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Funeral Etiquette: Should Children Attend the Burial?

Funeral homes Willowick, OH focus one serving the community. There are many potential etiquette rules that you have to think about. The exact expectations depend on the culture of the deceased. One question that is routinely brought up concerns children. Specifically, should you bring small children to a funeral? It’s a very difficult question. No one can give a definite answer. However, there are a few things you should think about.


How old is the child? A ten-year-old child has a much better chance of being able to control themselves than a newborn baby. An older child will be able to understand what’s happening. Still, that doesn’t mean that they have the maturity to handle the event. You know your child best. If you’re hosting the funeral and parents ask if they can bring children, they should know if their child is capable.


How is the child related to the deceased? Many people believe that someone’s own children should attend the funeral regardless of age. Others believe that the entire immediate family falls under this umbrella. The question becomes harder when the relationship is more distant. In that case, it really depends on the family. You’ll have to decide for yourself.

You should also think about your own relationship with the deceased and their family.


The acceptableness of children at a funeral may be impacted by how the deceased passed away. If it was an unexpected or surprising death, you may be less likely to bring a child. These events are often particularly emotional.

If, however, the deceased was elderly or passed after a long illness, the feelings may be different. People will still be grieved, but they won’t be shocked.


Different cultures have different beliefs about death. The culture of the deceased can tell you if children should attend. In some cases, the child not appearing is an insult. In other cases, the opposite is true.

Of course, you have to gauge the child’s own feelings as well. How do they feel about the deceased? Do they want to go to the funeral? You may be guided by the child’s thoughts as well.

Funerals are almost stressful. Yet, they can be very moving as well. The only questions that arise involve comfort. If you do decide to take your child, you have to be willing to leave early if the child becomes unruly. You can’t distract everyone else.

Make sure to speak to the child first. It’s possible that they don’t know how to act at a funeral. Stressing them out won’t help. You need to be very aware of their emotions. If you’re not you’ll be surprised by the strength of their reaction. If you do have to leave the memorial, you’ll want to say something to the family when you get a chance.

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