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How To Add An Extra Touch to a Funeral

The history of humans arranging a funeral or cremation services Mentor, OH, stretches far into the past. With time, funeral cultures and traditions changed, and so did the ways people celebrate the passing away of their loved ones.

Today, more than 50% of Americans want their funerals to be a “celebration of life” instead of just being sad and depressed. Modern funerals focus on honoring the deceased in the best possible way.

Let us discuss some tips on how you can turn an ordinary funeral into one that leaves a permanent impact on the bereaved and the visitors.

1. Tell Amazing Stories of the Loved One

It’s common in a funeral to read religious texts at a funeral service. While it is a necessary ritual to provide solace and comfort to the bereaved particularly in religious families, many families are also incorporating a small session where the deceased’s colleague and friends could share happy and funny stories about them.

This helps the visitors learn about the qualities and traits of the lost loved one and remember them in good words.

2. Add an Emotional Touch

A funeral is always an emotionally charged event where friends and family gather to honor the deceased and share the grief of the bereaved. However, you can add a personal touch to the event to make it more meaningful.

Many funeral homes offer the service of a memory table where you can display medals, pictures, awards, and other personal belongings of the deceased. It gives an opportunity to the guests to know about the achievements, hobbies, and interests of the lost loved one.

3. Perform Traditional Rituals

Even though Western society is very diverse, cultural and religious traditions play an important role in many lives. You shouldn’t skip any ritual that may provide comfort and solace to the bereaved family and add meaning to the funeral.

These rituals vary from culture to culture but irrespective of the religion, they bring purpose and solace to grieving families – during such a difficult time. For instance, lighting candles, decorating a memory tree, delivering a eulogy, and so on.

4. Personalizing the Casket or Urn

A casket, or urn if you’re loved one is cremated, contains the remains of the lost loved one. Personalizing the casket is the best way to make a funeral extraordinary.

Flowers are the most popular item to be placed inside a casket. You can also put photos, letters, books, or any personal medal in the casket, to be buried with the deceased.

The outside of urns can be decorated.
cremation services Mentor, OH

5. Honor the Last Wishes of the Deceased

Most important of all, one should try to fulfill all the last wishes of the deceased – if any. Invite close friends, colleagues, and also the members of the club, organization, or group your loved one was part of.

Connect with them deeply and be real to the visitors; it will help you make the cremation services Mentor, OH, more authentic and memorable.