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The History of Cremation Services

You are following tradition when you plan cremation services Wickliffe, OH. Cremations are less common than traditional burials in the West, but it’s still an option. There may be a variety of reasons why you ultimately decide to cremate your loved one. It could be because it’s your local culture. Or it might because you feel a deep affinity toward this type of service.

The Beginning

Historians believe that human beings began cremating their young over 17,000 years ago. Its popularity was associated with the region and the religion of the people. For example, the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians forbade cremation while other cultures encouraged it. Hindusm and Jainism are examples of religious sects that actively promote cremation.


Currently, cremation is a very common service in the U.S. If someone passes away without family, their remains are likely going to be cremated. There are many reasons why this is the case. Cremating your loved one is often less expensive.

When you attend the service, you can take comfort in the solemn activities. You know that you are participating in an activity that your people have engaged in since the beginning of time. Somehow, that adds extra heft to the service.

Cremation services may be the toughest experience of your life. It’s an hour or more of your time where your entire focus will be on the deceased. Emotionally, it may be very difficult. However, the experience can also be elucidating. After all, you will be able to connect with people who loved your friend or family member.

It’s possible that you’ve never attended a cremation service. If that’s the case, it’s possible that you will have lots of questions. Cremation services rose to popularity in the West during the late 1800s. The Victorians grew interested in cremation services for sanitary and practical reasons. Cemeteries were overcrowded.

Now, people have different reasons for preferring cremations. When your loved one’s remains are cremated, they’re not tied to a specific spot. You can keep the ashes with you forever. Or you can scatter the ashes in a place that holds significance for you and the deceased. Common choices include the ocean, in the mountain, in a park, etc.

When you organize the deceased’s memorial, you will naturally want to pay attention to cultural concerns. The mourners may expect certain rites and passages. If you’re not sure and would like extra guidance, speak directly with your funeral home or crematory. Their experience can be substituted for your own.

Emotional, difficult events like funerals are often hard to attend. They can be very moving as well. There are few activities as potent as listening to, or reading, a eulogy for someone you love. You will realize that yourself after the event.

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