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Unique Ways to Honor Someone’s Memory

How Do You Commemorate Someone?

The family recently face a hard time dealing with funeral planning and grief resources and in the latter part, they choose the cremation process because of the affordability of its cremation cost and pliable choice for the ashes but still, they need comfort. Hence, memorializing the lost loved one after cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, can be as creative as it can get. Aside from honoring the deceased, many people also find comfort and relief in creating physical memorial tributes and arranging original events or activities.

Research also shows that it’s healthy to indulge in ways to keep the memory of the departed soul alive and feel connected to them.

Memorializing Deceased Loved Ones

Here are some of the most exciting and enthralling ways to honor your lost loved one:

Plant a Memorial Garden and Visit It

Planting a memorial garden or plant is probably the easiest way to preserve your loved one’s memory. Not only it is an exciting way to honor them but also acts as a therapeutic for you.

A plant can reflect human life and watering it regularly and seeing it grow may rejuvenate the memory of your loved one and expedite the healing process, not to mention the benefits it brings to the environment.

You may even have the option of creating a whole community garden and further customizing it by choosing flowers, scents, and colors matching your loved one’s personality.

Get Involved With and Complete their Favorite Cause

If there’s anything charitable or community service project that your lost loved one wanted to complete but couldn’t, then it’s time to commit yourself to the cause. After all, what’s a better way to pay tribute to the departed soul than having to serve humanity.

From volunteering on weekends at a soup kitchen or for helping animals at the local shelter to paying regular charity to your loved one’s favorite organization, you can carry on the good work they started in life and honor their memory.

It may not necessarily be charity work and can be researching something important to them, solving a mystery, sending flowers, traveling to a specific place, etc. Respectively, you can plan ahead for this and ask advice in the funeral industry for a question such as grief resources.

Turning Ashes into Jewelry

People who cremate their loved ones have a myriad of options to get creative with the deceased’s ashes. You can turn the cremated remains into fine pieces of memorial jewelry either to decorate in your bedroom or wear them.

You can have them transformed into a ring, necklace, chain, or bracelet and always feel them close to your heart whenever the memento is worn.

Arrange a Dinner Party on Their Birthday

Arranging a dinner party on your loved one’s birthday or any other special day like an anniversary helps you relive the happy moments spent with them. Buy a birthday dessert or cook the deceased’s favorite food, play their favorite songs, invite your friends and family and let all celebrate the wonderful life your love was done has spent.

You may request each attendee to share his or her fond memories with the departed soul and how they have impacted lives for the better.

Get a Memorial Tattoo

If you’re a fan of body tattoos, then look for an artist and get a tattoo of your loved one’s birth date, anniversary, or date of death. Many people choose to get a tattoo of the deceased’s favorite flower or symbol.

cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH

And, if you’re loved one is cremated, you can have incorporated their ashes into the ink of your tattoo after cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH.