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The Value of Flowers at a Cremation Service

The last thing on your mind when first start thinking about cremation services Willowick, OH is flowers unless you’re a gardener. Yet, they can be very important. Flowers are a sweet way to express sympathy for the deceased. Different colors and strains have different meanings. It depends on your culture.

During a cremation service, the deceased’s survivors like to express themselves. The flowers have a special meaning. If you’re a guest at the ceremony, you likely have a lot of questions running through brain.

Should You Bring Flowers?

Your first thought relates to if you should bring flowers at all. In many cultures, to not do so would be very remiss. However, there are other cultures where there are no expectations for flowers. In the West, flowers are very appropriate. You don’t want to be too grim with your choices, however. Your florist will be able to understand what a funeral bouquet is.

Since what matters is the gesture, you don’t need to empty your bank account. A few small flowers given from the heart will be better than an elaborate setup that puts you in a tough financial spot.

What Color?

Different colors express different things. People often gravitate toward white flowers during a funeral or cremation service. However, that’s not your only option. Any light color will work. You should be careful with red roses and black flowers. Red roses are associated with romance. Black ones are too somber.

Some people place high value on color theory.

Who Gets the Flowers?

There are a couple of different ways you can handle your flower delivery. You can have them sent to the family home after the death. It’s a touching gesture that shows you’re thinking about them. You can also have the flowers sent to the funeral home. That way, they can adorn the cremation service. All of the mourners will be able to see them.

What Would the Deceased Want?

Sometimes, you know the deceased’s preferences. They should always be followed if possible. You might be aware of their flower tastes. Did they like pretty, colorful plants? You can send flowers to the funeral home for the family and you can also lay a few flowers at the gravesite. The gravesite flowers can match the deceased’s taste entirely. Choosing flowers in this situation isn’t fun but it may give you a small slice of comfort. You’ll feel as though you’re doing something.

Flowers aren’t the most important thing on your mind after someone dies. But they do matter. The right flowers will help establish your peace of mind. They’re necessary in some cases. If you don’t bring flowers, you’ll feel as though you did something wrong.

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