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Important End-of-Life Questions to Ask Your Loved One

Planning for cremation services Waite Hill, OH, is never easy.

Talking about the death or after-life planning with your loved one is probably the most awkward and difficult conversation one can have. But at some point, we all face death and some end-of-life questions need to be asked to ensure smooth final arrangements.

So, whenever you’re ready to kick off your conversation, here’re some of the questions you should ask:

Who is Your Medical Power of Attorney?

This person, also known as a healthcare proxy or power of attorney, stands at your bedside and makes all the important end-of-life decisions your loved one wants if they are dying and are unable to do so.

For instance, this may be required if the loved one has a sudden heart attack or a severe stroke, goes into a coma, or experiences any debilitating illness like Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia, or other cognitive disorders that limits the ability to speak or write. In such a situation, the proxy makes legal decisions for the patient.

Hospice Care or Not?

Not too long ago, most people would choose to die at home or in a hospital as it was the only viable option but now, an increasing number of people are choosing to receive hospice care or palliative care.

The goal is to provide empathetic care and emotional support to the patient and treat them with utmost dignity, respect, and love. Ask the loved one if there’s any specific place where they would want to get hospice care.

Do They Have a Will?

According to a 2020 study, about 32% of American adults have a will, so there’s a high probability that your loved one doesn’t have a will in place. Have a pleasant discussion with them and ask about their final wishes.

It’d be better if you can arrange an attorney to help your loved one create a will and then, keep it at a secure place at the lawyer’s office, in a safety deposit box, or any fireproof safe. You should also have it photocopied in case the original document is damaged.

Have They Organized the Financial Information?

Ask your loved ones to arrange and organize their financial information in a secure place. It includes the details of their income and liabilities, bank accounts, credit cards, real estate, assets, and personal properties.

Let them decide how and where they want to donate or transfer their ownership of property. Organizing the financial details will save the family from being scammed and this document should be accessed only after the death of the loved one.

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How Would They Love to Be Celebrated After Death?

This question entails details about the funeral arrangements and end-of-life arrangements of your loved one. Starting from choosing the final disposition method and site, ask if there’s any specific funeral home or burial ground or should you arrange for Cremation followed by a scattering of ashes in a unique way.

Also, ask and write down their biggest achievements, dreams, and goals, and how they would want the coming generations to remember them. Such personal details will help you customize cremation services Waite Hill, OH, and make sure their legacy lives on.

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5 Little-Known Facts About Hospice Care

Funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, and hospices are connected. Hospice Care is a frequently used term by the family and patients it serves. It is a philosophy of care for people suffering from terminal diseases or those near the end of their lives (six months or less to live).

The concept is simple and the number of people receiving this service has been on the rise but still, many misconceptions linger about it. Whether you’re a patient, a family member, or a guardian, having the correct information about hospice care is indispensable to decide whether or not this service is appropriate.

Entering Hospice Care is Not Giving Up

Unlike what many people seem to believe, choosing to receive hospice care isn’t giving up on life or all medical care, it is about speaking up about what you want at the end of your life. One can continue seeing the regular doctor and take the necessary medication.

The ultimate goal of hospice care is to provide emotional support to the patients, provide the best possible care to them, and fulfill their last wishes.

Hospice Care Can Happen at Any Location

Hospice care is not a “specific place” but the philosophy of emotional and physical care involving the patient’s whole support system.

One can receive hospice care at any place of their choosing it can be your home or your loved one’s, a skilled nursing or residential care facility, and surrounded by people and things close to their hearts. Generally, patients prefer to receive care in their homes or the places they call home.

It Isn’t About Just Elderly or Cancer Patients

According to the American Hospice Foundation, hospice care is available for all people, regardless of their age and disease, though most of them are elderly and cancer patients.

Mostly, hospice patients have life-ending medical conditions like end-stage lung, heart, or renal diseases, neurological disorders, ALS, dementia, and so on. These people seek comfort and quality of life instead of pursuing a regular cure for illness.

Almost twenty percent of hospice patients are under age 65 and around half of them are diagnosed with diseases other than cancer.

Life Expectancy Increases with Hospice Care

Statistics show that hospice patients live longer by an average of 29 days. The will and strength of the patient to live longer are strengthened once the illness and its symptoms are better controlled and treated and the patient is provided emotional and physical well-being.

The constant care and love they receive from the staff and their family members give them the fortitude to battle the terminal illness with all the power they have and it increases their life expectancy.

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A Patient Can Change Mind Anytime

The best thing about hospice care is that you can opt out of it anytime you want. As a patient’s needs and medical condition vary with time, so do his priorities. If someone wants aggressive medical treatment, then hospice care isn’t the best option and they can come out of it.

Similarly, a patient can choose to opt back anytime later, as long as they qualify for the services. Choosing hospice care is often the step before funeral homes Waite Hill, OH.

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Here Are 4 Good Reasons to Publish an Obituary

Obituaries come before funerals and cremation services Mentor, OH. For Americans, the obituary is not just the official death announcement of a person. It’s much more than that; it’s their life story and their contributions and achievements to make sure their memory lives on.

Yes, the times are changing rather quickly and so do the funeral traditions but some traditions are worth keeping – and obituary is amongst them. Here are a few reasons justifying why it’s a good idea to acknowledge the loved one’s death in print, either in a local newspaper or online.

Paying Tribute to the Loved One

Every person has a unique life story that deserves to be heard and preserved. An obituary is the best way to pay tribute to the loved one as it provides a window into how they lived their life and what makes them so special.

Apart from including basic life facts, an obituary includes a description of the major event of the deceased’s life, their hobbies, favorite food and sports, work history, and lifetime achievements. The whole community gets to know about them and offers their respect.

Preserving Their Legacy

It may be easy for many to assume that the person has lived and died and has become part of history. But an obituary ensures that their legacy lives on for future generations to remember them. It’s a historical document including important dates, places of birth, maiden names, and names of the immediate family members.

If people publish the lost loved one’s personal information and key moments only on social media, they’d vanish down the timeline too quickly. That’s why they are permanently preserved through the obituary. Many a time, genealogy researchers rely on obituaries to trace someone’s roots through obituaries.

Sharing the Loss with Community

An obituary is a public announcement of death to let everyone know that your loved one has passed. Community members look to the local newspapers to find out about the local residents who have died. They show up to offer their condolences, prayers, and empathies with the bereaved family and offer help as well.

Research shows that sharing grief with the general community and getting condolences can be of big help in getting over the loss. Knowing that you’re not alone and the community acknowledges your loss gives you strength and determination to return to the normal routine quickly.

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Part of the Grieving Process

Writing an obituary is an important step in the grief journey. It helps you accept the fact that the loved one has left forever and though they are not present physically, their memories will always live with you.

Remembrance is a big part of grieving and an obituary gives you a chance to review your life too and see if there’s the thing you’d like to do differently. While jotting down the memories, you reflect on why the person was so important and special to you. Ultimately, it helps you move forward in your life after cremation services Mentor, OH.

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How Memorials Help Honor Lost Loved Ones

It’s necessary to find funeral homes Mentor, OH, when your loved one dies. Losing someone close to your heart is indeed incredibly emotional, but it’s also an inevitable reality of life.

While most Americans choose to honor their loved ones by arranging a memorial service, funeral service, or other similar ceremonies, but some people feel that planning a funeral or celebration of life is a burden.

While it’s understandable to feel the burden of holding a service at the time of heightened grief, here’re some of the reasons justifying why everyone should have a service to honor their loved one.

  1. Allows Friends and Family to Pay Tribute
  2. Honor the Deceased’s Memory
  3. It Allows You to Say Final Goodbye
  4. It Helps You Adapt to the New Reality
  5. Reignite Relationships

Allows Friends and Family to Pay Tribute

Many bereaved families don’t realize the importance of getting together with their loved ones and allowing them to offer their condolences and respect for the deceased.

When friends and family grieve together, comfort and support one another, and reflect how the departed soul positively impacted so many people’s lives, you can get the emotional will and resilience to move past the grief in a healthy way.

Honor the Deceased’s Memory

A funeral or a memorial service is an ideal way to preserve the memory of the deceased and pass their legacy on to the next generations. It’s a special event where the lost loved one is honored and celebrated for all their achievements and contributions to the community and country at large.

The guests often share the memories and stories of the deceased filled with love and happiness that you didn’t know. It allows the bereaved family to honor and preserve their legacy.

It can be emotional to show respect and tribute for the amazing life they have lived.

It Allows You to Say Final Goodbye

A funeral or a memorial service allows you to say goodbye to the deceased for one last time. Offering your tribute in the presence of friends and family can be an important step in the healing process.

While practicing final rituals, you create tons of memories that you carry on forever.

It Helps You Adapt to the New Reality

Mourning the loss is considered important in the grief journey to move forward and get back to the normal routine.

One of the powerful emotions associated with the loss of a loved one is denial and anger – especially when the loved one is passed away suddenly or unexpectedly. It’s natural to accept that something this tragic can happen to you.

A lot of studies prove that arranging a funeral service helps the grieving seek peace and solace and accept the new reality. It encourages you to come to terms with the loss and transition to the new life without the loved one.

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Reignite Relationships

Connecting with friends and family and receiving condolences on one dedicated day help you reconnect with them and forego any minor differences you might have had with any of them.

Even though being at funeral homes Mentor, OH, is a sad event and the bereaved family and the attendees are experiencing a whirlwind of emotions, but it can reunite relationships, reignite family bonds that have grown apart over time.


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5 Facts About Cremation

Cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, as a type of final disposition of the body has become as popular as a traditional burial. Today, almost half of Americans chose to cremate their loved ones and this trend is likely to only increase in the future.

So, if you’re planning to arrange cremation services for your lost loved one, you must read this informative guide. It includes all the information you need to know about how cremation works, giving what you need to decide whether cremation is suited to your needs.

Cremate One Body at a Time

Many people may believe that funeral homes cremate multiple bodies together. However, this is actually illegal. In addition, most cremation chambers are not big enough to hold more than one body.

However, the only exception to this rule is if the family request two or more deceased having blood relation to be cremated together. Even then, the lack of space in a cremation chamber makes the funeral home carry out cremation of more than one body side by side in separate machines.

The family can choose to have the ashes of the loved ones mixed.

There are Many Ways to Cremate

It’s a general misconception that cremation is just a straightforward burning process that ends with handing over the ashes to the family and has no room for customization. However, the cremation industry is highly innovative and advanced and offers multiple creative ways to give the best tribute to the departed soul.

Apart from direct cremation, you can consider liquid cremation and green cremation.

Liquid Cremation: It involves using water at a specific temperature and pressure to slowly melt or decompose the body. The body is reduced to a fine substance just like ashes

Green Cremation: as the name indicates, involves the decomposing body in an eco-friendly manner. Essentially, it follows the same concept as Liquid Cremation with a few extra steps to make the process as environment-friendly as possible.

You Can Have a Cremation AND Visitation

Many people believe that one can have either a funeral service and burial or cremation. It can’t be further from the truth as you don’t have to choose one or the other.

A family can decide to Cremate the body and then hold a traditional burial of the ashes. Similarly, you can choose to embalm the body and arrange a visitation before cremating it and scattering the final remains.

Weight of the Deceased Affects Final Costs

There’s no weight limit for cremation, however, the size of the body does affect the level of service for most cremation facilities. Generally, you need to pay extra fees for cremating persons weighing more than 2775-300 pounds.

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Cremation Remains Are Heavier than You Think

Contrary to what you may believe, cremation remains can be fairly heavy. On average, the ashes from a woman weigh around four pounds while those of a man typically weigh closer to six pounds. The final weight of the remains can be from three pounds to as much as ten pounds depending on a person’s height and bone density, etc. When you organize cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, you can find out more information.

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How to Use Mindfulness to Cope with Grief

Funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, may be where you lay your loved one to rest, but that’s not where your grief ends. To move forward in life may help to turn to mindfulness.

The history of practicing mindfulness to help cope with anxiety, depression, and stress predates the ancient Greek Empire. It’s has proven to be a powerful tool for grounding yourself and take on the stress and anxiety that accompanies the loss of a loved one.

Find out more about how mindfulness can help you cope with grief.

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness entails much more than just being aware of your surroundings. It’s a person’s ability to focus on everything that’s happening in the present, including your thoughts, emotions, and sensations.

While experiencing grief, it’s common to feel lost to a condition where everything seems equally urgent or overwhelming. You feel difficulty or even failure in prioritizing the tasks and completing them on time.

Research shows that practicing mindfulness regularly improves your cognitive sense and emotional resilience, helps you sleep better, combats anxiety, and helps you develop an attitude for self-care.

How to Practice Mindfulness

Below are some of the ways to start practicing mindfulness:

Mindful Breathing

Also known as a formal meditation, sitting peacefully and finding your breath is a great way to cultivate a state of peaceful mindfulness.

Sit in a natural, peaceful environment with minimal distractions and breathe in through your nose, hold your breath for a few seconds, and slowly breath out through your mouth. Close your eyes and imagine the lost loved one sitting beside you.

Many people love to synchronize breathing with some natural phenomenon such as music, ocean waves, or their own heartbeat. Ideally, you should sit at the same place for three to five minutes daily to develop a habit. Use a pillow or any soft surface to have support and don’t hesitate to change posture if needed.

Mindful Walking

Mindful walking is even more beneficial than mindful breathing as it involves physical exercise as well. This practice is an ideal option for people who feel isolated, depressed, or stuck while coping with grief.

Before you start walking, close your eyes for a couple of minutes and pay close attention to the natural sound, smell, and feel of the birds, winds, ground, and everything around you. Enjoy and embrace the beauty of everything around you and ponder on the natural cycle of life and death.

When you’re ready, start walking slowly and continue to observe and feel the natural beauty in your surroundings.

Join a Mindfulness Workshop

Many people prefer practicing mindfulness in a social setting to sitting alone. Seeing other people around you doing the same thing motivates you to inculcate discipline, will, and passion to develop a habit.

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Look for a meditation center, a yoga center, or a counseling center in your area that offers mindfulness classes. Even in silence, you’ll feel the group energy and with it, the optimism to combat the grief and anxiety in your life.

In short, meditation requires you to acknowledge your feelings and emotions and trains you to develop the physical and emotional will and the capability to fight exhausting anxiety and grief. What’s best is that it only takes a few minutes to get started with mindfulness – and mostly, it’s free. You can find resources for additional grief strategies at funeral homes in Willoughby Hills, OH.

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How to Connect to a Grieving Person

Bidding the final farewell to a loved one after cremation services Waite Hill, OH, is one of the most difficult things one can ever experience and it unleashes a rollercoaster of complicated and painful emotions. At such a time, our mourning friend or a family member needs our support more than ever.

What is Empathy?

Anyone can show sympathy with the bereaved, but being empathetic is a whole other story. In simple words, sympathy is feeling for someone while empathy is feeling with someone. That is empathy is the ability to understand and feel the emotions of someone and share their grief.

The mourning person receives sympathy from many, but empathy may be what they truly need and also expect from close friends and family. Let us discuss how you can be more empathetic

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Grief often overwhelms a person with a range of emotions, mostly negative. At times, they may act you or behave differently but you need to understand the complexity of the situation. Practicing empathy often starts with imagining yourself in your position and thinking in the same perspective.

When you imagine that you had lost a loved one and find yourself at the receiving end of those powerful, raw emotions, you might able to understand the pain your loved one is going through. It can help you reach deep down and develop a more profound and close relation with the bereaved and share their pain.

Empathy Begins with Listening

One of the best things you can do to show empathy to your friend is by being a good listener. Listen to what they have to say about their loss and the feelings it accompanied. Don’t interrupt them and wait until they are done talking.

Even if they repeat the same story or feeling, avoid making them feel like you already know it. Give an impression that you acknowledge their emotions and grief and want to share them. Remember, grief significantly affects consciousness and the person may talk about things that sound illogical. But listen to them without being judgmental and without trying to share a similar story of your own.

Better Engage with Them

The easiest way to be empathetic is by engaging with the mourner on a deeper level. You can ask general questions to begin the conversation, such as:

“I’m sorry to hear about that.”

“I can’t believe the (name) has left us.”

“Your loved one will always be remembered.”

“He/she was such a great guy and lived life to the fullest. Their contributions to the society would never be forgotten.”

You can say one or more of the above or similar lines to initiate the conversation and go along.

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Offer Practical Support

After giving empathetic condolences, ask them if there is anything you could do for them. Many people refrain to accept help but you should identify what the loved one needs at the moment and provide it to them.

You can have necessary grocery items, cooked meals, or even cash delivered to their house. Also, you can run errands for them and have their house cleaned. Try to be especially helpful after cremation services Waite Hill, OH, because that’s when other people in their lives may step away.

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How to Practice Self Care While Grieving

If you need to visit funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, it’s natural to experience a rollercoaster of painful emotions. But it’s also important not to let the grief journey overcome your mental health and affect your personal and professional life.

For this reason, the bereaved need to practice self-care to cope with the grief healthily and expedite the healing process. Below is a list of some proven tips you can follow to suffer less in mind, body, and spirit during the grief journey.

Remember, you don’t have to try them all; just pick ones that feel doable and do your best to start the ball rolling.

Walk into Nature

Nothing makes your heart find peace more than a walk along a beach, into the fresh mountain air, or in a park and let your mind appreciate the beauty around you. Just getting outside for a 10-15 minutes walk can bring positivity and optimism to your life and make you strong enough to take on the complicated set of emotions.

Socialize with Friends and Family

Many people tend to combat grief by plunging into self-imposed isolation. Research shows that this further aggravates grief and can lead to clinical depression over time. That’s why you should connect regularly with friends and family, talk to them, and share your emotions with them.

If you’re not comfortable with sharing your emotions with everyone, then have a walk with a trusted friend or a close family member with whom you share mutual support. Take your time and try to reconnect with them. It’d significantly improve your physical and mental well-being and bring novelty to your life.

Indulge in Fun and Healthy Activities

It can be a challenging task for many of us while grieving – but it’s also the most important one. Now is the best time to rediscover the little fun moments to diverge your attention from the loss. It could be your favorite sports or games or reunion with close friends or listening to your favorite music.

Also, exercising daily for at least 20-30 minutes improves both your physical and mental health. Do some light-weight exercise or jog in the park without asking too much from your body.

Along with it, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and eat a nutritious and balanced diet to rejuvenate the lost energy and passion in your life.

Acknowledge Your Emotions and Be Kind to Yourself

Never try to hide or run away from your feeling; it only makes them worse. Grief is often very painful and complicated but there’s the only person capable of helping you handle it, and that’s you. Embrace your feelings, seek strength in yourself to fight all the odds, and treat yourself as you would treat a friend in need.

This self-compassionate attitude will make you strong enough to get past grief.

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Join a Peer Support Group

If you’re unable to get control over your emotions even several months after the loss, then consider joining an emotional support group. For some, it’s natural to avoid seeking help from a third party.

Remember, it doesn’t, in any way, make you look weak or vulnerable. Nothing is more important than your mental well-being so, seek professional support if you’re being overwhelmed by the grief far too often or you believe that your support system is falling apart. Your contact at funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, can help.

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Tips for Writing a Condolence Letter

We all want to share the grief and sorrow of our close friend or a family member mourning the loss of a loved one after cremation services Mentor, OH. Research shows that words of empathy and condolence can bring comfort to the bereaved and also expedite the healing process.

A condolence letter is a great gesture of showing your support for your mourning friend and showing that they are not alone during these tough times. If you’re planning on writing a condolence letter to a grieving person, then bone up on the below tips to make it heartfelt.

Remember, try to hand-deliver or have mailed the condolence letter within the first two weeks following the loss.

Points to Include in a Condolence Letter

It should be Personal

First of all, the condolence should be personal and express your deep emotions. Try to add personal components like mentioning the deceased by name or highlighting your special relationship with them. Add qualities, strengths, and achievements of the deceased and how they have cast a positive effect on your life.

You can share a fond memory or moments of happiness spent with the departed soul.

Acknowledge the Pain

In the opening sentences, acknowledge the pain and loss of the bereaved. Don’t highlight the cause and manner of the death but let them know that you realize the rollercoaster of emotions they’re feeling and you’ll be there for them throughout their grief journey.

Express Empathy

Try to write more words for the bereaved and show them how much you care for them. Sentences like, “I am so sorry for your loss” and “I can’t imagine the pain and anxiety you must be feeling right now but I am always thinking of you.”

Never try to draw and comparison of your own grief to theirs. No two grief journeys are the same and shouldn’t be treated as same. So, focus more on offering your condolences and sympathies to provide them comfort and solace.

Offer Practical Help

The days following the death of a loved one can be extremely traumatic for the bereaved and probably a million things are going in their mind – from funeral arrangements to planning about how to return to normal life.

It’s always a pleasant gesture to offer direct and practical support to the bereaved like, “Let me know if there’s any way I could help you.” Some people are too shy to accept such offers so, offer something specific like cooking a few meals, have their clothes and house washed, or running errands for them.

However, avoid making promises that you can’t honor.

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Thoughtful Closing

End your letter on a positive and sympathetic note. Use affectionate and thoughtful words to make it meaningful and heartfelt while also showing your unconditional support for them.

You may write: “With love and deepest condolences”, “My Sincere sympathies”, or ”My thoughts and prayers are always with you.”

Remember, every condolence letter is going to be different and vary in its content depending on the situation and your relationship with the deceased and the bereaved. But all of them include expressions of sympathy, love, affection, and support for the bereaved family. You can send the letter before cremation services Mentor, OH.

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Cemetery Etiquette: How to be Respectful

What Is Cemetery Etiquette?

If there is one place where you want to be at the best of your behavior, it’d be at funeral homes Mentor, OH. Cemeteries are quiet places having their own set of rules that expect you to show utmost respect to both the living and the dead. It is likely that the family of the deceased one recently have a hard time dealing with funeral planning and grief resources, and they probably thoroughly think whether they will choose the cremation process because of its cheaper cremation cost and flexible choice for the cremated remains or still choose the traditional burial. This article will help you to show your utmost respect to the family.

Keeping this in view, this article aims to provide a set of guidance for the people visiting a cemetery to ensure a courteous, peaceful experience for themselves and fellow citizens.

Follow the Rules

The first every visitor should bear in mind is respecting and following the rules of the cemetery. Most cemeteries have a board posted near the entrance which lists all the rules and regulations specific to the visiting area.

Read the guidelines carefully and do your best to follow every single rule like where to sit or stand, where to park your car, or decorations on the graves.

Lower Your Volume

If you need to talk to others, do so in a low voice or hushed tone. Don’t garner unnecessary attention by talking loudly or laughing. That’s against the decorum of a cemetery. Also, don’t abuse or use slang curse words in your conversation.

Drive Slow

Always drive slow and carefully in a cemetery. Usually, cemeteries have narrow lanes and a lot of mourning people crossing in front of you. It’s advisable to drive as slow as 10 miles per hour or even slower if there’s a gathering.

Don’t go After Hours

Follow the visit timing of the cemetery. Most cemeteries are open from dawn till dusk. Schedule your visit during the allowed timing to avoid being charged with trespassing.

Respect the Graves

Avoid touching any monument or headstone as it can be perceived as a sign of being disrespectful and can damage the graves as well- especially the older ones. Don’t try to remove flowers, coins, or anything else placed on the grave to clean it. The families deliberately leave these tributes to pay homage to the deceased.

Don’t Use Electronic Devices

Silence your mobile or other electronic devices before entering the cemetery. If you have to take an urgent call, speak in as low a tone as possible as there may be a funeral in progress.

Don’t take photos of other graves or people you don’t know. Show utmost respect to both the deceased and the attendees present in the cemetery.

Don’t Let Children Run Wild

If you bring children with you, keep your eyes on them. Bar them from shouting, yelling, laughing too loud, or playing and climbing on graves. Advise them to be at the best of their behavior and show utmost respect to other attendees.

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Don’t Leave Rubbish

Don’t litter as it puts an extra burden on the caretakers and is also a sign of being disrespectful. Use designated receptacles to dispose of your garbage. It’s a thoughtful idea to pick up any litter or trash on the way back to your car.

Give Privacy to Other Visitors

If any funeral is in process, give privacy to the attendees and take care not to come in the way of the procession such as families are sending flowers. Avoid talking to other visitors – not even say hello. You can always nod and smile if the other person looks at you and makes it clear to want to talk. You can learn more tips at funeral homes Mentor, OH. You can also plan ahead your funeral planning and grief resources so you can carefully choose your desired services in the funeral industry.