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Cremation Service Etiquette Tips

All cremation services Wickliffe, OH can tug at their heart. Your emotions are running wild. However, there aremore things to consider than just your grief. For example, you should also think about what’s expected of you. Some people pin high hopes to memorial services. They want everything to be just so.

If you’re planning on attending a cremation service, here are a few common etiquette rules you should be aware of.

Be on Time

Being on time is critical. For many people, being late is highly disrespectful. They may feel as though you don’t care enough about the deceased to show up on time. Or, even if they don’t have a personal opinion about tardiness, you showing up late may be distracting. Everyone will turn to look at you. So whatever you have to do, show up on time.

Dress Modestly

Even if you’re known for your wild style, you should dress modestly at a cremation service. You’re not trying to snag a date. A simple, modest outfit is far more appropriate than attention-grabbing attire. This means no plunging necklines or short hems if you’re a woman. Both genders should avoid ultra-tight clothing. You should also be wary of being too casual.

Be quiet

Don’t speak or look at your phone will the service is going on. It’s distracting and rude. Even if you can’t focus on the speaker’s words, focus on the feeling you get by being in the room. Everyone there has gathered to honor your loved one. This is a moment that will never happen again. If your grief is too loud to be unnoticeable, step outside for a minute.

Bring Flowers

It may be appropriate to bring flowers to the memorial service venue. You can speak to the cremation service hosts beforehand if you have any questions. Flowers are an almost universal symbol of sympathy and respect. You can present the flowers to the deceased’s closed survivors. The ritual is simple but powerful.


It’s so easy to fall into your world, especially when you’re grieving. However, you’ll feel better if you try to connect with people at the service. If they speak to you, make sure you answer them. If you engage with the company around, you’ll have stronger feelings when you come to think about the memorial later on.


If food is involved, try to eat. Food makes everyone feel easier. They’ll be less tense if they’re not hungry. When people share food with each other, it instills a sense of friendship. You’re two people who have something in common. You may not be very hungry but try to eat at least a little bit. The hosts may notice such a thing.

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