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Saying the Final Goodbye to a Friend

Funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, serving the community. No matter how much you avoid discussing but death is an inevitable reality and every one of us faces a point in life where we have to say goodbye to a close friend.

Having the last conversation with a friend who is nearing death is probably one of the most emotionally charged moments and many people tend to avoid it. But research shows that spending time with a dying friend can provide solace to you as well as the friend.

It can feel challenging to look into their eyes and offer your last tribute, but you can make the experience slightly less painful with the below tips.

Be There

Make the last moments count, try to spend maximum time with them. Let them know you care for them and will do anything to honor their memory. Doing so will also help you process the grief and begin the healing journey rather quickly.

Psychologists advocate the need for spending more time with the dying friend as it helps you accept the reality and battle out negative emotions of guilt, anger, and denial.

Remind Them of Your Love

You don’t need to have long, emotional conversations. Just remind them of your unconditional love and support for them and their family. Ask what they need or if they have any final wishes. If possible and if they want, help them jot down their funeral details.

It will also prepare you to face the inevitable when the time comes.

Focus on Love

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the rollercoaster of mention when you know the loved one is dying and you can’t do anything about it. But you can make this journey better by expressing your love and other positive emotions with them. Make them believe they are surrounded by loved ones who are ready to honor all their wishes.

Don’t begin emotionally charged conversations. Instead, try to lighten up the mood by sharing a funny story of the dying friend.

Attend Their Funeral

Never miss the last services of your lost friend, no matter what. Attending the funeral service helps you process the death and work through your grief journey. It also provides an opportunity to say a final goodbye to the friend and the bereaved family.

The family also needs condolences and empathies to see through the overwhelming grief and anxiety associated with the loss of a loved one.

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Share Your Emotions

If the death of your beloved friend hits you hard, don’t shell into isolation or run away from your emotions. Don’t let the painful feelings pent up inside as they can plunge you into depression.

Instead, share your emotions with a trusted friend and explain how you feel. Try to spend more time with friends and family to navigate through the grief journey.

No matter how hard you try, saying the last goodbye to a friend who is approaching death is overwhelming and confusing. Act on the above guideline to make the funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, process slightly better for yourself.

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Planning a Funeral Service During Pandemic

You still need funeral homes Mentor, OH, during the pandemic. Many Americans have lost a loved one to COVID-19 or any other reason since early 2020. What’s worse is the federal restrictions on social gatherings and indoor events have barred many people from holding a memorial service in memory of the lost loved ones.

With the federal and state governments easing the COVID restrictions, many families are planning to arrange a memorial service for the loved ones who have died during the pandemic. If you’re one of them, here is a step-by-step guide on how to plan a perfect memorial service:

Set Date and Time

First things first, choose a day and time to invite close friends and family to gather and honor the deceased. It’s better to arrange the event on a special day like the loved one’s birthday, anniversary, or any other memorable date.

Else, choose a holiday to make it easier for the invitees to attend the event.

Choose a Location

You have got all the options in the world to choose a perfect place for the memorial service. If you’re short on budget, plan the event in the deceased’s family home. If you want to, invite your loved ones to a private place like a hotel, beach, or any natural spot.

Consider the local government’s COVID protocols. You may have to consider an outdoor ceremony in the ground or a funeral home having ample space.

Send Invitations

Let the loved ones know individually about the upcoming event. Many of the friends would have no idea about the planned memorial service. Use social media platforms or send a notice in the local newspaper if you want to invite community fellows as well.

Prepare for the Meal or Beverages

Decide whether you want to serve a full meal or just refreshments to the guests. A part of the decision is contingent on the time of the event. For instance, if you’re inviting the loved ones around 12 pm-3 pm or 7 pm-10 pm, then consider serving the full meal.

Similarly, make a list of the beverages you want to serve the guests. Depending on whether you’re planning in summer or winter, finalize the list of drinks.

Personalize the Event

Think of creative ideas to customize the event in a way it should reflect the deceased’s personality and way of life. After all, that’s the purpose of this event anyway. Here are the few things you can do:

  • Display pictures of the deceased or make a tributary slideshow
  • Display the personal items of belongings of the loved one
  • Ask the guests to show up in a specific dress code such as in the deceased’s favorite color
  • Ask the loved ones to say a few words in the memory of the deceased or share a story.

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Use Technology

Don’t forget that almost everyone is going through a tough time during this pandemic. Chances are some of the loved ones wouldn’t make it to the event for any reason.

Consider using technology to live stream the event so everyone could watch and pay tribute to the deceased at funeral homes Mentor, OH.

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Cremation vs Burial: What You Need to Know

Preparing for cremation services Waite Hill, OH, after the loss of a loved one accompanies unbearable pain and agony. At the same time, the bereaved family has to make some important decisions regarding the finals services of the deceased.

As of now, the two most common types of funerals are cremation and traditional burial. If you have just lost a loved one and don’t know whether to hold a cremation or burial service for them, then read on to get a better understanding of both funeral types and make your decision.

Cremation vs Burial

The last few years have seen a significant rise in the number of families choosing cremation as a final disposition method. Here are the main things you need to know about cremation and burial.


The reason most middle-class Americans are choosing cremation is the low cost of arranging one. On average, a cremation service is almost half the cost of a traditional burial. This price tag can further be reduced by making conscious decisions and avoiding unnecessary services like buying a cheaper urn.

Burial funerals are expensive as the family needs to buy expensive caskets and embalming services. Plus, a traditional funeral occurs several days after death, which can skyrocket the total expenditure.

Cremation is Simple and Flexible

For many bereaved families, cremation is a simpler, less emotional option while offering much more flexibility to honor the deceased compared to burial. Planning a cremation entails making just a few decisions regarding the type of cremation and what cremated coffin and urn to choose.

Also, the bereaved families get a wide range of options to scatter the ashes in a way that best suits the loved one’s personality.

No Embalming or Viewing in Cremation

Direct cremation doesn’t need embalming or viewing services. The family takes the body to the funeral home where a small ceremony is held before transporting the body to the cremation site and burning it. The whole process of cremation takes roughly three to five hours.

However, many families arrange a reception after receiving the cremated remains from the funeral home. Here, the guests are served food and they all pay tribute to the deceased.

Environmental Toll

Many people choose cremation as it is an eco-friendly alternative to burial. A typical burial involves burying caskets and embalming chemicals along with the dead body, and some families feel that this isn’t right the option for them.

Cremation, on the other hand, can cause less damage to the environment since it doesn’t use any embalming chemicals or tons of wood and metals.

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Cremation is a final closure of the body with no chance of exhuming for legal or otherwise purposes if the need arises. This downside of Cremation alone bars many families from choosing it for the deceased’s final disposition. In case of a burial funeral, the body can be reexamined for reburial or legal or medical purposes.

Now, you’re in a better position to decide which type of final disposition suits your requirements, cremation services Waite Hill, OH, or burial.

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Healing from Grief

The pain of losing a loved one and arranging cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, can be the most overwhelming experience one can have in life. The grief that accompanies the loss can take a serious toll on your personal and private life if the individual doesn’t adopt healthy ways to cope with it.

Here are some useful tips you should follow to stay proactive and accelerate the healing process.

Interact with Friends and Family

Many people going through the grief journey prefer to shell into isolation and distance themselves from family and friends. While trying to take on the grief and get back to normal life on your own is a commendable trait, but it’s also OK to turn to your close friends or family members

Psychologists believe that socializing with valued communities brings positivity and motivation in your life as well as provides much need distraction to recollect your strength.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Mental and emotional health is inextricably linked with physical health. One cannot expect to heal quickly without taking care of yourself. Act on the below tips to take care of yourself.

Eat a nutritious and balanced diet. It’s not uncommon for grieving individuals to lose or gain weight, thanks to a poor eating plan while coping with grief.

Get enough rest and sleep. Grief often affects sleep patterns, but you have to battle it out and take a full-night sleep for the first few days following the loss.

Do exercise. It can be light weight-lifting, a walk or run in the park for at least 15-20 minutes, yoga, or any fitness activities at either home or a gym.

Never overindulge in smoking or drinking habits as it weakens your ability to fight the complicated grief emotions.

Indulge in Daily Activities

Try to maintain the same schedule as was before losing your loved one. Get yourself involved in handling the daily regular tasks including household chores and job activities. Also, do your best to indulge in doing your favorite things that make you happy.

It can be anything from cooking, fishing, watching a movie with friends, or playing your favorite sports.

Draw Comfort from Your Faith

If you belong to religious faith, connecting to your beliefs can help you process your emotions. If the grief doesn’t subside within the first few days, try to talk to a religious clergy member or others in your religious community and seek their support and condolences.

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Honor the Memory of Your Loved One

Last but not least, look for ways to honor the memory of your lost loved one. You can arrange a family dinner inviting close family and friends where everyone could share the pleasant moments of the loved one’s life, volunteer, fund their favorite charity organization, lead a plantation drive or plant a sapling in their name, or anything that you deem good to do.

Research shows that honoring the loved one can help an individual overcome grief and begin the healing process after cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH.

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How to Plan Memorial During Covid-19

Arranging services at funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, helps you lay your loved one to rest. As of July 2021, many Americans have lost a relative or friend to COVID-19 which speaks volumes for the magnitude of damage and emotional turmoil it has brought upon us. To curtail its spread, federal and state governments have put strict restrictions and guidelines in place pertaining to social distancing and public gatherings.

At the same time, one cannot downplay the importance of holding a memorial service. CDC has outlined the necessary guidelines for people planning to arrange a memorial service of the lost loved ones.

Let’s deep dive into the important details.

Total Attendees

The most important question is how many guests a bereaved family should invite. The CDC recommends that the number of guests shouldn’t be more than half of the total capacity of a funeral home – to avoid congestion and ensure better social distancing.

Selection of Venue

With the easing of COVID-related restrictions, most funeral homes around the world have restarted their services. But the official guideline is to hold the service in an outdoor location. Ask the funeral home if they can arrange an open venue to make It convenient for the guests to follow social distancing protocols.

Guideline for Inviting Children and Elderly

Children and the elderly can attend a funeral service, however, even you invite them they may not come since they are most vulnerable to severe symptoms of COVID-19. Make special arrangements for them to help them feel included.

COVID-19 Protocols for Guests

Anyone visiting a funeral home should:

  • Wear a face mask and keep a 6-foot mandatory distance from each other if it’s required in your area. Avoid hugging other guests including the bereaved family if you can. For vaccinated people, the rules are flexible and they can make a handshake or hug each other to offer condolences and sympathies.
  • Keep a mini sanitizer spray in the pocket and use it after every few minutes as long as you’re in the ceremony.
  • Avoid touching the deceased’s body if Covid-19 is the major cause of death – however, no concrete evidence of Covid-19 transmission from the dead body is found yet. But it’s not a risk worth taking.
  • Refrain from touching and sharing commonly used objects in a funeral such as religious books, collection plates, programs, to help minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19.

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Capitalize on Technology

The outbreak of the pandemic has provided a stimulus to the virtual memorial service industry and many funeral homes have all the mechanisms in place to arrange live streaming of the whole event.

Regardless of how much effort and time you put in arranging a perfect memorial service, meeting all the COVID-related protocols, many close friends and family members may not be able to attend easily due to various traveling restrictions.

That’s why you can ask the funeral home to arrange for virtual coverage of the memorial service and let the guests know about the date and time of the event as well as which software to use to watch the live coverage if they can’t go to funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH.

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Tips for Planning a Funeral After Hospice Care

Families with a loved one in hospice care know that the individual is near to death and will soon need cremation services Waite Hill, OH. It can be overwhelming seeing your loved one near the end. At the same time, planning for the burial and cremation can help you process what is going to happen.

Psychologists posit that the person in hospice care often wants to talk about their final services and how they will be remembered. In most cases, the families don’t get a chance to hold this important yet emotionally charged discussion especially if the loved one is suffering from a devastating illness or disease.

Keeping this in view, you should follow the below tips to plan a perfect funeral for your loved one.

Try to Find Out the Loved One’s Wishes

Many a time, a patient wants to actively engage with the loved ones and may provide instructions on how they want to be honored once the time comes. Consider these requests as an opportunity to reflect your unconditional love and support to the person in hospice care.

Hold their hand and let the person speak their heart out.

Finalize a Funeral Home

Locating a funeral home is a decision that should take enough time, research, and consideration. Narrow down your options using recommendations from friends and family and online reviews and choose a funeral home that fits your budget allocations and is capable of meeting the family’s cultural or religious requests.

Many hospitals require the family, as a part of the hospice admission procedure, to choose a funeral home and determine the type of final disposition – cremation or burial.

Write a Compelling Obituary

As part of the funeral planning, start writing an obituary for the loved one beforehand instead of leaving it to the last minute to avoid missing important details. An obituary is a perfect way to preserve the memory of the deceased and pass their legacy onto the next generations.

Take guidance from your funeral director if you’re having any trouble in crafting an obituary, its structure, what information to include, its length, and publication.

Choose an Individual to Deliver Eulogy

Determine who will read the eulogy at a memorial or funeral service. The person should be a close accomplice of the deceased, ideally, spouse or children. There can be two or more persons speaking a few words to honor the lost loved one.

Many a time, no one volunteers to deliver the eulogy for the fear of public speaking and it can catch you off guard if you haven’t planned it beforehand.

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Choose A Burial Place

Depending on the deceased and your family’s wishes, look for a burial place to lay your loved one to rest. In the case of a traditional burial funeral, the available options for the final resting place vary from private and semiprivate mausoleums (above ground) to memorial gardens, private estates, and cemetery plots (underground options).

While for cremation services Waite Hill, OH, you can scatter the ashes in an ocean, into the air, have them converted into jewelry, keep them at home, or bury them at any desired location.

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How to Move Forward After Loss

The death of someone close to our heart and having to go to funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, to arrange their memorial is often emotionally taxing. It’s can throw you into a new phase of life – the grief journey.

Death is a reality that you cannot escape and it’s vital to combat the grief that accompanies the loss so you can “move forward” your normal life. Moving forward doesn’t mean forgetting about the deceased, rather it entails active engagement on the part of the mourner to adjust to the new reality and return to life in a way that’s healthy.

Here’s what mourners can do to help themselves process the loss.

Accept the Reality

Denial is a common yet very powerful emotion associated with the grief journey that bars the individual from moving forward in life. Accepting the loss entails overcoming the denial response and acknowledging that your loved one has left forever – never to come back.

Arranging funeral services and honoring the memory of loved ones is a great way to embrace the new reality.

Acknowledge Your Emotions

Many people try to hide their emotions or ignore their feelings to appear strong. It’s natural to feel a rollercoaster of complicated emotions after losing a loved one and expressing your emotions doesn’t make you weak or vulnerable – in any way.

Pent-up or suppressed emotions hold you back in life and further complicate the grief journey. Psychologists recommend the mourners socializing with trusted friends or family members and expressing their emotions. Fully embracing the emotions – with tears or crying – offers maximum relief.

Adjust to the New Environment

One of the best things a mourner can do is undertaking necessary life changes to adjust to the changed reality. A part of it involves assuming the new roles and responsibilities formerly filled by the deceased.

Whether you’re a single parent, eldest sibling or child, or anything, you have to accept the new roles and do your best to fill the vacuum. Getting a new pet, indulging in your favorite activities, and hanging out with trusted communities in a comfortable environment also help you adjust to the new environment.

Take Care of Yourself, No Matter What

That is probably the most important step that is inextricably linked to the rest of the tips you have to follow.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep and rest, eating a healthy and nutritious diet, and doing things that are comforting and to some extent, give you happiness. Without taking care of your physical health, you’re emotional, spiritual, and psychological health will only deteriorate following the loss of a loved one.

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Find out what your body wants to stay healthy whether it’s taking a lot of showers or ordering fresh-pressed organic juices. Engaging in activities like regular exercise, book reading, listening to music, taking morning walks, and learning to nurture yourself will help as well. Hopefully, you’ll be able to move forward in the new chapter of life with renewed optimism and positivity.

You can begin to process these feelings after arranging the memorial at funeral homes Waite Hill, OH.

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What You Need to Know About Funeral Directors

Cremation services Mentor, OH, serve an important purpose, as do the funeral directors who help to arrange them. The US Congress passed a resolution on March 11, 2008, and designated March 11 as National Funeral Director and Recognition Day to acknowledge the contributions of funeral directors.

Many people outside the funeral industry are unaware of the ways the funeral directors commit themselves to serve the bereaved families beyond their call of duty. To honor their services, we have compiled some less-known facts about the dedication of the funeral directors.


Funeral directors walk you through every stage of the funeral service. Whether it’s 6 am or past midnight, they’re always up to help bereaved families arrange a perfect service for their lost loved ones.

Contrary to what many people think, funeral directors, ensure availability after the service and handle all the necessary tasks including paperwork and memorial products. Most funeral directors are well-trained to offer grief counseling sessions and hold holiday remembrance services and community events to provide comfort and solace to the grieving.

Carry Impeccable Inner Strength

Funeral directors are humans and have feelings but you won’t see a funeral director breaking down in front of the bereaved. They’re tasked to provide step-by-step guidance to the families and offer empathetic support as well to get through the toughest times of their lives.

During the whole funeral service, they witness the most emotional scenes but never get carried away as it can affect the execution of their duty.

Work Quickly and Efficiently

Arranging a funeral service entails making more than 75 decisions within the first 75 hours and a funeral director is trained to help you make the best choices.

It takes an expert level of training and exceptional planning skills to make sure everything goes according to the wishes of the clients within this short window of time. A director has a wide set of expertise to add value and meaning to the service for both the bereaved family and the attendees.

They Are Great Listeners

Funeral directors exhibit meticulous attention to detail to fulfill the last wishes and desires of the deceased’s family. They are careful listeners and focus on the smallest of details to bring a personal touch to the service.

Thinking outside the box to plan a truly memorable and meaningful service is the hallmark of funeral directors.

Resolve Family Disputes Over Funeral

Many a time, the bereaved family disagrees over how the final services should be handled – especially when the deceased’s last wishes are not known. It could delay the services and create unnecessary rifts amongst them.

A funeral director is well-trained to step in and help resolve such issues. He makes sure everyone’s opinions are heard and respected and finds a middle ground where the loved ones can work together to hold a truly personalized service.

Always on a Learning Spree

Funeral directors never stop learning and have to attend regular education classes to hone their skills and learn new approaches as well which is a must to keep their licenses active.

Even after completing degree programs and internships and having years of field experience, a funeral director takes out time from their busy schedule to learn advanced tips to better serve the community and prepare cremation services Mentor, OH.

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Most Common Funeral Flowers

The tradition of sending sympathy flowers to funeral homes Mentor, OH, is embedded in tradition. They play an important role in conveying your message of love and respect for the deceased and unconditional support for the loved ones.

Even today, the trend of sending flowers to the funeral home or directly to the grieving family is accepted – even encouraged. Each type of funeral flower reflects a particular meaning. If you’re planning to send flowers to a grieving friend or family member, here is the list of the most common sympathy flowers along with the meaning they carry for the bereaved.


Also known as to-go funeral flowers, lilies are probably the most popular flowers found in funeral homes – and there’s a good reason for this. They convey a deep message for the bereaved and symbolize purity, innocence, and rebirth of the deceased.

Most people choose the Stargazer and the Oriental varieties of sympathy flowers which, in many faith denominations, reveal the innocence that is restored to a person’s soul after death.


Because of their elegant displays in floral wreaths and standing sprays, carnations are also very commonly used funeral flowers. In general, carnations send a message of virtue, upright character, and innocence of the deceased.

Like other funeral flowers, they also come in many colors and each color symbolizes a specific meaning. The red carnation reflects your love and admiration for the lost loved one while the pink one represents remembrance.


Roses need no introduction. These lovely flowers are highly aromatic and represent unconditional love, affection, and respect for the departed soul.

Much like carnations, roses also come in a variety of colors each representing a bit different meaning. Red roses indicate deep love and acute grief while white roses show humility, reverence, and purity of the lost loved one.

Yellow roses are a symbol of a strong and eternal bond of friendship which makes them a perfect choice to send to a funeral of a lost friend. Pink roses exhibit grace and sweetness.


Being the most colorful funeral flowers, Tulips are a symbol of hope and courage for the bereaved family. They brighten up your mood and bring positivity and optimism to your life to cope with the overwhelming grief of losing a loved one.

If you’re close to the bereaved family, sending Tulip directly to the family can be a great option to send uplift their morale. A unique, colorful arrangement of Tulip can brighten anyone’s day.

Want to go a step forward, then choose a specific color of Tulips. Choose White tulips to express forgiveness while Yellow tulips signify cheerfulness and positivity in life.

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Gladioli are the “tallest” funeral flowers that can grow as long as four feet. Also known as sword flowers, they represent the valor, courage, and bravery of the deceased.

If you want to signify the sincerity, honesty, and strong character of the lost loved one, send Gladioli flowers, irrespective of their color. Yours won’t be the only ones gracing funeral homes Mentor, OH.

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Tips for Writing a Perfect Eulogy

Eulogy has long been an important part of cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH. It is given to honor the memory of the lost loved one and highlight their personal life, contributions, and achievements.

Since a eulogy is supposed to be very emotional and personal for both the bereaved family and the attendees, it should be meaningful, captivating, and draw on the most memorable bits of the deceased.

Here are the tips you should keep in mind while crafting a eulogy:

Be Organized

Before you start writing, give some time to organize your thoughts in order. As a rule of thumb, arrange the memories, stories, or contributions in chronological order. It will also make it easier for the audience to follow. The eulogy should have a proper start, middle, and end.

Start with a brief biological sketch of the deceased that includes personal details, names of family members, etc. The first part should reflect the uniqueness of their personality, such as a great military or family man, loving wife, devoted social worker, an accomplished artist or writer, etc.

The middle part includes their contributions, achievements or distinctions, or other notable works. Share a couple of stories or memorable moments of the loved one you were a part of or other favorite memories you have of them.

Finally, end it on a high note by reiterating key points of their life that illuminate their greatness. Use a poem or sentence like “You will forever be deeply missed” to conclude.

Brevity is the Soul of Eulogy

The eulogy should be concise, poignant, to the point, and should avoid unnecessary details of the deceased’s life. Try to limit it to around 1000 words or something you can deliver in 3-5 minutes. The longer you speak, the more are the chances of the audience getting bored or you making mistakes.

Keep it Meaningful

While writing, focus on highlighting their strengths, major accomplishments, and volunteer work they have done. It should reflect the deceased’s attributes and unique qualities.

Instead of delving into the unnecessary personal details, listing dry facts, or exaggerating facts, provide the audience a meaningful insight into the deceased’s personality and major attributes so they could honor and cherish their memory.

cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH

Be Authentic in Narrating Events

Write authentically from your heart about who the loved one was, what was their relationship with you, why you admire them, and what makes them a person worth remembering? Find positive things about them and avoid mentioning negative thoughts even if the deceased was a complicated person to understand.

Don’t shy from adding a taste of humor in the eulogy especially if the loved one was an amusing person. Avoid portraying the deceased as perfect and impeccable as it can create doubts in the minds of the audience. Write a eulogy as if the loved one will be sitting in the audience and hearing you.

They should get a real overview of the lost loved one to invoke feelings of appreciation, respect, and tribute during cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH.