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Using Art to Manage Your Grief

Every family may have a use for cremation services Willoughby, OH. If that’s what you need, you are likely dealing with profound grief. Art can be an invaluable tool to bring you out of the darkness. It’s very freeing.

Be Open

When you someone you care about dies, it can feel as though your entire world is ending. Nothing makes sense anymore. You still exist but your loved one is no longer there. How can you still go about your day in this condition? It’s important to use every strategy that you can to make your grief more manageable.

In relation to art, it’s important to remain open-minded about your creations.

Find Mentors

A great art mentor will guide your work. You’ll be able to reach new heights with your art. You can only control your grief if you really throw yourself into what your doing. To be more than just a temporary balm, your art needs to connect with a deep part of your soul.

You don’t have to tell your mentor about your grief. You can just let them know that you need an outlet.

Pick a Strategy

Will you paint? Sculpt? Create wire engravings? There are endless options. When you decide to be an artist, endless avenues are opened to you. It doesn’t matter if you’re any good. What matters is how you feel. If painting allows you to express your feelings and lessens your grief, it’s worth doing even if your drawings are objectively terrible.

Start Now

Don’t wait to get started. The longer you live with your extreme grief without trying to work on it, the more entrenched it will become. It’s very easy to let grief run your life to the ground. That’s why you need to find coping methods. If you’re going to use art to help, you need to start immediately. Waiting won’t help you.

Speak to Friends

Let people know how you’re doing. They’re going to worry about you. It will help them feel better about you if they know that you’re working on getting better. That’s what art is. It plays the role of your coping strategy. When you speak to friends, you allow friends to enter your world. You can tell them how you’re doing.

Dealing with death is one of the hardest things that you’ll ever have to do. Grief can be endless. Although you can’t reverse what happened, you can control how you react. At least, you can to some degree. The process isn’t perfect. Yet, death is something that everyone deals with. It can’t be avoided or lessened. All that you can do is try to deal with the aftermath. Appreciate life while you still have it.

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5 Ways to Handle Grief

The city needs many funeral homes Willoughby, OH. You, however, need to be able to handle your grief. If you don’t, your life can become very hard to deal with. Death is never easy. Yet, mankind has been learning how to manage grief for a very long time. There are a few strategies that are known to help. Here are a few things that you can experiment with.

1. Meet New People

Expanding your social circle is always a good idea. The more people you know, the more friends you have. Your loved ones can be your support during difficult moments. When your grief feels very serious. You can meet people in grief groups designed to help people in your situation. It can make you feel much better. If you’re not ready to speak about what happened, you can try meeting people in settings that have nothing to do with your grief. Join a new club or sports team. The very act of social will act as a way to anchor you to life.

2. Take Care of Your Body

Simple tasks like showering and eating correctly can feel impossible if you’re dealing with serious grief. Yet, giving in to those desires will only make everything worse. You have to take care of your physical health if you want your mental health to improve. Do whatever you can to make it easy for yourself. For example, if you can’t make it to the gym, try walking around the neighborhood. It can clear your head.

3. Journal

Journaling your thoughts is a very creative way to feel better. You can express yourself in a way that feels uncomfortable to do in real life. Saying everything that you feel aloud is very difficult. Writing it down is easier because it’s just for your eyes. You can share it with people if you want. Words have a lot of value in our society. You can use them to regulate your emotions.

4. Attend the Funeral

Attending the funeral or cremation service is a good way to manage your feelings. You’ll feel like you’ve done something. You’ve paid your respects to your loved one. In addition, you’ll be able to connect with other mourners. This is actually very valuable. Attending the funeral may not be easy. You’ll be hit with a lot of emotions.

5. Find a Hobby

Branching out and finding new things to do is one of the classic ways to get out of your head. Focusing on your grief will only augment. You need to do something to fill the hole in your heart. Learning a new hobby can take up that space. You’ll meet new people and be able to get out of your home.

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The Value of Flowers at a Cremation Service

The last thing on your mind when first start thinking about cremation services Willowick, OH is flowers unless you’re a gardener. Yet, they can be very important. Flowers are a sweet way to express sympathy for the deceased. Different colors and strains have different meanings. It depends on your culture.

During a cremation service, the deceased’s survivors like to express themselves. The flowers have a special meaning. If you’re a guest at the ceremony, you likely have a lot of questions running through brain.

Should You Bring Flowers?

Your first thought relates to if you should bring flowers at all. In many cultures, to not do so would be very remiss. However, there are other cultures where there are no expectations for flowers. In the West, flowers are very appropriate. You don’t want to be too grim with your choices, however. Your florist will be able to understand what a funeral bouquet is.

Since what matters is the gesture, you don’t need to empty your bank account. A few small flowers given from the heart will be better than an elaborate setup that puts you in a tough financial spot.

What Color?

Different colors express different things. People often gravitate toward white flowers during a funeral or cremation service. However, that’s not your only option. Any light color will work. You should be careful with red roses and black flowers. Red roses are associated with romance. Black ones are too somber.

Some people place high value on color theory.

Who Gets the Flowers?

There are a couple of different ways you can handle your flower delivery. You can have them sent to the family home after the death. It’s a touching gesture that shows you’re thinking about them. You can also have the flowers sent to the funeral home. That way, they can adorn the cremation service. All of the mourners will be able to see them.

What Would the Deceased Want?

Sometimes, you know the deceased’s preferences. They should always be followed if possible. You might be aware of their flower tastes. Did they like pretty, colorful plants? You can send flowers to the funeral home for the family and you can also lay a few flowers at the gravesite. The gravesite flowers can match the deceased’s taste entirely. Choosing flowers in this situation isn’t fun but it may give you a small slice of comfort. You’ll feel as though you’re doing something.

Flowers aren’t the most important thing on your mind after someone dies. But they do matter. The right flowers will help establish your peace of mind. They’re necessary in some cases. If you don’t bring flowers, you’ll feel as though you did something wrong.

The staff at Orlando-Donsante-Previte Funeral Home is committed to cremation services Willowick, OH. We can be reached at (440) 943-2466 or by visiting 29550 Euclid Ave, Wickliffe, OH, 44092. We are eager and ready to help you through this difficult moment. Everyone needs to work with a funeral home they can trust. You need to feel comfortable.

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What to Bring to a Funeral Reception

Every funeral homes Willowick, OH in the area can potentially help you. But you need to pick the right. When someone you love dies, it’s very traumatizing. Your entire life can feel like it’s on hold. If you plan on attending a loved ones funeral, it’s natural to want to know what to bring. A small token or gift is appropriate in some ways.


In some cases, you should bring food to the funeral reception or to the deceased’s family home. Food brings people together. It shows that you’re thinking of the people who were left behind. There may even be a potluck dinner. If that’s expected, the family should let you know in advance. You’ll be able to prepare something fitting.

You can also bring food for the family. Many people don’t feel comfortable cooking in the days after a death. There may be cultural reasons or they may not feel like they can focus on cooking while they’re grieving.


Bringing flowers to a funeral is a time-honored tradition. It makes people better. Flowers are a tangible sign of your grief and your sadness. Yet, the bright color can lift your mood. It’s dark and light at the same time.

Flowers can be very expensive. However, there are affordable options. You can definitely find something that works for your situation. If you can’t afford to go to a florist, you can go to a store like Walmart or a grocery store. If that’s not an option, you can see if any of your friends have a garden. They may be willing to help you out.


A memento of the deceased can help smooth your grief. If you bring it to the funeral, you can help the family feel better. It can also help ground you. A piece of jewelry that the deceased you to love, for example, may touch your heart. Or it may be some other item that you connect to the deceased. It may seem pointless, but it if it makes you feel better, it matters.

If you don’t want to tell people about your memento, you don’t have to do. The benefits can be entirely personal.


Of course, you have to bring yourself. By that, you have to be completely present. Be polite and well-dressed. You want to make a good impression. If you do, it will help you when you think about your deceased friend. When you reflect on the funeral service, you want to have good memories. You can’t do that if you don’t try to focus on the experience. It will be tough but try to reach out to other mourners. They can tell you fresh stories of the deceased.

You need to visit Orlando-Donsante-Previte Funeral Home when you’re looking for the right funeral homes Willowick, OH. Our office is located at 29550 Euclid Ave, Wickliffe, OH, 44092. Please call (440) 943-2466 if you have questions. We understand what you’re dealing with. Compassion and understanding will make the experience easier.