Cremation services Mentor, OH

Why the Popularity of Cremations is Increasing

Cremation services Mentor, OH, are becoming increasingly popular.

More than 50% of Americans chose to cremate the lost loved ones in 2019 and the figure is expected to surge to 60% by 2025. If you’re wondering why cremation is witnessing such exponential growth in popularity in America and elsewhere, you’re not alone.

We have compiled the main reasons that encourage families to go for cremation as a type of final disposition. Keep reading to find out.

Straightforward Procedure

Perhaps the most highlighted benefit of cremation is that the whole process is simple and straightforward. After getting the necessary permit for cremation, the body is prepared and placed in a cremation chamber.

It is then transported to the cremation site and burnt to ashes. The funeral home transfers the cremated remains to the bereaved family in an urn after a week or so. For many families, this simple procedure is less emotional and peaceful.

Affordable Alternative

Many American families opt for cremation as it’s a cost-effective alternative to traditional burial. A burial funeral can see its costs grow as you add special services. Cremation, on the other, can be half the price of a burial funeral and sometimes, even less.

The low cost is because the bereaved family doesn’t need to buy a casket, which is pretty expensive, embalming service, burial plot, and other costs associated with burial.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Another top reason why many people are preferring cremation to burial is that the former is eco-friendly. A burial funeral requires a casket made of wood or metal, embalming chemicals, and a burial plot that takes a significant toll on the environment as well as wildlife.

On the other hand, cremation uses fewer and more eco-friendly resources to burn the human body, minimizing the effect on the environment.

Offers More Flexibility

Cremation offers much more flexibility to the bereaved family to think about how they want to honor the deceased. Unlike a funeral, cremated remains are handed over to the family after a few days and they can decide when and where to hold the memorial service. The family can hold on to the ashes indefinitely.

Additionally, the family has got plenty of options to scatter the ashes of the lost love done in a unique and memorable way. Some of the innovative options are:

Have the ashes turned into pieces of jewelry such as a ring, bracelet, locket, earring, and so on, and wear it as a souvenir.

Cremation services Mentor, OH

  • Bury them in the sea or any stream of water
  • Scatter from a hilltop or a plane
  • Bury in the loved one’s favorite city or place
  • Bury in your own backyard or garden
  • Scatter with fireworks
  • Travel the world with them

Choosing the type of funeral for your loved one or yourself is a highly personalized choice. A lot of factors such as family traditions, cultural and religious background, and financial aspects affect the decision. The aforementioned reasons justify why you should plan cremation services Mentor, OH for the lost loved one.