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Questions About Eulogies

Eulogies are common at funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH. A eulogy is a remembrance speech with the purpose of paying tribute to a loved one. We have shortlisted some common questions about a eulogy that will help you better understand this important component of a funeral service.

Let’s find out.

1. Who should deliver the eulogy?

Preferably, someone close to the departed soul delivers the eulogy. This can be a spouse, parent, child, sibling, close cousin or another relative, a pastor, or a good friend.

Often eulogies are given by family members or friends. But, that’s not set in stone. Anyone can deliver a eulogy. Often, the bereaved family nominates someone to give the eulogy. And that’s understandable as the pain is very raw for close family members and they may have difficulty composing or delivering a eulogy.

Anyone tasked with giving a eulogy should feel honored. It is a sign of your close relationship with the deceased and the high regard in which you are held by the family.

2. Can there be more than one eulogy?

Yes. Often there are two eulogies given, one by a family member and another by a friend. This gives two different perspectives on the deceased’s life and can greatly enhance the funeral service.

But mostly, families choose just one eulogy. In case of more than one eulogy, the speakers need to be brief and take around three to four minutes maximum.

3. How long should a eulogy be?

If the family decides to deliver one eulogy, the ideal time would be about six to eight minutes, but no more than ten. In terms of word count, the written eulogy should be about 1000 words. make sure you read it at a good clip otherwise you are in danger of going over 10 minutes.

If there are two or more eulogies, try to keep each one at five minutes or less. Or choose one to be the longer “main” eulogy at 5-7 minutes and the others no more than three minutes.

4. Is it ok to share a funny story in the eulogy?

Absolutely yes. A eulogy aims to highlight the notable traits of the deceased’s personality and honor their life. That’s why humor is entirely appropriate particularly if the loved one was a fun and jolly person. You can include a couple of funny incidents or stories involving the departed soul.

Funerals are mostly serious, so a few appropriately humorous stories and anecdotes can help tremendously to lighten the mood.

But stay away from awkward or embarrassing moments, off-color jokes, and foul language. There will be a wide variety of people in attendance and you do not want to needlessly offend.

funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH5. Can I Cry during a eulogy?

It’s perfectly fine to cry during the eulogy. No one will think the worse of you for it, and if you realize it’s acceptable to get emotional then you’re actually less likely to do so. But try to control your emotions to make sure you deliver the message.

If your emotions are too high and you fear breaking down on the stage, be sure not to accept the invitation to funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, in the first place.