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Things to Avoid at a Funeral

A funeral at funeral homes Mentor, OH is an event where you need to be at the best of your behavior. You need to avoid certain things that might be considered in regular settings – but not in a funeral.

But often, it’s difficult to know what to avoid when we’re under stress. And that’s why we are here with a brief guide on what should you NOT do at a funeral service:

1. Avoid Showy Clothes

Never attend a funeral in shiny or too-showy clothes. It is a somber event that demands the utmost respect from all the guests. You are there to remember the deceased, not to make a fashion statement. Remember that this funeral is not about you.

Try to be as simple as possible. If confused, dress in black. What is appropriate funeral attire can vary on numerous factors, including the wishes of the deceased.

2. Avoid Taking Phone Calls Unless It’s Urgent

It’s best to switch off your phone during the funeral – or at least, turn down the volume. Listening to your call phone is often considered a disrespect to the deceased. It upsets the people near you.

In many funerals, organizers request people to turn their phones off before the service begins.

3. Avoid Laughing

Stating the obvious, you should avoid laughing at all costs during the service. No one expects you to break down in tears throughout the service, but laughing is not acceptable. It gives a message of disrespect and total disregard for the bereaved family and other guests.

It’s OK to enjoy a chat with people at a funeral and you might even have something amusing to share. But control your emotions and save the laughter for some other time.

4. Don’t Bring Uninvited Guests

It’s best to avoid bringing any guests with you to a funeral service unless they knew the deceased well. This service is extremely important for the bereaved family and a particular person’s presence might be upsetting for them.

If you still want to bring someone, it’s best to check first if you’re not sure.

5. Don’t Complain

Never complain about the proceedings of a funeral service. This is a stressful time for the family and they, of all people, want it to be perfect. If you think a particular service can be done better, then better keep the idea to yourself or wait until it’s the appropriate time.

Most people around you are very upset and it’s best to take their feelings into account as well.

funeral homes Mentor OH6. Don’t Yawn

If anything, funerals aren’t supposed to be fun and exciting. They can be long and boring for some guests. And you can feel too bored during the service to start yawning. Avoid it at all costs as somebody close to the deceased might take offense at seeing somebody yawn.

Be sure to keep yourself involved with the service to help prevent boredom from setting in. Generally, funerals are not very long, so you won’t have to spend hours holding back your tiredness at funeral homes Mentor, OH. Contact the professionals at Orlando-Donsante-Previte Funeral Home today.