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How to Support a Dying Friend

Cremation services in Mentor, OH are the last part of the common death rituals many people follow. The pain of losing a loved one and planning or attending this memorial cannot be described in words. Death is inevitable and we all have to face it eventually. The one thing the dying wants is the presence of close ones nearby to share and relive the good old memories, to have one last laugh, to know that someone will remember them after their passing. That’s why you should go and visit a friend if you care about them as friendship is all about supporting a person during both good and bad times.

Here are some of the reasons why you should visit a dying friend and how can you overcome the anxiousness that accompanies this visit.

Give Your Friend Strength and Solace

Many people feel anxious to visit a dying friend as they don’t want to face or say goodbye to her. The very acknowledgment of the fact that someone is about to die can make most feel uncomfortable – and it’s natural. You may feel weak and restless knowing you can’t do anything to help the friend. But just imagine the comfort and solace your visit will bring to the friend. You don’t need to talk about death or say goodbye; just being there and having a conversation like a friend will give enough them enough strength and comfort to passing through that critical time.

Follow Their Lead

You need to control your emotions and be as supportive as you can be. Don’t take the lead yourself; instead, respect the patient’s choice and let them set the topic of discussion or standard of interaction. If they want to talk about illness, let be it; if they want to avoid that topic, then find other topics that give them comfort and a few moments of happiness.

Don’t Keep Quiet, Speak

The most awkward part of visiting a dying friend is starting the conversation. Your friend may also feel awkward about what to say. No matter how difficult it’s for you to talk to a dying friend, you have to speak. The easiest way is to start asking questions on random subjects to get rid of the elephant in the room. Don’t directly jump onto the topic of illness or death, instead, let them decide what they want to talk about.

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Speak Less, Listen More

That’s the rule, you have to listen more to the friend and speak less. The very purpose of visiting is to let them express their feelings out, share their memories, and wishes. Those last few minutes of your company should be all about the dying friend. Once you have initiated a conversation, just be there, holding their hand and let them speak whatever they want to.

And lastly, you have to control your emotion say a final goodbye to your friend. It should be heartfelt. A final goodbye can make both you and your dying friend feel better. Cremation services in Mentor, OH, are the final step.