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Should You Host a Public Cremation Service?

Death comes swiftly. One moment you’re fine, the next you’re worrying about cremation services Willoughby, OH. Yet, honoring your loved one’s memory is incredibly important. One way you might want to do that is by hosting a public cremation service. A public service means that it’s open to everyone who wants to attend.

The benefits are obvious. Turning someone away from an emotional event like a cremation service is very difficult. Unless the location physically can’t hold more people, you want to allow mourners to come the event unless you have a strong reason not to.

You may desire the event to be private for cultural reasons. Or the deceased may have been a controversial figure. In that case, you don’t want people who are merely curious to show up. You should embrace genuine grief but avoid morbid curiousity.

If you make the event public, it could be an avenue toward learning more about the deceased. Someone may show up who you’ve never met before but who has a close relationship with the departed. It’s hard to know everything about someone’s life, even if you love with them.

There are pros and cons to both options. If you’re having trouble deciding, speak to people around you. See how the other survivors feel. A cremation service can be planned by multiple people. In fact, it often is. The emotional burden of doing everything on your own can easily become too heavy.

A cremation service is ultimate the same as a funeral service. It’s an event that’s designed to honor the memory of the departed as well as give the living a chance to express their grief and regret. The memorials are often very moving. A public service may be larger than a private one, but not necessarily.

You shouldn’t have to worry about guest list drama. Announce the date of the service and let whoever wants to come, come. If you want to send specific invitations, make sure you include the people who were closest to the deceased.

If you decide agaisnt having a public funeral, make sure you give people an option to express their condolences. Tell them where to send cards, flowers, donations. It’s okay to be direct and tell people not to send flowers. However, you should always express gratitude. If someone who wasn’t invited to the cremation service still wants to send flowers, it’s because they truly cared about the deceased.

You don’t have a lot of time to make your decision. The time for cremations happens quickly. After the body is cremated, you can technically host the service whenever you want but you’ll face strong pressure to do it quickly. People want the ceremony to occur while their grief is still fresh.

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