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How to Create a Lasting Memorial

Cremation services Willoughby, OH, can help you process what happened to your loved one. It’s very difficult to accept that your loved one will no longer be around you. Death is permanent. However, the deceased can still live on in your memory.

One way that you create a lasting tribute is to create a special, personalized memorial. Of course, this will not interfere with the funeral or cremation service. These memorials are a way to connect to the deceased. To make it special, you simply need to focus on something that mattered to both of you, or that connects you.

For example, you could frame a picture of the two of you. Every time that you look at the photo, you’ll be reminded of the bond that the two of you shared. It may be painful at first. Seeing the image of a deceased loved one can trigger a rush of emotions.

There are also more subtle ways that you can create a tribute. For example, if their favorite color was red, you can try to wear red jewelry, or paint one of the rooms in your house red. It doesn’t matter if anyone else understands what you’re doing unless you would like them to be involved.

Of course, you can involve whoever you want. If you and the deceased shared a family or social group, it may be a good idea to work with them. For example, there are ways to honor the deceased that you would like people to be concerned with. When people succumb to illness, it’s not uncommon for the surviving family members to set up a charity or work toward spreading awareness. They want to save other people from experiencing the pain that they went through.

When someone is cremated, their survivors can ask to keep the ashes. If you decide to keep your loved one’s ashes, you can involve them in your memorial. Many people feel comforted when they create jewelry that holds the ashes. Or they might set up the urn in a very visible area.

Ashes can also be divided among multiple people. This often happens when the deceased was a parent with multiple children. All of the children receive some of the ashes and can do what they wish. Instead of a lasting tribute, some people feel more comfortable spreading the ashes. They can be spread in a place that was important to the deceased.

Death is a difficult subject to grapple with. Yet, it is completely unavoidable. Everyone who is born will someday die. When it happens, those who are left behind feel grief. A memorial won’t take away those feelings, but it could make it easier to cope.

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