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Helping Children Cope with Death of a Parent

Losing a parent and having to plan cremation services Waite Hill, OH, is the single most depressing thing in the world. It’s like losing your support system; you feel weak, alone, depressed, and sad. This experience can be even more traumatic for children as parents are a vital part of their world and make them feel safe and secure.

Research shows that the death of a parent has long-term consequences for grieving children if appropriate steps are not taken to help them cope with the grief. Here are some of the ways that’ll better prepare you to handle the challenges that come your way.

Communicate the News Clearly

It is hard to convey such news to a child, but it has to be done – and done properly. Don’t leave any room for misunderstanding or confusion. Be simple and concrete in the selection of words and let him know that the parent has left us forever. Avoid trying to soften the blow by using vague terms as they can further the distress and handling of the news by the child.

Allow Them to Attend the Funeral Services

Don’t bar the children of the deceased from attending the funeral services – if they want to. Regardless of the type of funeral, be it a Wake, Cremation, or Burial, they need to be a part of the final services of the lost parent. Participating in a funeral expedites the healing process and helps children adapt to the new reality.

But guide them on what they might see and hear during the services and arrange them with a person they’re comfortable with to accompany them during the final services.

Expect your child to question various questions afterward, like “Will daddy never come back?”, “Is daddy in heaven”? Answer the questions calmly and make them believe you’re available anytime for them.

Encourage Them to Share Feelings

Grieving children feel embarrassed, shy, and angry at the loss of a parent and often try to find solace in loneliness and silence. Assure them that you understand their emotions and are here to listen to them, take care of them, and share their grief. It’ll encourage them to ask questions, share their emotions, and feel secure around you. Also, it will help them ensure that talking about death or remembering the lost one is not a taboo in the house.

Acknowledge that Children Grieve Differently

You have to realize that children grieve way differently than adults. You can’t realize their exact feelings without spending ample time with them and sharing their feelings. Bursting into tears several times a day may seem odd to an adult – but it’s totally natural for the kids. They have limited tolerance levels when it comes to grieving the loss of a parent.

Also, they might not seem to be grieving when they are, so you have to keep tabs on their daily routine and behavior and check on them every hour or so.

Help Them Maintain Daily Routine

It’s crucial to bring some stability into the life of the bereaving children by helping them stick to the daily routine. Indulge them in fun activities and encourage them to play sports they like. Take them to a park, hiking, or play center once or twice a week to break the cycle of loneliness.

cremation services Waite Hill, OH

Also, ensure someone close to them is responsible to pick and drop them at the school for at least a couple of months after the death of a parent. Cremation services Waite Hill, OH, will start the healing process.