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Deep Diving into Arranging a Cremation

In the last few years, many Americans have been turning to cremation as a cheap and quicker alternative to burial services at funeral homes Mentor, OH. Despite the widespread acceptance of cremation, many people are unfamiliar with basic ins and outs.

So, if you’ve never been to a cremation funeral then you probably have a lot of unanswered questions about arranging a cremation.

  • Get in Contact with Funeral Homes

The first you should be taking is to contact two or more funeral homes and ask what services they offer. Remember, you have got various options to cremate the lost loved one’s body. The common options are direct cremation, green cremation, and liquid cremation. The last two are more expensive yet eco-friendly options.

  • Arrange Transportation

After choosing a funeral for cremation and the type of services you want, you need to arrange transportation to carry the deceased’s body from the hospital to the funeral home.

Many funeral homes offer this service as well, along with obtaining a death certificate and handling necessary paperwork. Confirm all the details with your funeral director.

  • Get a Medical Certificate

If a funeral home is not offering the service of obtaining the medical certificate of your loved one, then you need to contact the hospital and ask for the medical certificate. A doctor will confirm the death of the person along with the cause of death.

In specific cases, you’ll have to obtain the coroner’s report for post mortem examination.

  • Obtaining Paperwork for Cremation

Now, you have to apply for the authorization of the cremation of the deceased. The forms include a death certificate, an authorization letter from a doctor, crematorium managers, and funeral directors.

Check if your state has any specific formalities for authorizing cremation. Your funeral director will offer your all the required guidance to complete the necessary paperwork.

  • Choose and Buy a Casket or Alternative Container

It is mandatory to cremate the deceased in a water-proof, rigid, and combustible container. It’s up to you to choose a casket or alternative container of the right size. Buying a simple cardboard casket can save you money compared to if you buy a hemp casket.

Ask the funeral home to provide various options and choose the one that suits you. Similarly, choose and buy an urn to store the remains after cremation.

  • Want Witnessing Service or Not

You need to decide if you want to witness service or not for the lost loved one. Consult with the rest of the immediate family before landing on a decision. But remember, not all funeral homes offer this service, so confirm it beforehand.

  • What to Do with the Ashes

After the cremation, the funeral home will return you the remains of the deceased in the urn you have chosen. You need to decide what to do with them; you can scatter them in the sea or from the air, bury them in some special site, preserve them at home, to mention a few options.

Whatever you choose to do with the ashes, it should be in line with the last wishes of the loved one, if any, and should give them the tribute they deserve. Funeral homes Mentor, OH, can help you plan the details.