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Who’s Responsible for Hosting the Funeral?

After your loved one dies, you need funeral homes Wickliffe, OH. But who’s responsible for planning the event? It depends on your culture, your relationship with the departed, and your situation in life. It obviously won’t be appropriate to plan a parent’s funeral when you’re 10. But the case is dramatically altered when you’re 45.


Some cultures have very strict rules regarding funerals. It was decided long ago who was planning a funeral. Usually, the responsibility devolves on the closest family members. However, sometimes it’s up to the entire community to come together. This is more common in very small, tight-knit communities.

If you want to be involved in the funeral process, speak to the family. Many people will appreciate your participation.


Was the deceased your boyfriend? Your spouse? Your best friend? If you had a close relationship to the deceased, it makes sense that you want to be intimately involved in the funeral. It’s your way to pay your respects to the deceased.

The closest family surviving family members are usually the people who bear most of the burden for the funeral.


Your situation in life matters greatly. It’s possible that you’re in no condition to plan a funeral no matter what your relationship to the deceased. If you don’t have life insurance to ease the burden, paying for the memorial can be a very heavy burden.

If you find yourself in this spot, you need to think about your options. You can skip the funeral entirely, but you’ll have to deal with the consequences. Many people feel as though the only way they way can truly honor the dead is through the funeral. You may ruffle a lot of feathers if you choose to skip the funeral entirely.

Final Decision

Sometimes, families struggle among themselves for funeral rights. It may be that the parents disapproved of the deceased’s long-term partner or vice-versa. In that case, both parties want to be in control of the funeral. Unfortunately, someone has to yield. The funeral experience is tough enough as it is, adding family feuds to the equation will only make everything harder.

Do everything that you can to smooth passions. You don’t want to ruffle people’s feathers. If there was something very important to the deceased, such as where to be buried, you should fight for it. Otherwise, your goal should be to compromise. If you have to, you can have your own private memorial for the deceased.

Planning the funeral is unavoidable. If you do it in the right way, however, the event can be used to decrease your grief rather than augment it.

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