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Tips for Planning a Funeral After Hospice Care

Families with a loved one in hospice care know that the individual is near to death and will soon need cremation services Waite Hill, OH. It can be overwhelming seeing your loved one near the end. At the same time, planning for the burial and cremation can help you process what is going to happen.

Psychologists posit that the person in hospice care often wants to talk about their final services and how they will be remembered. In most cases, the families don’t get a chance to hold this important yet emotionally charged discussion especially if the loved one is suffering from a devastating illness or disease.

Keeping this in view, you should follow the below tips to plan a perfect funeral for your loved one.

Try to Find Out the Loved One’s Wishes

Many a time, a patient wants to actively engage with the loved ones and may provide instructions on how they want to be honored once the time comes. Consider these requests as an opportunity to reflect your unconditional love and support to the person in hospice care.

Hold their hand and let the person speak their heart out.

Finalize a Funeral Home

Locating a funeral home is a decision that should take enough time, research, and consideration. Narrow down your options using recommendations from friends and family and online reviews and choose a funeral home that fits your budget allocations and is capable of meeting the family’s cultural or religious requests.

Many hospitals require the family, as a part of the hospice admission procedure, to choose a funeral home and determine the type of final disposition – cremation or burial.

Write a Compelling Obituary

As part of the funeral planning, start writing an obituary for the loved one beforehand instead of leaving it to the last minute to avoid missing important details. An obituary is a perfect way to preserve the memory of the deceased and pass their legacy onto the next generations.

Take guidance from your funeral director if you’re having any trouble in crafting an obituary, its structure, what information to include, its length, and publication.

Choose an Individual to Deliver Eulogy

Determine who will read the eulogy at a memorial or funeral service. The person should be a close accomplice of the deceased, ideally, spouse or children. There can be two or more persons speaking a few words to honor the lost loved one.

Many a time, no one volunteers to deliver the eulogy for the fear of public speaking and it can catch you off guard if you haven’t planned it beforehand.

cremation services Waite Hill, OH

Choose A Burial Place

Depending on the deceased and your family’s wishes, look for a burial place to lay your loved one to rest. In the case of a traditional burial funeral, the available options for the final resting place vary from private and semiprivate mausoleums (above ground) to memorial gardens, private estates, and cemetery plots (underground options).

While for cremation services Waite Hill, OH, you can scatter the ashes in an ocean, into the air, have them converted into jewelry, keep them at home, or bury them at any desired location.