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Mourning Rituals

Funeral homes Mentor, OH, exist because everyone has to face the pain and grief of losing a loved one at some point in life. But losing a person doesn’t mean their memories fade completely.

We all remember and preserve the memory of our lost loved ones through mourning rituals which also expedite the healing process. These traditions are symbolic activities that allow the bereaved to express their love and feelings for the lost loved one and get the support of family and friends.

Some of the mourning rituals that you should try to help ease the pain are:

1. Create an Art in Their Memory

Psychologists say that looking at pictures or graphics that reminisce the loved one helps the healing process. Try to create a work of art in the name of your lost loved one using their pictures and favorite memories.

For starters, using a coloring book can be a good way to start showcasing your artistic skills.

2. Cook Their Favorite Meal

Arranging a dinner in the name of the departed loved ones and inviting close friends and family serve as “Food for the soul.”

Not only it is a simple and easy ritual to do, but getting together with close ones helps the bereaved get over the pain and grief of the irreparable loss. It gives a chance to share the memories of the loved one.

3. Light a Candle

The ritual of lighting a candle in the memory of a lost loved one is centuries old. It gives a strong message in the presence of friends and family that care about the departed soul.

Many Americans light candles on the altar or gravesite of the lost loved one every month or so as a reminder of their unconditional love– particularly when the departed was their life partner or parent.

4. Preserve a Remembrance Item

You should preserve something that reminds you of the lost beloved one such as a watch, handkerchief, piece of jewelry, or a lighter – especially if it belongs to the deceased.

Carry it around as a reminder of how much you care for the loved one – as it brings relief and comfort.

Funeral homes Mentor, OH

5. Write a Goodbye Letter

There are many things that we want to say to the one we love the most – but couldn’t say it because of any reason. It becomes even more painful when the loved left us forever – knowing we missed the chance to speak our hearts out.

Write down all the unsaid words in a letter and you may bury it or burn it with the loved one. Else, arrange a ritual or event and ask all the visitors to write the blessings to the deceased – for the positive change, the loved one brought in their life. And you should preserve the letters in a memory box.

To sum up, these rituals are simple but portray a powerful message. People from all walks of life and religion can hold these rituals and show their love and affection for the lost loved one after the funeral homes Mentor, OH, service.