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How to Express Your Condolences

When your grieving loved one is searching for funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, expressing your condolences, either in writing or in-person, is a way of acknowledging that you care for them and want to share their loss. Many people decide against showing up at the funeral services just because they’re unsure what to say to the bereaved.

We’ve compiled a list of things that you should remember while showing your sympathies with the bereaved.

Acknowledge the Loss

Start your conversation by acknowledging the loss of the mourner. Don’t make it sound like an unnatural thing and begin with something along the lines of “Heard about your loss/death of XYX – I feel so sorry/so devastated…” or “I know this must be so hard for you…”

Be Compassionate

The very purpose of expressing condolences is to reflect your concern for the grieving family. Your words should communicate how sad and devastated you’re at the loss of the loved one. Ensure your support and care for them and let the person know you’re aware of their difficult journey through grief.

Saying “I am thinking of you/I am always here for you /You’re in my thoughts/I will always miss him or her…” would provide strength and solace to the bereaved to get through these tough times.

Express Your Own Emotions (of Sadness)

Don’t shy from sharing your own feelings of sadness or being shocked. But avoid implying that you know how they’re feeling or coping with the loss. They could misread/misunderstand it as a way of downplaying their grief of losing the loved one.

Don’t Dwell for Too Long

You need to focus more on making the grieving person feel comforted, instead of asking unnecessary and overgeneralized questions like “How are you feeling?”, “How are you doing/holding up?”, or “How are you coping with loss?” If need be, ask questions like “Do you need anything?”, “Have you got enough support?”

Be succinct and specific in your conversation – or writing – and keep reminding the person that you’ll be with them through every thick and thin. That’s what they want to hear the most during or after the funeral services.

Share Memories/Qualities of the Loved One

Talking about the loved one goes a long way in providing consolation to the bereaved. Mention the distinct qualities of the loved one that made him/her a special person and tell the mourners how the deceased’s upright character had brought a positive impact in your or others’ lives – and will continue to do so.

Don’t be afraid from sharing cherished or happy memories you’ve had with the lost loved one. A sentence like “I remember this about him/her vividly …” can provide a gateway to talk about the deceased.

Give Hope

Always sign-off your conversation on optimistic terms. Give them hope and resilience to fight through the grief journey and return to normal life quickly.

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Stay in Touch

Mostly, the community’s support fades too quickly after the funeral services. This often makes the bereaved feel isolated or depressed. You need to keep in touch with them and keep asking about their health and work life.

Paying a surprise visit after funeral homes Willoughby Hills, OH, and offering some gifts would earn you the acclaim of a compassionate and kind-hearted individual.