cremation services Willoughby, OH

Reasons to Host a Cremation Service

Every cremation services Willoughby, OH is held for a special reason. The main purpose is usually to honor the memory of the deceased. However, that’s not the only reason why you may want to host a cremation service.

Keep reading to learn more reasons.


After-death rituals are sacred in some cultures. To these people, every step that is taken after someone dies has value. If the deceased’s cultural practice was to have cremation services, then it would be strange not to honor that. If you’re not sure what the deceased’s cultural views were, think about your own. When it comes to life and death rituals, following your culture makes a lot of sense.


After someone dies, you may be consumed with a longing to pay your respects. You want to do anything that you can do to show the world how special the deceased was. It makes the relationship feel closer even though it’s over. A cremation service is a very obvious way to pay your respects.


Religion and culture are related but they aren’t the same thing. Even if your culture doesn’t tell you to host a cremation service, it’s possible that your religion does. Religions often have very strict rules about how a body is supposed to be treated after death. In some belief systems, cremation is seen as purer. Religion is one of the balms that can soothe you when you’re dealing with the grief of your loved one’s passing.


Does your family expect a cremation service? Does the deceased’s family? If all of the survivors expect there to be a service, it’s probably a good idea to host one. Otherwise, someone may be gravely disappointed or insulted. They may attribute the lack of service to the wrong motivations like laziness or lack of caring. Speak with your family if you believe that this is what they expect.


It’s possible that hosting a cremation service will bring you peace. It’s a time-honored way to process your feelings. You’ll get the chance to stand in front of other people who cared about the deceased and talk about your feelings. That can be monumental for your recovery. If you feel that a cremation service will help you process your feelings, you shouldn’t hesitate for a moment.


The deceased’s friends have desires as well. Once you know what the rest of the family thinks, you should also see what the surviving friends think. In some cases, the deceased will have no family and you’ll only be able to speak with friends. If they believe that a cremation service is appropriate, it’s something to consider. Everyone’s opinion matters although you don’t have to listen to them all. You can see if there’s a general consensus.

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