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Reasons to Arrange a Funeral

Arranging services at funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, is the first thing the bereaved family members think and plan about after losing a loved one. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by a rollercoaster of emotions while taking care of the funeral arrangements.

The extra stress, the attention to detail, and the cost it accompanies may seem like an added burden to the grieving family members.

But, a funeral is something many of us believe in, as the research shows that holding a funeral service serves the below purposes for the bereaving family.

1. It Shortens the Grief Journey

Psychologists and medical researchers are unanimous in contending that organizing a funeral service includes some activities that accelerate the healing process for both the family and the visitors. Having a chance to say one final goodbye to the deceased encourages the bereaved to get solace and inner contentment, knowing that you have given a perfect homage to the departed soul.

Your feelings of grief and sorrow are gradually replaced by emotions of satisfaction, and the process of healing can start.

2. Helps the Bereaved Family Adapt to the New Reality

Research shows that denial, regret, and anger often engulf the bereaved, especially if the loved one experiences a sudden or unexpected death. Holding a funeral helps the family and friends to accept the changed reality and adapt to it over time.

While giving the final tribute to the deceased, everyone realizes the truth that the loved one has left this world. This small but essential realization plays a crucial role in overcoming the sorrow ensued by the death of the beloved.

3. Offer a Last Tribute to the Loved One

Arranging a funeral and customizing it according to the deceased’s last wishes offers you an opportunity to celebrate the brilliant life of the deceased. Your funeral advisor can give you many options to personalize the final traditions to pay a perfect send-off to the loved one – the one they deserve.

Depending on your budget, you can play their favorite music, serve their favorite meal, bury them in uniform, disperse their ashes in their favorite place, etc.

4. Get Together with Friends and Family

Though it may sound like a trivial thing, funerals do help friends and family reunite at one place and memorialize and honor the loved one together. They find support in each other’s company and talk about their loved ones.

Along with providing comfort to the bereaved, it also helps the members mourn together. Simply put, your whole family gets an opportunity to reunite.

funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH5. Get Condolences and Empathy

One of the main reasons for depression and anxiety is loneliness. Everyone expresses their support and sympathies with the bereaved during a funeral service. The visitors share the burden of the deceased’s family and offer both emotional and, in some cases, financial support to get back to normal life after cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH.

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5 End-of-Life Questions to Ask

For most people, it’s tough to have a conversation about death or the service at funeral homes Mentor, OH, following it. But at some point, we all face death, and some end-of-life questions need to be asked to ensure smooth final arrangements.

So, whenever you’re ready to kick off your conversation, here’re some of the questions you should ask:

Have They Made a Will?

According to a 2020 study, about 32% of American adults have a will, so there’s a high probability that your loved one doesn’t have a choice in place. Have a pleasant discussion with them and ask about their final wishes.

It’d be better if you could arrange for an attorney to help your loved one create a will and then keep it in a secure place at the lawyer’s office, in a safety deposit box, or in any fireproof safe. You should also have it photocopied in case the original document is damaged.

Do They Want to Opt for Hospice Care?

Not too long ago, most people would choose to die at home or in a hospital as it was the only viable option, but now, an increasing number of people are choosing to receive hospice care or palliative care.

The goal is to provide empathetic care and emotional support to the patient and treat them with utmost dignity, respect, and love. Ask the loved one if there’s any specific place where they would want to get hospice care.

Have They Decided on the Medical Power of Attorney?

This person, also known as a healthcare proxy or power of attorney, stands at your bedside and makes all the essential end-of-life decisions your loved one wanted if they dying are or unable to do so.

For instance, if the loved one has a sudden heart attack or a severe stroke, goes into a coma, or experiences any debilitating illness like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other cognitive disorders that limits the ability to speak or write. In such a situation, the proxy makes legal decisions for the patient.

Are They Ready to Share Their Financial Information?

Ask your loved ones to arrange and organize their financial information in a secure place. It includes the details of their income and liabilities, bank accounts, credit cards, real estate, assets, and personal properties.

Let them decide how and where they want to donate or transfer their property ownership. Organizing the financial details will save the family from being scammed, and this document should be accessed only after the death of the loved one.

funeral homes Mentor, OHHow Would They Want to Be Celebrated?

This question entails details about the funeral arrangements and end-of-life arrangements of your loved one. Starting from choosing the final disposition method and site, ask if there’s any specific funeral home or burial ground or should you arrange for cremation followed by a scattering of ashes in a unique way.

Also, ask and write down their biggest achievements, dreams, and goals, and how they would want the coming generations to remember them. Such personal details will help you customize the funeral and make sure their legacy lives on after funeral homes Mentor, OH.

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How to Cope with Sudden Loss

You need funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, after the sudden passing away of someone close to your heart.

Being unable to say one last goodbye may engulf you in a whirlwind of complicated emotions, but you can work to overcome the grief and begin the healing journey.

Here are specific tips you can follow to make the grieving process slightly better.

Share Your Feelings

First and foremost, try to communicate your feelings with a close acquaintance. Research shows that spending time with friends and family can hasten the healing process and bring normalcy to your life. Try spending some time with your close friends in a comfortable environment.

It helps you believe that you’re not alone in the grief journey and that your friends and family acknowledge your loss. Getting emotional support from others allows you to deal with the loss rather quickly.

Get Involved in healthy Activities

It’s natural to experience complicated feelings of shock, anger, disbelief, and acute pain after losing a loved one suddenly. You need the most to get involved in healthy activities to get your mind off the loss. Don’t shy away from doing activities that make you happy and feel relaxed.

While it’s true that even the small daily tasks may seem insurmountable and you feel weak and vulnerable. But not doing anything about it can take a severe toll on your mental, psychological, and physical health. Try to spend some time playing your favorite sports, walking in the park, hiking, fishing, and cooking.

Acknowledge Your Emotions

Don’t come hard on yourself and understand that this is an emotional time, and you’re likely to experience a rollercoaster of overwhelming emotions. It’s natural to blame yourself for the loss and feel guilty, especially if the deceased had some unfinished business with you.

Understand that everyone grieves uniquely and if doesn’t follow a specific timeline. Mentally prepare yourself for complex emotions and don’t hesitate to express them.

Eat Nutritious Food and Sleep Tight

Grief makes it difficult to maintain a healthy eating schedule or even eat properly, and it seriously affects physical health. Regardless of what you’re going through, never compromise your health. Take in a healthy and balanced diet and consume a lot of water.

Also, exercise for at least 10-15 minutes daily and sleep well. Don’t push yourself into isolation or cut off from friends and family, as it further aggravates the grief symptoms and makes it difficult for you to even get out of bed.

funeral homes Waite Hill, OHGet Professional Help

If you’re unable to get over the loss even months after the loss or you’re experiencing symptoms of complicated grief or psychological symptoms, seek professional help. It doesn’t make you look weak or vulnerable, as losing a loved one suddenly can be overwhelmingly traumatic.

Hopefully, these tips will help you find the light at the end of the tunnel and return to your normal life after the experience at the funeral homes in Waite Hill, OH.

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Common Misconceptions About Pre-Planned Funerals

Funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, have witnessed an increase in the trend of individuals planning their final disposition before death. Doing so helps them to communicate their wishes with the family members to get a deserving end-of-life celebration.

But unfortunately, many individuals have unfounded generalizations about preplanned funerals. The reason is people tend to avoid discussing funerals or their traditions for obvious reasons. After all, who would like to talk about death? It’s a topic that can make even the strongest among us feel uncomfortable.

Yet, death touches every life. Many people feel more comfortable when they know that they’ve preplanned their funeral and managed their final steps.

Let us discuss some common myths related to preplanning a funeral.

1. Preplan When You’re Old or Suffering from a Terminal Disease

The outbreak of the corona pandemic further highlighted the reality that no one can predict death. Never put preplanning off until tomorrow what you can do today while you’re fit and healthy and can make pragmatic decisions.

Because of this reason, many young people plan their funerals even if they believe the death is years in the future

2. There are budget concerns

A common misconception is that financial issues convince people to go for funeral preplanning. They tend to minimize the burden on their families once they die. It couldn’t be farther from the truth.

While the financial aspect is a popular factor for funeral planning, it’s not the only reason. Most people who preplan their funerals are not under any financial strain when and they rather want to have final service their own way.

When you preplan your funeral and share every single detail of how it should go, the family is in a better position to honor all your desires.

3. I don’t have Enough Time to Preplan

Preplanning doesn’t take much time and if anything, it is worth your time just as an exercise, higher education, and office work. If you’re too busy with your work routine, just think of all the things you want in your after-life celebrations and how you want the bereaved to remember you.

Start writing down your wishes and think of all the ways you can personalize the event without overspending your budget. You don’t have to do it all at once. Take your time to make pragmatic choices.

Funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH4. Only You Can Decide How You Want to be Celebrated

No matter how close you’re to your family, only you know yourself the best when it comes to your final wishes. You may have told them some of your wishes, such as if you want to be buried or cremated but a funeral service entails a lot more than what you might think.

Once you start jotting down the details and digging into your preferences, you realize the importance of various events associated with a funeral service. The things that might seem irrelevant to you at first become important, particularly at today’s funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, where you have a plethora of options to personalize your final disposition.

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Coping with the Sudden Loss of a Loved One

Arranging a service at funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, isn’t easy. The feelings of not getting a chance of saying one last goodbye can take a toll on your emotional and physical health.

Here’re a few tips you should keep in mind while coping with the sudden death of a loved one.
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1. Don’t Hide Your Emotions

Grief can be extremely overwhelming and can make you feel alone and depressed. It’s necessary to share your emotions with your loved ones and seek emotional support.

As the adage goes: if you can’t feel it, you won’t heal it. Hiding your feelings and emotions have adverse effects on your physical and mental health. Talk to a friend you trust or a priest and let the pain out.

Shedding a few drops of tears or getting a shoulder to cry on will make you feel slightly better as well as lighten your heart and mind.

2. Indulge in Healthy Activities

Try spending time on your favorite activities, be it eating exercise, or getting extra sleep. It deviates your mind from the heart-wrenching thoughts and memories of the deceased and gives you enough time to think of all the positives in life.

Psychologists conjure that one can catalyze the healing process by indulging in activities that make one happy.

3. Honor the Deceased

Look for ways to celebrate the deceased and reminisce the golden time spent with them. You can arrange a family dinner, invite close friends and family, and cook favorite meals of the deceased. Ask the guests to share something about the lost loved one.

Similarly, you can arrange a music celebration and play their favorite songs whenever you miss them. Create a playlist of songs that you used to listen to together as it will help you channel your emotions and feelings in a more healthy way.

4. Seek Support from Friends and Family

Never isolate yourself or restrict social interactions or start taking medications or drugs to relieve pain. It further plunges you into depression. Try to spend time with close friends and family, particularly the ones who care about you.

Seek as much assistance as offered and be open to sharing your feelings with them, you’ll get comfort and solace.

5. Don’t Hold on to the Grief

Try to stick to your normal routine as the deceased would also want you to move forward and adapt to the new reality. Let your pain out and give all the energy and crying it needs and return to normalcy.

funeral homes Waite Hill, OHHiding into loneliness won’t do any benefit to the lost loved one nor to yourself and it only affects your own physical and mental health. When you feel like you can face talking to people again, start small. Go to a grocery store or take a walk. Do anything you can to get outside and back into the world, even if it’s only for a few moments.

You may feel too grieved to plan the service at funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, at which point it makes sense to hire a professional funeral director.

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How to Help a Grieving Friend

Death and funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, are painful realities of life. Want it or not, every one of us comes across the time when a close friend is grieving the loss of a loved one. At that moment, we want to cheer them up, point out the optimism in their lives, make them feel relieved and smile again, and come back to a normal routine.

But it is equally possible to feel helpless if you don’t know how to help someone you love through grief. Many people utter inappropriate words though inadvertently that may spark uncomfortable feelings or make the grieving person feel invalidated.

Want to offer meaningful support and help to your bereaved friend? Here are some simple ways to do that.

1. Understand Five Stages of Grief

Grief is not a single emotion nor does it follow a linear path. Rather it is a mix of various feelings and emotions. According to psychologists, a grieving person experiences five stages of grief namely:






Acceptance of the loss.

You have to understand which phase your close acquaintance is passing through and once you’re familiar with these stages, you are in a better position to comfort your friend.

2. Grief is Not Predictable

Even though almost everyone passes through the above five stages of grief, one person’s grief is not the same as another’s. It varies from person to person mostly and depends on how closely the bereaved was attached to the deceased and how strong their relationship was.

Thus, never try to make guesses about their inner feelings and instead, make sure you acknowledge their pain and be considerate in having conversations with them. Give them all the emotional support they need.

3. Show Them Ways to Honor the Loved One’s Memory

For a grieving person, the memory of the deceased matters the most. Do your basic research and let them know of the unique ways to personalize and celebrate the memory of the lost loved one. A few tips can be:

  • Plant a tree
  • Write letters
  • Arrange remembrance dinners,
  • Doing charity work or volunteer in their name

Such activities would expedite the healing process.

4. Keep Checking on Them

Grieving can last from a few weeks to several months. Many people offer condolences at the funeral services and move on with their lives. But as a friend, you should keep in touch with them and never leave them alone for long particularly if they’re experiencing depression or complicated grief.

A simple phone call will just take two minutes but can provide untold comfort and satisfaction to your friend. Offer them help and ask what they need. Generally, the mourner will resist help but at least, let them know you will be there when needed.

5. Indulge in Healthy Activities

Never let your friend isolate himself for extended periods as it can further plunge them into depression. Instead, encourage them to play their favorite sports and indulge in healthy and fun activities.

In this way, you would carve a permanent place in their heart and also help them overcome anxiety and depression.

The grief journey begins before you contact funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH.

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How to Remember Your Dad on Christmas

Funeral homes Mentor, OH, are part of the grief journey. During the holidays, many people miss their dads. Nothing is more painful and depressing than losing your father no matter how old are you. A father is like a guiding light that shows us the right way and even the joyous occasion of Christmas can become a distressing day for someone grieving the loss of a father.

No activity can indeed bring him back but here are some ideas that will help you can make his presence felt and honor him on this special day.

1. Write Him a Letter from Heart

Wake up and write a letter to his name and tell everything that your heart says. Write about your accomplishments, success, and how much you miss him. Every son or daughter loves to hug their father and say how much they love and appreciate his care and life lessons. But, there are always a lot of unsaid words that you wanted him to hear.

And even if he has gone for a while, there is so much new in your life that you would like to share with him to make him proud. Your letter is a symbol of unending love for your lost dad and how you’d never be able to repay all his sacrifices for you.

2. Listen to Your Dad’s Favorite Songs

Take out time and make a playlist of songs that remind you of your dad; songs that you would love to listen to together with him. Music heals our minds and soul.

We all have memories of listening to favorite songs while on a family trip or at weekends in the home or when you were depressed and needed cheering up. Listening to these songs will honor his memory and reminisce of golden memories of your childhood.

3. Plant a Tree in His Name

Want to honor his memory? Why not plant a tree in his name on this auspicious day!

Trees symbolize life and have wise spirits that make us feel relieved in their presence. Planting a tree in the name of your dad will keep his memory alive forever. It will remind you of your dad whenever you sit in its shade, walk by it, or water it – and is the perfect way to honor and give tribute to a deceased.

4. Throw A Family Dinner

Arrange a dinner inviting close friends and family and people who cared about your father – and serve them his favorite dishes. Most people have commitments on Christmas, so choose a day, time, and venue accordingly.

During the dinner, ask his old buddies to share his life stories and have laughs and fun. You may invite his colleague or wok friend to share a funny life experience of your dad as a way to refresh his memories.

5. Volunteer Yourself

What is better to remember someone than to volunteer for the community service and serve the people? You should spend a few hours serving the community and dedicate the blessings and prayers to your father.

Remembering your father starts with arranging a fitting memorial at funeral homes Mentor, OH.

Funeral homes Mentor, OH

Mourning Rituals

Funeral homes Mentor, OH, exist because everyone has to face the pain and grief of losing a loved one at some point in life. But losing a person doesn’t mean their memories fade completely.

We all remember and preserve the memory of our lost loved ones through mourning rituals which also expedite the healing process. These traditions are symbolic activities that allow the bereaved to express their love and feelings for the lost loved one and get the support of family and friends.

Some of the mourning rituals that you should try to help ease the pain are:

1. Create an Art in Their Memory

Psychologists say that looking at pictures or graphics that reminisce the loved one helps the healing process. Try to create a work of art in the name of your lost loved one using their pictures and favorite memories.

For starters, using a coloring book can be a good way to start showcasing your artistic skills.

2. Cook Their Favorite Meal

Arranging a dinner in the name of the departed loved ones and inviting close friends and family serve as “Food for the soul.”

Not only it is a simple and easy ritual to do, but getting together with close ones helps the bereaved get over the pain and grief of the irreparable loss. It gives a chance to share the memories of the loved one.

3. Light a Candle

The ritual of lighting a candle in the memory of a lost loved one is centuries old. It gives a strong message in the presence of friends and family that care about the departed soul.

Many Americans light candles on the altar or gravesite of the lost loved one every month or so as a reminder of their unconditional love– particularly when the departed was their life partner or parent.

4. Preserve a Remembrance Item

You should preserve something that reminds you of the lost beloved one such as a watch, handkerchief, piece of jewelry, or a lighter – especially if it belongs to the deceased.

Carry it around as a reminder of how much you care for the loved one – as it brings relief and comfort.

Funeral homes Mentor, OH

5. Write a Goodbye Letter

There are many things that we want to say to the one we love the most – but couldn’t say it because of any reason. It becomes even more painful when the loved left us forever – knowing we missed the chance to speak our hearts out.

Write down all the unsaid words in a letter and you may bury it or burn it with the loved one. Else, arrange a ritual or event and ask all the visitors to write the blessings to the deceased – for the positive change, the loved one brought in their life. And you should preserve the letters in a memory box.

To sum up, these rituals are simple but portray a powerful message. People from all walks of life and religion can hold these rituals and show their love and affection for the lost loved one after the funeral homes Mentor, OH, service.

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5 Common Myths About Grief

Everyone in town must visit funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, at some point yet most individuals have little to no information about the grief journey. That’s why people have various misconceptions pertaining to grief and sorrow.

We are here with a comprehensive guide to debunk some common myths about the grieving process that should help the bereaved cope with the loss of the loved one.

Myth #1: Grieving for the Deceased means Staying in Past

It can’t be farther from the truth. Losing someone close to your heart is like losing a part of your body and you can’t forget the happy memories spent with them. Hiding your feelings or trying to move on too quickly can hinder the healing process and plunge the bereaved into depression and anxiety.

Myth #2: Grief eventually Ends with Time

The feelings of grief and sorrow indeed subside with time, but it doesn’t hold for all cases. The journey of grief is non-linear and you might become more depressed and lonelier as life continues.

Understanding the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, helps you understand when the journey of grief will end. All these phases are interrelated. However, it’s possible that you won’t experience all or any of these stages. Although they are common, they are not universal.

Myth #3: You Lose the Person Forever

Even though the person leaves you but their memories and wisdom live on and guide you through the tough times. After all, how can you lose someone when their memory resides in your heart forever. Their jokes, goodness, funny memories, and wisdom always cheer you up.

You may feel sorry for the loss – that’s natural – but their memories always give you strength and courage to face the hardships of life.

Myth #4: Remembering or Being Connected to the Lost Loved Will End

Since death is inevitable and we all have to experience the passing of loved ones at some point, many people believe that remembering the deceased over extended periods is impossible.

Let kick this myth out of the park right now. A healthy and long-lasting relationship with the lost loved one is absolutely possible. Your relationship is different, but it’s not gone.

funeral homes Waite Hill, OH

Myth #5: We Must Move on from the Grief of Losing a Beloved Quickly

The media makes you believe that it’s normal to move on from the loss of losing someone close within an expected timeframe. It is a strange assumption, to say the least. Detaching from grief is not possible as the remembrance of the departed soul can bring much-needed positivity and optimism in your life and help you develop a new perspective about personal and professional life.

Final Remarks

To sum it all, this article has refuted some prevalent myths about funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, and various processes associated with them.

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Planning a Budget-Friendly Funeral Service

When you’re emotional, it’s harder to make good decisions at funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH.

If anything, funerals are costly and one of its major reasons is that people make hasty decisions and spend more than they need. A person experiences a rollercoaster of emotions after losing a loved one and it’s natural to make unscrupulous decisions during such an emotional time.

However, not everyone wants to spend beyond a specific limit on a funeral event in today’s ever-increasing inflation era. This article will guide you on how to make smart decisions and save thousands of dollars while arranging a service.

1. Evaluate Your Budget Beforehand

Before finalizing the services you want for the lost loved one, prepare your budget and decide how much your family can afford for the funeral. A funeral service may cost you a fortune if you go on a shopping spree without specifying a budget limit.

Saving your hard-earned money doesn’t imply your love for the deceased any less. Instead, it shows how much you care for them and want to fulfill their last wishes to the best of your financial ability. Remember, never get carried away by emotions while spending.

2. Choose the Funeral Services

Next, you need to arrange for the services. Start from confirming the deceased transportation to the funeral venue to selecting a funeral home and burying or cremating the deceased. Note that a cremation funeral often costs less than that of a burial funeral.

On top of that, you also have to make decisions about the associated services like catering, music, flowers, clergy, or any special services to personalize the event. Consult your family and funeral director to confirm which pastor you should call for running the event.

Seek guidance from your funeral director to learn about everything in advance to make informed decisions.

3. Make a Guest List

After deciding the funeral type, venue, date, and time, it’s time to start calling the guests. Make a list of the guests that are expected to come to the funeral and decide what you want to serve them.

Most families choose to serve beverages or refreshments to the guests while others go for a serving of the deceased’s favorite dishes. Your best option is to offer tea or hot beverages along with snacks.

4. Buy the Services You Need

That’s probably the most important part that decides the total expenditure on a funeral. Now that you know what services you need, hit the local market and start shopping. Most funeral homes offer the “whole funeral packages” but it’s a good idea to go to the local market and compare rates.

funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH

You can save a lot of money by buying flowers, a casket, an urn, a vault, etc. after exploring multiple options. Don’t forget to use online platforms like Amazon and e-Bay before making a purchase.

However, never compromise on the quality of service while trying to save money. Do your best to arrange a perfect event for your lost loved one and say goodbye to the deceased in the best possible way. You can work with the director at funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, for more ideas.