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Common Question Regarding Funeral Costs

When you arrange a service at funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, understanding the various costs is far from the easiest task.

Knowing the answer to the most common questions we’ve heard about the costs of funerals and related services can help you better prepare for the event if need be. Let’s give you some answers:

1. Who pays for funeral expenses?

There’s no hard and fast rule. But generally, funeral expenses are paid by the next of kin who is often responsible for handling all the services of a funeral event to give a perfect goodbye to the lost loved one.

But nobody is legally responsible for funeral expenses unless they have signed the statement of funeral goods and services, agreeing to take responsibility.

2. What is included in most funeral packages?

The package can range from the funeral home to the funeral home. Also, every funeral home offers multiple packages to give the bereaved family more flexibility in choosing what serves them best.

But mostly, you get the below services from a funeral package:

  • Basic services of funeral director and staff.
  • Transporting remains from the place of death to the funeral home.
  • Care and shelter of the remains.
  • Filing the death certificate.

3. Can you pay for the funeral from the deceased’s bank account?

Yes, if the deceased has set up a rights-of-survivorship account. In such a case, all of the money inside the account becomes the property of the surviving account owner when one dies. The survivor can write a check or use a debit card to pay for the funeral expenses.

If it is not a joint account, the bank will not generally release any money from the account until probate is granted.

4. What to do if you cannot bear the funeral expense?

You can either ask for donation or crowdfunding or else, sign a release form with your county coroner’s office. This form shows that the family doesn’t have the resources to bury the lost loved one. After signing the release, the county will step in to pay for either direct burial or direct cremation.

funeral homes Waite Hill, OH5. How to ask for donations to help pay for the funeral?

The most common way is to set up a form of crowdfunding. Just as the name indicates, it is raising money to pay for a loved one’s final expenses. Or in other words, asking the public to pay for the deceased’s funeral expenses.

Typically, the crowdfunding web page is shared among friends and family members on social media, and it is often those closest to you who contribute. However, you may be surprised at the generosity of nearly-forgotten friends, distant relations, or strangers.

It is also a viable option to ask for funeral donations through social media. This way, family and friends can contact them and offer their help. Or you can make some phone calls respectfully asking for donations.

But for many people, asking for donations can be intimidating. Often, the best way is to ask for donations “Instead of flowers.” You can find more help at funeral homes Waite Hill, OH.

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What You Need to Know About Cremation Urns

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re thinking of getting some information about cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, and cremation urns. Maybe your loved one is cremated and you’re tasked with buying a cremation urn, or maybe you want to understand more about cremation and its related services.

Either way, knowing about cremation urns always comes in handy given that more and more families are choosing cremation as the final disposition method in the last few years. Keep reading and find out!

Cremation Urn Facts

Here are some amazing facts about cremation urns.

1. A cremation urn is a container

The primary purpose of a cremation urn is to hold the remains (also called “ashes”) after cremation. Consider it as a small box or vessel which can be made of anything, but mostly decorative wood or ceramic.

You can also get an urn made of metal, paper, sand, and even cornstarch. The bereaved family has got tons of options to choose an urn of any shape, style, or design.

2. It’s not compulsory to buy a cremation urn from the funeral home

You don’t necessarily have to buy the urn from the funeral home where you plan to have the cremation service performed. Hit the local market and go through different designs and styles, in varying price ranges, to choose the best cremation urn to hold the remains of the lost loved one.

Many families choose to buy cremation urns online via their smartphones. But lately, funeral homes have become more competitive in their pricing of funeral products. Still, the choice rests with the bereaved family.

3. Renting an urn is an option

Want to save some bucks? Consider renting your preferable urn. The good thing is many most funeral homes offer a selection of nice cremation urns which you can “rent” for use during the memorial service.

4. Capacity, not size is what matters for urn size

The size of the urn is very important to make sure it can accommodate the remains of the departed soul easily. But often, the customer is thinking about the outside measurements of the urn.

Remember that urns are generally decorative and can have visible accents or edges. So, the exterior dimensions are not the best way to figure out if the urn is the right size to hold the ashes. What you really want to know is the capacity. Urn capacity is measured in cubic inches. A 200 cubic inch urn can hold the remains of an individual weighing roughly 200 lbs.

cremation services Willoughby Hills, OHBut exterior measurements also play a key role in deciding where the urn is going. For instance, an urn that fits onto a mantle or shelf or some other specific location needs different external dimensions than the one you would like to place into a columbarium niche.

But the main catch is that unless you have a particular placement in mind for displaying the urn, you need not worry about the exterior dimensions of the memorial. The capacity of the urn should be the determining factor for sizing.

These tips can help you find the right urn for cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH.

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Positive Ways to Accept Death

Are you arranging a loved one’s service at funeral homes Mentor, OH? Agree or not, we all come across a time when you have to face the inevitable – the loss of a loved one. Someone close to your heart, like a part of your body. Whether the person is your spouse, parent, or close friend, the event hit pretty hard and what comes naturally is the grief journey.

For most people, grief is a complicated process. It comes in stages. There may be a denial, there may be anger, and these feelings may come separately or all at once. But sooner or later, it will lead to acceptance.

If you’re coping with the loss of a loved one, here are some proven tips to better navigate through the grief journey.

1. Don’t Rush, Take Your Time to Mourn

No two person grieves in the same way. Just because someone you know has gotten over the death of the loved one quickly implies you have to replicate it. Grief has a variety of variables including age, duration of the relationship, and the type of death – like tragic or sudden – that play into how one processes death.

It’s ok if you take a while to accept that the beloved soul has gone forever. This doesn’t make you appear vulnerable or weak. Not putting a time limit is always helpful when you find yourself dealing with a loss.

2. Remember the Positive Memories

Take comfort in knowing that the loved one has impacted your life and made you what you’re today. They taught you to face the harsh realities of the world positively and never let go of yourself.

Be grateful for their influence and know that you have the opportunity to pass their legacy to future generations. Knowing that you can’t bring the loved one back, but they’ll never truly leave you is comforting.

3. Give Them a Memorable Funeral

Arrange a funeral worthy of their personality and upright character. It should honor their memory in the best possible way. Arrange small events to make the guests know how good of a person the loved one was. Get unique funeral ideas from your funeral director.

Not only do they deserve a perfect farewell, but it also helps you seek solace and comfort to do whatever in your capacity to commemorate the memory of the departed soul.

4. Continue to Speak About Them

Don’t shy from talking about the loved one, and how much you miss them. And tell your good memories of that person to your close family and friends. Just because you can’t see your loved ones after they’ve died, doesn’t mean you can’t speak of them at a family gathering.

funeral homes Mentor, OH6. Know When to Get Help

Lastly and most importantly, know the signs that you need help. Coping with loss can be challenging, particularly if you had a deep bonding with your loved one. For those with a history of depression, the grieving process may be more challenging.

If you need help, reach out to friends, family, or professionals who can provide you with options. There’s no shame in getting the assistance you need. Understand the needs of your body and make a decision sooner than later about funeral homes Mentor, OH.

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Planning a Committal Service

Whether you’re arranging or attending a committal after the service at funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, you’ll want to know what it is, what to say, and what to expect. To help you out, we have outlined a detailed guideline on everything you should know about a committal service.

What Is a Committal Service?

A committal service is simply a graveside service. This is a brief memorial service at the time you commit the body to the ground. Consider it as the final goodbye for the family and should be treated with dignity and respect. Mostly, this service is no longer than 15 to 20 minutes.

Many families choose to have a committal immediately following a funeral service. You can also choose to have a committal with no separate funeral or memorial at all. These details are up to the bereaved family.

Remember that a committal service for cremated remains would be planned the same as for a full casket with slight changes. The urn will be set on a table or an urn bier. Flower arrangements or the deceased’s pictures are made to place around the urn.

How to Plan a Committal

Before making all the decisions, be sure to discuss the service with your funeral director. He is the person you have to hire because he knows the best. Get his or her recommendations to ensure everything goes as planned.

1. Choose a cemetery or burial site

First of all, choose a burial site for the lost loved one. Usually, you will need to decide on a cemetery and buy a plot. You could check with cemetery offices to see if someone is trying to sell a plot. You should be able to purchase it for less from an individual.

2. Talk to the cemetery sexton

The sexton or caretaker runs the cemetery and knows its daily operations. He or she is responsible for managing all the arrangements of the gravesite.

From having the grave dug to filling it, they will make sure the casket gets to the grave and set on the lowering device. Also, the ground around the site needs to be set up for mourners. If needed, ask to set up the tents and chairs for the guests.

If you would like any décor, such as flowers or a photo memorial. You will need to pay the cemetery for these services.

funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH3. Find an officiant & plan the service

The next step is to choose a pastor/minister/priest to lead the service. You will need to talk with the officiant, so he/she knows what Scriptures you want to have read. The officiant will also want some information so that he can write a short eulogy.

Want to customize the event and make it more meaningful? Have singing or specific reading at the committal service. This is where you can take suggestions from the officiant. Note that, if there isn’t a church affiliation, you can ask a family member to lead the service after funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH.

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How to Choose Between Burial or Cremation

Today, choosing a final disposition method for the lost loved one boils down to either cremation services Mentor, OH, or burial. What option you select depends on many factors, including the deceased’s preferences, beliefs, priorities, finances, family situation, and so on.

Still confused?

Let’s look at the two options in detail to give you a great start on deciding whether burial or cremation is best for you.

What is Burial?

Burial is considered the “traditional” option in the United States and much of the Western world. A body can be buried in the ground at a cemetery or on private property.

Most families decide to bury their loved ones in a cemetery or other designated burial grounds. But some choose to place the body in a mausoleum – also called above-ground burial.

The last few years have also witnessed the resurgence of green burial or natural burial. This is the practice of returning the human body to the earth in the most natural, eco-friendly way possible. It doesn’t involve the use of embalming fluid and metallic or wooden casket.

Pros of Burial

It provides a burial place the family can visit. A graveside funeral can be very comforting and emotionally satisfying for family and friends.

It gives enough time to the family to plan and execute a perfect plan that speaks to the personality of the deceased.

With the availability of eco-friendly and sustainable options, such as the “natural burial” methods, you have plenty of choices.

Many religious traditions prescribe full-body burial.

Cons of Burial

Generally, burial costs more than cremation. Casket/coffin costs are much higher than cremation urns. Similarly, the costs include a cemetery plot, digging expenses, grave liner, and headstones.

Traditional burial is not an eco-friendly option. Involves expensive and environmentally harmful chemicals used in embalming.

Moving a body after burial is very difficult or even impossible due to laws, regulations, and logistics costs

What is Cremation

In simple terms, cremation is a final disposition method where a dead body is turned to ashes through burning. Compared to burial, it takes significantly less time and thus, it doesn’t need any embalming or the use of caskets.

The fact that the cremated remains are returned to the family gives much more flexibility and a variety of options for memorial services after the cremation. The family can scatter the remains in whatever way they like, be it scattering on land or at sea, burying them in the garden or the deceased’s favorite place, turning it into jewelry, or keeping some of the ashes in a locket near your heart, and so on.

Even with cremation, you can choose just about all of the services and options offered by the funeral home. But the simplest and cheapest option is direct cremation in which the person’s body is cremated “directly” after death without viewing services.

Pros of Cremation

The biggest advantage is the lower cost associated with cremation.

Flexibility in disposition options, personalization choices, and the ability to move the ashes.

No additional shopping aside from buying the urn.

Schedule the memorial or scattering service anytime you want.

cremation services Mentor, OHCons of Cremation

Cremation is permanent. The process cannot be undone.

Some religions or cultures do not approve of cremation.

With this information, you’re in a better position to decide what’s best for you, a burial or cremation services Mentor, OH.

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The Grief Journey

First of all, remember that there is no set time frame for when you will return to normal after cremation services Waite Hill, OH. This article aims to highlight the main phases of grief that most people go through before and after losing a loved one.

It’s not written in stone that every person must go through all these phases or they come in the same order. Each person, each death, and each relationship is different – and so does the grief timeline. There’s no way to predict your exact grief journey. However, we can guess the general outline.

Check out what you might expect from a grief journey:

1. Before the Death: Anticipatory Grief

This happens when the loved one was experiencing a terminal illness and you knew all the way that the death was coming. Now the grieving begins.

Anticipatory grief can add a whole new layer to the grieving process and often extends it. The grieving person grieves over time lost, or perhaps a future that will never be. This grieving stage can be just as fierce as the grief after your loved one has passed.

2. Immediately After Death

Shock and anger are the two initial reactions from the grieving person. This can last for hours or days depending on how the loved one has died. The shock will affect everyone differently, from tears to hysterical laughing and often, complete denial.

3. Grief During the Funeral

While arranging for the last services of the loved one, the toughest phase of grief sets in. But it is also a vital part of the healing process. Your life is still far from normal, and your grief is still raw but there’s no escaping it.

Acknowledging the changed reality is the best way forward.

4. Grief After the Funeral

Now, that’s the part that often hits the hardest. Friends and family go home and return to their everyday lives and you need to cope with grief alone.

In addition, the grieving person needs to handle several important tasks related to closing bank accounts, and credit cards, and collecting life insurance and pensions of the deceased. During this time. You need self-reflection too.

Don’t resort to loneliness or locking yourself in the room. Try keeping track of the things you need to get done and slowly start accomplishing that list. With time, you will begin to learn a new normal for yourself. Beginning to adjust to a new lifestyle will help with your grief.

cremation services Waite Hill, OH5. Months or Years Later

And life continues to go by, and generally, the grief starts to lessen as you live from day to day. But that’s not the rule. You may often find yourself asking the same why and how questions.

But hopefully, the sharp edges of your grief will soften. The grief will not subside completely but like a shadow that follows you. Not always visible or always felt, but still there. The person finds comfort in the memory of the lost loved one until they completely adapt to the changed reality after cremation services Waite Hill, OH. Contact us today.

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Writing a Thoughtful Eulogy

If you have ever been to funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, you’d already know what a eulogy is. It is a speech that celebrates the life of a departed loved one. Giving tribute to the deceased has been a longstanding tradition in the funeral service – and often the central event.

Giving a eulogy is an honor and if you are chosen to pay tribute to the lost loved one, then it needs to be done well. Just follow the below tips to make sure the eulogy is moving, appropriate, and thoughtful.

1. Be Authentic

Try to be as close to the truth as possible. Don’t make it sound like the deceased was the most perfect person ever lived. A good eulogy can admit the person’s faults but will typically emphasize their strengths. Focus on the loved one’s major accomplishments, hobbies, passions, religion, volunteer work, and a brief intro of their spouse and children (if any), hobbies, passions, religion, and volunteer work.

2. Keep It Brief Yet Informative

A long eulogy makes the audience bored. Make sure your eulogy is brief, and poignant, and summarize the individual’s life without going into every detail. It should be approximately 1000 words and take around 6-8 minutes to deliver.

3. Think of a Theme

A professional eulogy revolves around a central theme. It can be anything like a central story, phrase, or quote as a motif. Or maybe you want to highlight a story or phrase that captures several aspects of their life and personality.

4. Think of Their Best Stories but Don’t Go Into Details

The bulk of the eulogy should be centered around narrating the major attributes and important stories of the loved one’s life. You may start with a favorite memory of the story of the deceased you were part of and connect it to one of the person’s defining characteristics.

Alternatively, you can choose to highlight the defining traits of their personality and link them with quotes or memories of the beloved soul. This part can give you at least half of your material.

But be sure to avoid unnecessary details. Keep it to 1-2 short stories. While the eulogy should focus on their personality and how they affected the lives of others but don’t forget to summarize the person’s family, accomplishments, and legacy. However, it doesn’t sound like the entire eulogy is about a list of people, places, and events.

5. Closing the Eulogy

It is good to close with a story, quote, or illustration. Your closing remarks can be between ten seconds to a minute. Add a couple of brief sentences to wrap things up. Consider saying “goodbye” to your loved ones and also say “Thank you” to all the guests for attending the event.

funeral homes Waite Hill, OH6. Write It Down

Yes, you can be a great speaker and we don’t doubt your memorizing and oration skills. But try to write everything you want to say. If you’re an experienced public speaker, notes or a bare outline can do the purpose. For someone not-so-experienced, write out each word you want to say. You can find more help at funeral homes Waite Hill, OH. Contact us today.

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Plan the Perfect Funeral

Arranging a funeral service at funeral homes Mentor, OH, for the lost loved one is not a simple task – especially if you’re doing it for the first time. It involves making dozens of decisions within a short timeframe. You may have to do everything from picking the casket to inviting the guests.

If you’re tasked with managing the last services of the departed soul, here is what you should do:

How to Plan a Funeral

1. Learn About Funeral

First, acquaint yourself with different events involved in a funeral service. This will ease stress and help you reduce costs, and give a perfect tribute to the lost loved one.

Don’t wait till the last day to start arranging for the service. Start planning soon after you’re tasked with arranging the funeral.

2. Set Your Budget

Funerals can cost a lot if you make unscrupulous decisions which are highly likely at a time when you’re experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions.

But there are many cost-friendly ways to honor your loved ones the way they deserve. Much will come down to the choices you make. Here’s how to set your funeral budget:

  • Research average funeral costs in your locality. Note that cremation often costs less than burial.
  • Take a look at your finances and insurance, then determine what you can afford
  • Ask a friend who has already arranged a service before or a professional funeral director to help you stay on task and avoid unnecessary purchases

3. Choose Disposition Method

For most families, this comes down to burial vs cremation. While you have plenty of final disposition ideas but the two most popular choices are cremation and burial.

Make your decision based on the deceased’s final wish, the family’s religious or cultural preferences, and your budget. At the same time, consider whether or not to embalm. This comes true even if you’re going with burial as you have sorts of alternative burial and preservation methods – less expensive than embalming.

4. Decide About the Funeral Services

A complete funeral service includes many events, both before the service and after. That includes wake, viewing, visitation (before events) and reception, cremation, scattering, and committal, also called after events.

5. Plan the Additional Service Events

Next, you need to take care of additional services that make up the whole event like choosing an officiant, deciding on readings, Scriptures, prayers, and songs, as well as who should give the eulogy.

Also, decide if you want an open casket or a closed one, any special music or open mic sharing time, or any other special memorial tributes.

funeral homes Mentor, OH6. Choose a Final Resting Place

While the traditional resting place for burial is at a cemetery, you get tons of options if the loved one is cremated. You may scatter all or part of the ashes in the ocean, river, or from a cliff. Or you can choose to keep the cremation urn at home. Similarly, you can bury the urn, or place it into a columbarium niche at funeral homes Mentor, OH.

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Sympathy Gifts Ideas

Gone are the days when funeral flowers were considered the most suitable option to send to a bereaving family after cremation services Mentor, OH. But the trend is changing fast and not to mention, and many people find them depressing.

After all, a sad collection of wilting flowers isn’t exactly the image you want to leave with the recipient of your memorial gift. Thus, we are here with some creative yet thoughtful options you can choose to send when someone dies.

1. Send A Practical Gift

While flowers offer a great way to express your sympathies and condolences, why not send something useful for the funeral? If you share a close relationship with the bereaved family, call a family member and ask to provide something that will help with the funeral.

Avoid asking “How can I help?”, as it is almost always turned down. Instead say that you would like to help by taking care of one of the following items, and ask which would be best:

  • Guestbook for the service
  • Framed and printed photo for a memorial table
  • Funeral/memorial service invitations
  • Any creative items for the themed memorial tables
  • Funeral favors to pass out to attendees
  • Pre-printed thank-you cards
  • Reception table centerpieces

2. Send a Sympathy Meal

Sending a sympathy meal can be a lovely way of supporting the family who is grieving the death of a loved one. During such overwhelming times, cooking food is the least of the priorities of the bereaved family.

Gifting them food is a considerate way of showing that you care for them. It gives an even more personal message if you made the food yourself. But ordering the food for them or giving them food vouchers still serve the purpose. It takes away the stress of preparing food and enables them to navigate through this emotionally challenging time without additional worries.

3. A Collection of Candles

Since time immemorial, candles have been associated with mourning. They can be a perfect alternative to sympathy flowers. Many people find that lighting a candle and taking time out can be a positive way of remembering the life of their loved ones.

4. A Charity Donation

What is more personal than donating money in the name of the departed soul? And more so, if the deceased had a favorite charity.

Making a charity donation is one of the most popular alternatives to sympathy flowers. Want to take it a step further, give donations to the family to handle the funeral expenses – particularly, if the deceased didn’t have insurance in place or their family has little money to put towards the funeral service.

The family would remember this gesture for a long time to come.

cremation services Mentor, OH5. Write a Heartfelt Letter

Last but not least, a few words from your heart can mean the world to the grieving family. Write a letter and tell the family how much you appreciated their loved one. You could tell stories about their loved one that you were part of. It leaves a lasting impact on them after cremation services Mentor, OH. Contact us today.

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Questions About Grief

Cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, may help with grief. While a lot of information on funerals is available on the internet, the same can’t be said about grief. People have plenty of misconceptions about grief and how it relates to mourning.

In this article, we are going to present a basic overview of grief. This will help everyone navigating through the grief journey to get a new, realistic perspective of bringing positivity into their life.

What are the symptoms of grief?

They vary from person to person, depending on the relationship and closeness with the lost loved one. But in any case, grief can manifest in physical, emotional, or mental symptoms.

Here are common physical symptoms of grief:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Increased inflammation
  • Joint problems
  • Stomach problems
  • Headaches
  • Body aches and pains

Emotional symptoms include:

  • Bitterness
  • Anger
  • Irritability
  • Apathy
  • Confusion
  • Loss of joy
  • Feelings of guilt, shame, betrayal, fear. Often these emotions manifest in combination.

While anxiety and depression are the foremost mental reverberations of grief. If not addressed on time, it translates into complicated grief that takes a serious toll on your both physical and mental health.

How long does grief last?

If anything, grief is independent of time. It’s true that the intense emotions of grief, in most cases, die down with time, but that’s not the case with everyone. Everyone has their own time frame and it may take a person from a few days and weeks to months and even a lifetime.

If grief lasts longer and seems to run deeper persistently, then it’s time for you to get some professional help.

Compared to grief, mourning is the outpouring of grief, an expression that you show to the public to reflect you’re grieving the loss. That is why mourning may last for a set period of time, while grief has its own timetable.

In many religions, there’s a fixed mourning time as a symbol of respect and tribute to the deceased. The Jewish, Eastern Orthodox, Hindu, and Muslim religious sects have set mourning periods. But the grieving journey may last much longer than the mourning period.

Also, many cultures adopt certain traditions to highlight that you’re mourning the loss of a loved one. For instance, wearing black, no dancing or celebrations, a black wreath on your door, or covering the doorbell or knocker are just a few ways to let society know that you are in mourning.

Cremation services Willoughby Hills, OHHow to mourn a death of a loved one?

There is no right or wrong way to mourn. What matters the most is recovering from your loss which takes time. If you’re a religious person, then talk to your religious leader and set up the services and viewings that your religion may require.

Remember that the support of family and friends at a time like this will help you both emotionally and mentally. Mourning the loss helps you get sympathy from the community. The people stand by your side and help you out in ways you would never have thought of after cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH.