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How to Stay Busy When You’re Grieving

If your loved one needs cremation services Willoughby, OH, it’s fair to say that you’re grieving. There is a multitude of different ways that you can handle this. One popular option is to make yourself busier than ever. If your schedule is full of things to do, you don’t have time to dwell on your grief. However, your actions may feel very strange at first. After all, you’re figuring out how to live life without your loved one.

The strangeness will eventually disappear. You will be able to look at yourself in the mirror and know that you’re doing the best you can with the materials you’ve been given. Life rarely goes the way you planned. When your loved one dies, you have to rethink your place in the world. Nothing will feel the same.


One of your first instincts may be to lock yourself your way. It’s very hard to face other people when you’re grieving deeply. It means that you will have to speak about what happened. Nothing changes with your words but you have to think about what happened. Verbalizing your feelings makes them seem more real.

If you’re not ready to hang out with your friends, you can try to meet new people. There are free meetups listed online. Find a group that appeals to you. It can be a support group specifically for people dealing with loss. Or you might find more solace doing an unconnected activity. You can meet people who don’t know about your loss.


Doing volunteer work can eat up your extra time and make you feel good. You get to stop thinking about your own problems and can focus on someone else’s needs. If you’re not ready to be around a lot of people, you can volunteer at an animal shelter. A lot of rescues need volunteers to walk dogs and hang out with the cats.

When you’re trying to take your mind off of something important, it will only work if you really commit to it. You have to throw yourself into your new activity.


Regular, committed exercise does more than work your body. It can also train your mind. People who are in good shape report feeling better about their lives. It’s clear why this matters when you’re trying to figure out your new life. Exercise is sometimes intimidating, especially when you aren’t used to it. You may find that it’s easier to start slow. Don’t attempt to run five miles on your first day. You can find beginner exercise routines online.

You can take your feelings into your own hands. No matter what happens, as long you’re alive and conscious, you can make yourself feel better. It takes dedication.

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