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The Grief Journey

First of all, remember that there is no set time frame for when you will return to normal after cremation services Waite Hill, OH. This article aims to highlight the main phases of grief that most people go through before and after losing a loved one.

It’s not written in stone that every person must go through all these phases or they come in the same order. Each person, each death, and each relationship is different – and so does the grief timeline. There’s no way to predict your exact grief journey. However, we can guess the general outline.

Check out what you might expect from a grief journey:

1. Before the Death: Anticipatory Grief

This happens when the loved one was experiencing a terminal illness and you knew all the way that the death was coming. Now the grieving begins.

Anticipatory grief can add a whole new layer to the grieving process and often extends it. The grieving person grieves over time lost, or perhaps a future that will never be. This grieving stage can be just as fierce as the grief after your loved one has passed.

2. Immediately After Death

Shock and anger are the two initial reactions from the grieving person. This can last for hours or days depending on how the loved one has died. The shock will affect everyone differently, from tears to hysterical laughing and often, complete denial.

3. Grief During the Funeral

While arranging for the last services of the loved one, the toughest phase of grief sets in. But it is also a vital part of the healing process. Your life is still far from normal, and your grief is still raw but there’s no escaping it.

Acknowledging the changed reality is the best way forward.

4. Grief After the Funeral

Now, that’s the part that often hits the hardest. Friends and family go home and return to their everyday lives and you need to cope with grief alone.

In addition, the grieving person needs to handle several important tasks related to closing bank accounts, and credit cards, and collecting life insurance and pensions of the deceased. During this time. You need self-reflection too.

Don’t resort to loneliness or locking yourself in the room. Try keeping track of the things you need to get done and slowly start accomplishing that list. With time, you will begin to learn a new normal for yourself. Beginning to adjust to a new lifestyle will help with your grief.

cremation services Waite Hill, OH5. Months or Years Later

And life continues to go by, and generally, the grief starts to lessen as you live from day to day. But that’s not the rule. You may often find yourself asking the same why and how questions.

But hopefully, the sharp edges of your grief will soften. The grief will not subside completely but like a shadow that follows you. Not always visible or always felt, but still there. The person finds comfort in the memory of the lost loved one until they completely adapt to the changed reality after cremation services Waite Hill, OH. Contact us today.