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7 Unique Ideas for Grave Monuments and Headstones

Grave monuments and headstones are not just a way to memorialize someone’s life, they also serve as an important part of the environment.

Losing someone you love and searching for funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, doesn’t mean that you forget their memories. Even though the beloved is not physically with you, you can honor their memory and make sure their legacy lives on by choosing a unique grave monument and gravestone for their burial site.

headstone designs ideas

Whether you’re looking for something traditional or want to celebrate an individual’s life with unique grave monument ideas, there is a design that will fit your needs. In this article, we’re going to take you through 7 different unique ideas that can be incorporated into your grave monument or headstone design.

7 Headstone Designs Ideas

If you want to have a unique and never-seen-before memorial, read the guideline below.

  • Select a Unique Colour

Granite, used as gravestones, comes in a wide range of colors. Many gravestones are either black, brown, grey, or Pink, but you can choose a unique color matching your loved one’s favorite.

You can easily find the granite of your preferred color by going to a headstone showroom and selecting it from the variety of colors on display.

  • Choose A Unique Shape

You can always select a unique-shaped memorial for your lost loved one. Take help from funeral websites, magazines, and funeral directors and choose something that has not been used before. It will not only prove you care for the deceased but also expedite the healing process.

  • Order a Custom-Shaped Memorial

You can go a bit further and order for a custom-shaped memorial – if you can’t find readymade stones of your preferred color and shape. Most memorial stones are available in standard shape, but if you want to get a more personalized memorial, you can custom order it from any reputable headstone store.

  • Make a Bench

Many Americans prefer making a bench near or into the gravesite of their loved ones. Not only does it personalize the gravesite but it helps you spend more time near the remains of the lost loved ones. You and other visitors can sit on the bench and reminisce about the good times spent with the deceased.

  • Design Custom Carvings

Many gravestones have standard cravings mentioning the name, date of death, and any quote about the deceased. On the flip side, custom cravings provide insights into the passion, achievements, and contributions of the departed soul. You can ask to crave a personal emblem, badge, or award into the headstone – to make it more intimate.

  • Add a Porcelain Photograph

Nothing captivates your mind more than visuals. The best way to customize the memory of the departed is to inscribe a porcelain photograph into the gravestone. YES, THEY ARE DURABLE. Choose any design or size and order for a portrait of the deceased. You may also add a picture of their dog, house, car, or any other favorite object.

  • Incorporate a Vase

Nothing adds more beauty to the gravesite than flowers. If you want to keep the memory of the lost loved one fresh for decades to come, custom order a vase or pot and fill it with fresh flowers regularly.

The choice for funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, is all your own.

The key to a successful grave monument or headstone design is paying attention to the details. You want your memorialization of someone’s life and death to be meaningful, unique, and lasting.
Keep these 7 ideas in mind as you’re designing your next headstone or gravestone for that special person who has passed on so they can rest peacefully knowing their memory will remain with us forever.

We hope that you’ve found this article to be useful in coming up with new ways to add more meaning and beauty to your family grave monument. If there’s anything else we can do for you, feel free to reach out at any time!