longer, this can also lead to physiological issues such as decreased appetite and insomnia.

5. Acceptance: The last stage of your grief journey is when you have accepted the reality of the situation. The symptoms of shock and depression after the death of a loved one subside and you come to terms with the loss. Depending on your relationship with the departed soul, it may a few weeks to months to even years to reach acceptance.

Cremation services Mentor, OHHow to Cope with Grief

Sadly, there’s no magic cure you can take that can make your grief disappear overnight. However, you should:

  • Prioritize self-help
  • Take care of your diet and sleep well
  • Do exercise regularly
  • Spend time with family and friends
  • Indulge in a new hobby or activity
  • Consider reaching out for professional help from grief-related support groups, medical professionals, or a trusted friend. There’s no shame in asking for help when you need it.

These measures provide relief after cremation services Mentor, OH.

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Ways to Honor a Death Anniversary

The anniversary of cremation services Waite Hill, OH is approaching and you want to honor them. This day brings all the happy memories you have spent together, also bringing a feeling of loss into sharp focus.

But celebrating your loved one on this special day give commemorates their memory while your grief is an outlet. If you’re thinking of giving a memorable tribute to the departed soul, here are some ideas for you:

1. Gather with Family and Friends

Nothing is more meaningful than creating a tradition with family and friends around the anniversary of your loved one. It is a practical way to offer mutual support to all the people feeling the loss, aside from honoring the departed soul.

Make it special by adding a special memory of your loved one. For instance, you can serve the favorite meal of your mom or dad to the guests and ask them to say a word or two in their memory. Or you arrange a gathering in mum’s special garden to reminisce about her happiest moments.

These gatherings also reinforce family bonds and keep the memory of your loved one alive.

2. Visit the Loved One’s Resting Place

Most people love to visit their loved one’s final resting place on their death anniversary. It can be at a cemetery, memorial garden, or wherever their ashes were scattered. Bring flowers and spend quiet time thinking of them and the memories you shared.

You can also plant a tree nearby in their memory. This will give you strength and hope that your loved one is in a better place and you’re doing everything you can to honor them.

3. Do Familiar Tasks at Home

Do you miss the quality time spent with your loved one, be it listening to music, watching a movie, or just being with each other?

Try to repeat these special memories. You can spend the whole day sitting around the house and doing what you would have done if the loved one was alive. Just get their favorite playlist and listen to it or watch the movie you two would enjoy together.

If anything, it’s ok to feel comfort in familiarity. But at the end of the day, try holding a small meetup maybe with your close family members or friends. This would remind you that you don’t need to carry the burden of your grief alone.

cremation services Waite Hill, OH4. Enjoy the Company of Your Friends

Don’t feel the energy to get up and spend this day alone? Why not get support from your close family members or friends?

Taking the time to sit with your feelings and think about the person is a simple way to commemorate the day. Share their memory with other family members who are feeling the way you are. Turn your saddest moments into a lovely activity where you might shed some tears about also some laughs.

It doesn’t have to be a sophisticated meetup. Just some quiet time in a comfortable place away from the busy world may be all that’s needed after cremation services Waite Hill, OH.

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Funeral Service on Budget

Funerals at funeral homes Mentor, OH can be expensive, depending on what services you choose. But that doesn’t mean you cannot arrange a memorable last service for your loved one without spending a fortune.

Below are some creative ideas to plan an affordable funeral. But remember that you won’t be able to follow all these tips in a single service, so choose the ones that suit your circumstances and wishes.

1. Explore All Your Options

Rule #1, never make a decision in haste. Before choosing what’s best for your loved one, be sure to go through all your options, like whether to select burial or cremation, which casket or urn to buy, what to serve to the guests, and so on.

Ask your funeral director to give you recommendations to make the service more memorable. Sit back, think about each option, and decide what meets your budget. This will save you from expensive mistakes.

2. Shop Around

Call up the funeral homes in your area and ask for pricing. Not only it will give you an idea about the prices of different services and products, but it will also help you decide if the funeral home is the right fit. If the prices are snippy or not so transparent, start looking for other options.

Try to hit the local market and get prices for the services you want. Also, explore online options and assess if you should buy from the funeral home or outside.

3. Negotiate to Get Discounts

Don’t shy from bargaining with the funeral home manager to keep costs to a minimum. It’s their job to make arrangements that suit your needs, and they can help you best when they know what you want.

Simply asking for the prices of different items may help you get better rates on certain products or services. But be reasonable. The funeral director and staff need to earn a living.

Another simple idea for saving money is asking for an itemized price list in advance of all the services you will be purchasing. Often, funeral homes offer a complete funeral package that also includes the services you don’t even want. Get a quote for individual services to ensure you don’t have any surprise charges tacked on.

funeral homes Mentor, OH4. Keep Obituary Brief

An obituary is a death notice that you post in the local newspaper to inform the local community about the loss and the funeral details. It also highlights key phases and achievements of the departed soul,

Remember that newspapers often charge per word for the obituary. Make it short for big savings. Or post the obituary online with a free memorial website to save money.

5. Preplan Your Service

Want to save your loved ones from the hassle of spending lots of money on your final services? Start preplanning for your own funeral. Not only you can start paying for the services you want, but it also gives you the chance to celebrate your last services at funeral homes Mentor, OH, as you wanted without overburdening the family.

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Planning the Committal Service

Wondering what exactly is a committal service and how it is different from a regular funeral at funeral homes Waite Hill, OH? And how do you plan a perfect committal event for a lost loved one? Here’s everything you need to know about committal service to get started.

What Is a Committal Service?

In simple words, a committal service is simply a graveside service. Just before lowering the deceased into the ground, close friends and family gather together and say a few words of tribute and prayers. This will be the final goodbye for the family and should be treated with dignity and respect.

Traditionally, the committal service is held immediately after a funeral service. It is a brief event that takes around 15-20 minutes. Note that you can have a committal service with no separate funeral or memorial at all.

How to Plan a Committal

While your funeral director will give useful tips on how to plan a perfect committal service, here are a few common things you should know about:

1. Choose a Burial Site

First, you need to buy a plot in the cemetery, if you haven’t already. Want to save some money? Check with cemetery offices to see if someone is trying to sell a plot. Generally, you manage to purchase it for less from an individual.

Else, get the plot from the cemetery.

2. Arrange for Burial Arrangements

You need to contact the sexton or caregiver, who is responsible for handling all the necessary details for the ceremony. The person will dig the grave and also fill it, a process called “Closed”. Setting up the tents and chairs is his responsibility.

Want to personalize the event? Bring flowers or a photo memorial board and set it up. You may ask the funeral director to arrange it.

funeral homes Waite Hill, OH3. Plan the Service

Generally, you need a pastor or a minister to officiate the service. Ask your funeral director to get you in touch with an officiant and discuss details with them, like what Scriptures you want to have read. The officiant will also want some information so that he can write a short eulogy.

Note that hiring a registered officiant is not compulsory. You can ask a family member or friend to lead the service. Or you can also ask the funeral director to say some words.

Many families wish to have friends and family step up and speak for a minute at the service, offering one last tribute to the departed soul. If you also love this idea, be sure not many guests speak for longer than a couple of minutes each. The committal service is supposed to be a short event, ranging hardly half an hour.

4. Other Considerations

It is always a good idea to check the weather on that particular day and time. Rain, heat, wind, snow, and cold can be deterrents to having this type of service. Also, get recommendations from funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, about how to make the event more memorable.