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Comforting a Grieving Parent

The grief of cremation services Waite Hill, OH, for a child cannot be contained in words. The life of a bereaved parent may be changed forever and they need your support and care more than ever to get through this difficult phase of life.

If you have a close friend or relative mourning the loss of a child, then the below advice will help you get better informed about their needs.

Understand Their Emotions – Don’t Ignore Them

Losing a child will have a profound impact on their behavior and how they interact with people. They may seem cold or indifferent to you at times and tend to avoid speaking with anyone including you. It doesn’t mean they don’t regard your support or are grieving wrong by any means.

The emotional turmoil and turbulence that come with the death of a child are too difficult to bear and often prompt the brain to behave unusually as a means to protect itself. Understand the vitality of the situation and try to be there to see them through this critical journey. They may feel isolated if you’re not around.

Talk About the Deceased Child

Don’t be afraid from talking about the lost child if it comes up during the conversation. The more you discuss their child, the quicker they’d be adapted to the changed reality. Acknowledge their loss and pain by saying, “I am so sorry for your loss. He/she was such a kind-hearted, brilliant individual. I am always here to help if you ever need me.” Running away from the topic or keeping a silence would do no benefit – and often adds to their pain.

However, don’t try to lead the conversation or force them to discuss the lost child if they don’t want to. Also, let them speak more and share their emotions and stories of the deceased child and listen and acknowledge whatever they say, even if it may seem irrational to you.

Send Positive Thoughts

Offer your condolences regularly, even if you don’t get a chance to meet them very often. Your messages and letters of positive vibes, good wishes, and prayers will engender a sense of “being held up” in them and they will feel all supported and loved.

Also, it’d reassure them they are not alone in this difficult time and someone is always there to share their burden.

Don’t Abandon Them

You can’t generalize how long they will grieve the loss. It could be a couple of weeks to a few months or even a year and beyond. Let them grieve in whatever way they want but never abandon them during the journey and keep tabs on their behavior and health.

Studies show that parents are at higher risk of committing suicide during the first three months of losing the child and that’s why you should put extra efforts to console them.

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Similarly, you should:

  1. Invite them to social events
  2. Offer practical support in everyday chores like running errands, cooking meals, washing clothes, and cleaning.
  3. Engage them in fun activities to bar them from hiding behind the grief forever.
  4. Encourage them to exercise regularly and eat nutritious food and sleep well.

Attending the cremation services Waite Hill, OH, is often the first step in your support plan.