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Funeral Service Etiquette Guidelines

Losing someone you loved is the toughest time of your life and visiting their funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, can be an intimidating experience for people. No matter whether you are attending a funeral for the first time or 50th, it’s always an uncomfortable situation. Still, many people feel confused while attended a funeral as they’re unaware of the protocols of such events.

That’s why this article aims to provide information about some universal etiquette and customs of funeral or memorial services.

What to Wear

The first question that comes to mind is what to wear to a funeral. Generally, people tend to wear black clothing as it symbolizes mourning and grief. But you don’t necessarily have to wear black, just wear something that is not too bright, loud or casual like sweats, shorts, midriff tops, flip-flops, or plunging necklines dresses.

But if you’re confused, wear formal or business dress.

What to Say

At a funeral, you should offer condolences to the bereaved. Acknowledge the pain and grief of the family but keep it short and simple. Share a fond or a happy memory, or a noble trait of the deceased. Don’t spend too much time interacting with the bereaved as they need space and time to cope with the grief. You may take a moment to pay tribute to the departed by bowing in front of the casket or writing a ‘condolence’ note.

Also avoid using sentences like, ‘He is in the better place right now’ or comparing the death to something you have experienced before.

Arrive Early

Never arrive late to the funeral as sends an inappropriate message to the audience. It’s advised to show up ten to fifteen minutes before the start time and interact with the bereaved and offer sympathies. When you arrive, don’t sit in the front rows as they are reserved for close family members; sit anywhere in between and use the side aisle to avoid any interruptions.

Rules About Photography

Photography in a funeral is often perceived in bad taste – especially while attending a religious funeral. Taking photos of the deceased or the bereaved is often seen as violating privacy.

Funeral etiquettes demand extreme respect for others. Many mourners disapprove of photography as they don’t want to catch in the grieving moments and be published.

Simply put, don’t take pictures unless you are asked to do so.

Be Respectful

While attending a funeral, you should:

  • Turn off your mobile phones as it creates unnecessary disruptions.
  • Don’t talk during the service.
  • Avoid eating or drinking anything when you’re at a funeral.
  • It is advisable to bring flowers to a funeral, but never take them to a Jewish funeral.
  • Of all the places a funeral is the event where you have to be at the best of your behavior. Cooperate with the bereaved family and show them the utmost respect. It is vital to do some research about the religious traditions of the family to offset any embarrassment.

funeral homes Waite Hill, OH

To conclude, attending a funeral can be overwhelming at times, but by boning up on the above guide, you will be at comfort while attending funeral homes Waite Hill, OH.

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Etiquette Rules at Funerals and Cremation Services

Funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, may be necessary. Losing someone you love or care about is among the uncertainties of life that you have to face at least once in your life. Whether you are attending a funeral or cremation services the first time or you have been there before multiple times, it is always an emotionally complex and difficult situation for the attendee.

The funeral is a subject people avoid to discuss unless one has to go to one. That is why many people are unaware of the etiquette rules expected of you in funeral and cremation services. Generally speaking, of all the events you attend, a funeral is the one to be on your best behavior. By knowing the etiquette rules around cremation services or funeral, you will feel a lot more comfortable at the service.

Well! Let’s discuss what should or shouldn’t you be doing at funerals and cremation services.

What to Wear

Well, black is the traditional color of mourning as it symbolizes grief and sympathy. Wearing all black isn’t a bad choice after all, but it is not the only color you may have to choose. Just remember, a funeral is not a place to make a fashion statement … be tasteful and subtle. You may wear a suit with tie, pants, button-down shirt, and dress shoes. Avoid wearing jeans, low-cut dresses, or blistering shirts, that may indirectly convene that you have little respect for the deceased.

Do Research about Family Traditions

Every family has funeral rituals that change according to religious customs. So, if you are attending a religious ritual, you ought to do some research about the family background and their religious affiliations to avoid a faux pas. For instance, it is uncustomary to send flowers to a Jewish funeral.

No matter what customs the deceased family is following, make sure to be respectful and not to get rattled by their religious customs, even if they’re unfamiliar to you.

What to Do and Say

Hugging the grieving and consoling them is the first thing you need to do after entering a funeral. Utter positive sentiments and reminisce fond and happy memories of the deceased, but don’t spend too much time talking with them. Take a moment to pay tribute to the dead by bowing in front of the casket. Avoid clichés like, “He’s in a better place,” or “The pain will go away”, rather tell the bereaved you are in equal shock and pain.

Biggest No’s of Funeral

While on a funeral, you ought to:

  • Avoid coming late to the funeral
  • Using a mobile phone or any such thing that might create unnecessary disruptions
  • Don’t sit in the first few rows as they are reserved for the closed acquaintances of the deceased.
  • Photography is generally perceived in poor taste. Ask before you take snaps
  • Don’t chat loudly and avoid making jokes or laughing

Funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH

While funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, is a stressful and emotional subject and you may, inadvertently, do things that go against the etiquettes of the funeral, but by acting upon these guidelines, you will find it rather easy to attend a funeral or cremation services.

funeral homes Waite Hill, OH

How to Honor Your Loved One’s Memory

Needless to say, when you’re looking for funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, it’s the most heartbreaking and depressing event that creates a permanent vacuum in your life. The pain is often too painful to reminisce about the memories when their absence is so palpable that we can touch it. When you are deprived of the physical presence of your loved one, that doesn’t mean we’ve lost everything we love about the deceased. They may be gone, but their memories may never die. Our relationship becomes one based on beautiful memories rather than physical presence.

It is an instinct to desire for ways to honor their memory and pay them tribute.

You can remember and honor the memory of the beloved – who has passed away – in a myriad of ways. Keeping his/her memories alive will show how much you cared for or he/she meant to you. Below are the special ways you can express your love and honor their memory long after they are gone:

Do Good work in Their Name

The best way to honor your loved one is by doing gracious acts and services in their name, be it money, time, monitoring, or even good advice. Not only such things will help you find a purpose for your grief but also develop feelings of compassion and empathy. You always find inner peace and satisfaction while helping others and each act of service can be a tribute to your loved one and keeps his/her memory alive.

Celebrate Your Loved One’s Special Days

Good memories are timeless treasures of the heart. You can count on all the good days you have spent together and can rearrange those days to reminisce about their pleasant memories. You should celebrate their birthdays, wedding anniversary if the deceased was your spouse, or any such memorable days to show your gratitude for the life they lived and how they had a positive impact on you. You can throw a party in their name or arrange a dinner inviting the people he/she loved and discuss and share the memories with them and receive emotional support too.

Establish A Permanent Memorial

To honor the loved one, you should – if you have financial backing – build a memorial at the gravesite of the deceased. You may install a sitting bench or plant a tree nearby as an alternative. A memorial plaque with a brief description inscribed on it about your loved one will touch everyone who passes by. It will make you feel closer to him/her when you visit the gravesite.

Carry on Their Legacy

If your beloved has initiated any relief or community service project, you should get involved and see it through, as a way of honoring the loved one’s legacy. If they have ever volunteered for community service, then consider doing the same twice a year and if possible, ask your friends to join you.

funeral homes Waite Hill, OH

These are just some of the thoughts that must go through your mind when you’re thinking about funeral homes Waite Hill, OH.

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5 Ways to Heal When You’re Grieving

There’s so much going through your mind when you’re choosing the right funeral homes Mentor, OH, that your thoughts may end up going all over the place. It’s hard to keep track. When you’re mind is trying to make sense of your loved one’s death, it can be hard to give proper attention to anything else in your life.

Keep reading for our tips on overcoming your worst grief.

1. Connect with a friend

Connecting with someone who knows you and cares about you can make you feel better when you’re struggling to move past your grief. You don’t have to speak about what happened. Simply being close to another person can have a seriously calming effect.

2. Journal

Journaling is the habit of writing your thoughts and feelings down during the day. It can help you process what you’re feeling. You don’t need to have skills as a writer. The idea is not to impress anyone else but to gain clarity on your own mind. Because no one ever needs to see your journal, you can put write it however you like, without worrying about it if it would make sense to anyone else.

3. Garden

You don’t need to have a green thumb to enjoy gardening. Many find the act to be incredibly soothing. If you build a nice garden, it gives you something to do as well as something to take care of. Gardening is a relief because you don’t have to put a lot of effort into it. You can think about something else or even nothing at all while you do it.

4. Attend the funeral

Attending the funeral won’t be easy. It’s a very emotional event. However, whether you’re planning the funeral or you’re a guest, going to the memorial service gives you a chance to say a special sort of goodbye. You will have the chance to stand with other mourners and speak about the deceased in public. You may hear stories that otherwise would have been kept from you.

5. Find a hobby

Sticking with your old routine may not be enough to distract your mind. If you’re still dealing with heavy grief, finding a new way to spend your time could be exactly what you need. There are a ton of different hobbies you can choose from depending on your inclination. You don’t even have to leave your home if you’re not ready.

funeral homes Mentor, OH

Grief is an emotion that can affect you in unpredictable ways. No one experiences it the same way. However, you still may be able to recognize your grief in another., That’s because many of the underlying emotions are the same. The strategy to make yourself feel better has to be personalized. Yet, you can use ideas that have helped others as inspiration.

You can use the above list as a guide. It can take a long time before you’re ready to face the world again.

Searching for funeral homes Mentor, OH, doesn’t have to be a challenge.

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How Grief Affects the Body

Visiting funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, can be difficult. One reason for this is that grief affects your body in ways that are not immediately obvious. You might feel the effect in physical ways. When grief affects the body, it becomes harder to move past. You may feel stuck, or as though you need help moving to the next stage in life.

Everyone dies at some point. Because of this, every single culture has experience in laying their loved ones to rest. The emotions that you feel are uniquely your own. However, there is a shared core that people around the world can feel with you. Countless people have gone through something similar. The first way grief attacks is in your sleep. It’s very, very common for grieving people to have trouble sleep.

If this happens to you, the first step is to take stock of the situation. When you find yourself sleeping too much, you need to find things in your life to distract and you heal the pain. When you’re not sleeping enough this is also true, but you may need to do something more drastic as well. Too little sleep can have a serious effect on your life.

Your sleep may not be the only physical manifestation of your grief. For the same reasons, you may have trouble eating as well. As with sleeping problems, your eating trouble can take a few different forms. You may find it a struggle to finish a meal. Or, you may be more prone to overeat. Either way, you’re going to have a serious effect on your life.

To combat this, you can focus on mindful eating. That means that instead of thinking about your loved one or your life during meals, you can focus on the food in front of you. It might seem strange at first, but this is actually a known strategy for gaining control of your diet. Eliminate all thoughts that aren’t about your meal.

Grief is a strange and personal emotion. How it will affect you particularly is hard to predict. However, experts agree that physical symptoms often exist. Physical problems may need a physical cure. If you’re feeling physically low and weak, you can try increasing your exercise. A grueling workout serves two purposes. It distracts your mind and it tires your body.

When you’re dealing with the physical effects of grief, it can be very hard to turn your attention to anything else. It can alter your life in ways that you’re not expecting. Yet, there’s no way to live in the world and never be touched by grief. That’s why humankind has discovered ways to alleviate the pain.

funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH

The physical effects of grief can be more severe than mental ones. However you’re affected, you will naturally want to change the way you feel. The natural grieving process can’t be altered. But, you can gain insight into what you’re going through.

When you go to funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, it’s an emotional event.

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Using the Outdoors to Heal Your Grief

Every funeral homes Wickliffe, OH, can serve your family in times of need. However, some will serve your needs better than others. Choosing the right funeral home at the start can save you a lot of stress and worry. Of course, that’s not the only way to alleviate your stress. Another strategy is to use nature to your advantage. Many have found that being outside frees their mind in a way that they would not have expected.

Finding the right time and place to work on your mental and emotional health is simple. You don’t need to spend any money to achieve this. Opening your front door and going outside might be enough. First, you need to think about what you need. What, exactly, are you feeling? Once you can clearly identify your feelings, you can go about healing.

Fresh sunlight can have an effect on your mind. Too much sunlight is damaging. You should never spend time in the sun without protecting your skin, but as long as you’re covered up and wearing sunscreen, you can go outside safely. Just being outside in the air can be enough to make your blood start moving again. It’s a healthy way of life.

Nothing can erase the past or take away the pain of what happened. Your loved one can’t return to life. However, you can learn how to grapple with your new reality. That’s the goal when you’re using nature to help you heal from your grief. You’re not asking for the impossible to happen. You can’t forget about the deceased.

Moving forward happens at your own pace. It’s not surprising if it doesn’t happen immediately. Little steps like going outside more often can propel you forward when you feel stuck. If the weather permits, look up nature hikes in your area. That way, you can connect to nature in a more personal way.

One of the good things about going outside is that you can be on your own. You don’t need to coordinate with anyone else. This can be a relief when you’re stressed out and worried about social interactions. Meeting up with people after you lose someone close to you can feel incredibly stressful. You can only do it when you feel ready, and there’s no way to guarantee when that moment will come.

Being outside can also be beneficial if the weather is extreme. When you’re feeling particularly low, or as though you need extra help to get moving, a breath of fresh air can get help even if it’s very cold or hot.

funeral homes Wickliffe, OH

If you want to improve your chances of feeling better, you can add exercise to your outdoor distractions. Exercise serves two purposes. It helps you feel better physically, which can lead to mental changes. It can also distract your mind. You don’t want to spend all of your time dwelling on what happened. It wouldn’t be healthy.

When your mind is on funeral homes Wickliffe, OH, it’s time to focus on what matters.

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When to See a Professional Grief Counselor

Families who need funeral homes Willoughby, OH, are in a critical moment. The loss of a loved one can dramatically alter your life. While you’re still reeling from the emotional effects, you may find it very difficult to get back into a normal routine. There are professional grief counselors who can help when you’re in this spot.

Of course, it can be hard to tell when you need professional help. The signs aren’t obvious if you don’t know what to look for.

Here’s what you need to be aware of.

You feel lost

It’s natural to feel lost and confused when you’re loved one passes away. However, you have to move past these feelings if you want your life to return to normal. It’s difficult to do this because grief doesn’t follow a natural script. You can’t predict exactly how you’re going to react. These are the kinds of feelings that you want to mention to your counselor.

You’re lonely

When you’re dealing with heavy loss, it could have an impact on how social you are. You might feel too unsure and sad to be with the people you love. Or, it might be that the deceased formed a large element of your social group. Seeing these people without the presence of your loved might feel very strange. One of the ways that you can move past these feelings is to express yourself to a neutral party, like a counselor.

You have time

After you rearrange your life to account for the loss of the deceased, you may find yourself with a lot of extra time. Normally, extra time in your life is a good thing. You can use it to further your interests. However, when you’re struggling under a mountain of stress, the extra time can actually feel like a burden. When you work with a professional counselor, you can learn how to manage your time in a healthy way.

You need help

Sometimes, you need help. It’s not easy dealing with the death of someone you cared about. It can alter everything you thought you knew. Dealing with the world suddenly feels much harder. This isn’t a moment of weakness. Instead, it’s a moment where you can learn about yourself.

Ultimately, grief that you can’t manage on your own needs outside help. Seeing a counselor may feel strange if you’ve never done it before. You may not have realized that it was a serious option. Or, you may have doubts about how successful it will be in your own case. When you’re feeling low, you can’t imagine that you’ll ever be able to feel differently. Your emotions feel rigid, stuck.

funeral homes Willoughby, OH

You don’t have to wait until after the funeral to schedule an appointment. This is a step that you can take the moment that you learn of the deceased’s passing. Protecting your emotional health is critical for your well-being. You can never act too quickly.

Funeral homes Willoughby, OH, are there during the hardest moments of your life.

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Benefits of Pre-Planning Your Funeral

At some point, your family will need to consult funeral homes Willowick, OH. This is especially true if you decide to preplan your own funeral. There are a lot of reasons why someone may want to do this. Funeral planning is a stressful process. You may want to ease the burden on your family. Or, you may have very specific ideas about what you want to happen during your funeral.

Here are the top reasons why people choose to preplan their funeral.

Peace of Mind

Your peace of mind can be assured if you know that your family won’t have to deal with the funeral arrangments. You can prepay as well, or set aside money for the event. This way, your family has nothing to think about when the time comes. They will still have to manage their grief because that can’t be erased, but your actions can make it easier.


Funerals are often expensive. If you have enough money to cover the costs yourself and want to take it off of your family’s hands, that’s another strong reason to preplan your funeral. Even if you don’t pay money to the funeral home, you can get a cost estimate and make sure you have that amount set aside. Paying for funerals causes families undue stress. Everyone wants to lay their loved one’s memory to rest in the best way possible, but the price of the event can add up.

You Know What You Want

You may know exactly what you want to occur at your funeral. If you have a very specific plan, it’s a good idea to organize it yourself. That way you can make sure that everything is attended to. You may have gleaned your ideas of funerals from attending other memorials, or simply because of your cultural or spiritual connections.


Funerals and funeral practices have significant meaning. If you want your end of life memorial to have a particular meaning. Things are often easier if you do them yourself. You can offer your family guidance on why this is important to you. They will appreciate deeper insight into who you are and what’s important to you. You can’t ensure that everything goes perfectly, but you can do your best to create the kind of experience you want.

What to Do

If you want to preplan your funeral, it’s a good idea to work with a professional funeral director. It’s a good idea to learn what all of the options are. You may change your mind after you realize what’s possible.

funeral homes Willowick, OH

Prepaying for the funeral is an option if that would make you more comfortable. Or, once you learn what the costs will be, you can dictate that the sum be taken out of your estate. You may want to leave room for flexibility. Costs can change. You’ll need to decide how much you want to plan. You can plan every step yourself, or you can leave some decisions for your family. It’s all up to your preference.

When you need funeral homes Willowick, OH, Orlando-Donsante-Previte Funeral Home will be here.

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How to Understand Grief and Loss

Every community needs funeral homes Wickliffe, OH. When someone dies, their remains need to be respectfully handled. Working with a funeral home allows this to happen. The memorial service is designed to give mourners a chance to grieve and say goodbye.

Understanding grief and loss can give you insight into your own mind. Everyone is affected when they lose someone they love. How they deal with their loss, however, is deeply personal. You can use universal information to help guide your own life.

First, you have to recognize that grief can’t be avoided. Knowing intellectually that everyone must die does not fully prepare you for the reality of death. It can strike when you’re not expecting it. When it does happen, your only option is to prepare yourself. Life may feel strange at first. After all, you have to go forward without someone who may have played a very big role in your life.

One way that you can ease into your new life is try to take things slowly. Don’t focus on the future or the past. Instead, pay attention to how you’re going to get through every single day. Getting through a day is easier than trying to figure out how to get through the rest of your life.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you will “forget” about the deceased. That’s impossible. Instead, you can try to manage your grief in a way that allows you to move forward in life. The inexorable crush of time forces you to move forward. There’s no escape. Because life has to continue, you have to make it as comfortable as possible. Your loved one wouldn’t want you to be miserable for the rest of your life.

You can’t force yourself to move on immediately. You need to give yourself time to feel what happened. The form that that takes may be different for everyone. For example, you may find yourself withdrawing from company. Wanting to be alone for a time is absolutely normal. It becomes problematic when you become too withdrawn.

It may be necessary for you to make major life changes before you’re content with your life again. Without your loved one, you may need to fall into a new pattern. Your everyday life may be very, very different. If you lived with the deceased, your life will be particularly affected. You may need to create new patterns. Buy a new bed. Switch to a new bedroom. Allow yourself to form new associations.

funeral homes Wickliffe, OH

When you understand that grief and loss are things that you will have to deal with for the rest of your life, you can go about finding a longterm plan. The funeral will be your first test. You have to plan the event and face the other mourners while your grief is still fresh. When the event is over, you may feel much better. The human connection to other people does a lot.

Searching for the perfect funeral homes Wickliffe, OH, for your family doesn’t have to stressful. Orlando-Donsante-Previte Funeral Home is here to help.

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Reasons to Hire a Funeral Director

When it comes to funeral homes Willoughby, OH, there are a lot of factors involved in choosing the right one. Another question that you have to think about is if you’re going to hire a funeral director. This isn’t a required step, but it can make the process a lot easier. Funerals are emotional events. There’s a lot to do but it can be hard to find the will to do it.

If you’re thinking about hiring a funeral director, there are a few things you should think about.


The main reason why people want to hire a funeral director is because it takes a load off of their shoulders. There is simply less to think about when you have a professional worrying about the details. You might find this to be extremely freeing. When your loved one dies, you’ll have a lot of thoughts racing through mind. Having a healthy outlet to siphon off negative energy is very useful.


Many people believe that working with a funeral director will increase your expenses. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. The right funeral director actually might be able to help you lower costs. There are a lot of factors involved, and if your mind is occupied with grief over your loved one, you could find yourself agreeing to things that you don’t really want or need. If you put the planning in the hands of someone else, there’s less for you to potentially overspend on.


Depending on your schedule, you may not have time to schedule the funeral on your own. You may not be able to a take time off of work. Or, you could decide that your grief is easier to manage at work than at home. Whatever the reason, if you find yourself pressed for time, a funeral director can take care of the problem.


An experienced funeral director will be aware of things that you may not have heard. There are a lot of unique features that you can add to a funeral. Some of these features may appeal to you. Your funeral director can explain this to you and give you ideas. Remember, these events happen very quickly. You won’t have time to research everything that you want. However, you can take your funeral director’s advice.

Funerals happen all of the time. It doesn’t matter what else is going on in the world. People want to pay their respects and they want to bury their dead. This is one of the customs that separates humans from other animals.

When you’re thinking about your loved one’s funeral, one of the things you’ll have to think about is your decision about a funeral director. For obvious reasons, this is one of the first decisions that you need to make. If you hire the right person, this could be the only decision that you need to make.

Funeral homes Willoughby, OH, will be on your mind. Instead of worrying about your decision, you should be able to trust that you’re working with Orlando-Donsante-Previte Funeral Home