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How to Support a Grieving Relative

Today or tomorrow, you’d have to support close relative mourning the loss of a loved one at funeral homes Waite Hill, OH. Most people tend to keep their distance from the bereaved out of fear of saying something wrong and making things worse.

You shouldn’t let this thought stop you from approaching the grieving relative during and after the funeral service to help them see through this tough phase of their life. There’re a lot of things you can say and do to comfort them and ease their grief journey.

Here’s how you should try to support a mourning friend and make them feel loved again.

Know What to Say to Them

It’s understandable if you feel awkward about talking to them about the loss but verbal condolences are very helpful for your grieving relative. Depression and sorry make a person feel sad and alone. They may pretend or feel like they don’t need any company at this time, but deep down they need your shoulder to cry on; to express their feelings, and share the overwhelming emotions they are having difficulty managing.

You don’t have to give any advice to them, just saying, “How are you feeling?” and “I am so sorry for your loss” will assure them of your support.

Talk About the Deceased

Don’t be afraid from talking about the deceased if it comes up to that. Deviating from the topic when the bereaved want to discuss how the loved one has died makes them feel that you are not understanding their pain or worse, you have already forgotten their loved one.

Using the word, “died” in your conversation shows you’re open to talking about their feelings about the loved one who has died or how much they miss him.

Speak Less, Listen More

Try not to take charge of the conversation. Let the relatives talk more about their emotions and grief and encourage them to share more stories of the departed soul. Naturally, the bereaved person may share the same story again and again; don’t interrupt them if they do that. It’s a way of accepting the new reality and show how much the loved one is being missed.

Don’t judge their emotion or think of them as weak and vulnerable if they have n emotional outburst in front of you or cry their eyes out. Be supportive and empathetic.

funeral homes Waite Hill, OH

Offer Practical Help

Sometimes grieving individuals are in dire need of practical help but they struggle to ask for it. Little tasks like running errands or cooking food often seem insurmountable while you’re grieving. Look for practical ways of helping your relative like cooking, babysitting, buying essential, daily-use products, and hiring cleaning services for their house.

Always ask beforehand to make sure your relative is not offended and don’t get angry if they reject it.

Encourage Them to Socialize

Invite your grieving relative to social events to bring novelty and happiness to their life. They might decline the invitation at first, but keep insisting politely that they indulge in activities they enjoy. It’ll likely improve their physical and mental fitness and accelerate the healing process after funeral homes Waite Hill, OH.