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Common Misconceptions About Preplanned Funerals

It’s no surprise that not many people don’t have a lot of information about cremation services Mentor, OH. Less than 14% of Americans discuss funerals with friends and family before they have to visit one. Gone are the days when people used to feel uncomfortable or awkward in planning their funerals well before their demise. Now, an increasing number of people share their thoughts and final wishes with the family and plan ahead their end-of-life preparations.

Still, preplanning a funeral is considered taboo in many cultures and traditions and many misconceptions are circulating about it. Let us debunk some prevalent myths about preplanned funerals once and for all.

I am Too Young to Talk About It

It can be farther from the truth. Well, for one thing, no one can predict death. Many young people plan their funerals even if they believe the death is years in the future. The rationale is to ensure their final services are arranged as per their wishes with little to no financial burden on the left ones.

Preplan Only when You Have Financial Issues

It’s simply not true. While the financial aspect is conspicuous in funeral planning, but it’s not the only reason. Many people are not under any financial strain when they preplan their final services, instead, they want to have final service their own way.

During a funeral, many wishes of the deceased remain unfulfilled. for obvious reasons. But when you preplan your funeral and document every single detail of how it should go, the family is in a better position to honor all your final desires.

I am Too Busy to Plan My Funeral

We have to make time for things we value – and a funeral is one of them. Just like your exercise, higher education, and office work, planning your funeral is worth your time. Planning ahead allows you to delineate how you want to be remembered once you’re gone forever. Knowing that your family will honor your wishes takes a lot of pressure from you – and the family you’re leaving behind.

You Have All the Information you Need

Many people have the misconception that their family already knows all the information to honor their final services. You may have told them some of your wishes, like if you want to be buried or cremated but a lot is included in a funeral than what you might think. Once you start digging into the details, you realize the importance of various events associated with a funeral service that might seem irrelevant to you at first.

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Preplanning Doesn’t Help You

Many people believe that planning a funeral ahead is nothing but a waste of time. It doesn’t help you as you’re already dead. But let me stop you here … it may not help as you want but it, at least gives your family peace of mind, knowing that they’re honoring all your wishes – and what can be a greater gift to your family than making it easier for your family to make decisions about your cremation services Mentor, OH, and cope with your passing.

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Tips for Choosing a Cremation Provider

The number of people choosing cremation services in Waite Hill, OH, for their lost loved ones has increased. It’s a no-brainer that an increasing number of funeral homes are now offering cremation services.

Now, you have more cremation service providers in your neighborhood than ever before – and it has become even difficult to choose the best one. Given this, this post will provide a step-by-step guide on what to consider while shopping for a cremation provider.

Evaluate Customer Service

You wouldn’t want to compromise on giving the best tribute to your lost one for one last time. Arranging the final services of a beloved is an overwhelming and traumatic experience and you need both professional guidance and emotional support.

That’s why helpful customer service is an absolute must when it comes to cremation providers.

You can either call them and ask several questions to understand how they deal with customers, or you can take feedback from your friends or family who have had an experience with them.

Search Location and Shipping Services

The proximity of the cremation provider to your house is important given you to pay multiple visits within a few days. Also, you or any family member has to go and pick up the remains from the provider.

So, try to narrow down the service providers which are close to you. If that’s not possible, you can choose the ones that offer a shipping service.

Types of Cremation Services They are Offering

Most people are familiar with just traditional cremation in which the deceased’s body is burnt and remains are placed into a temporary or permanent urn. But you should also look for alternative cremation services, the most common being: green cremation and liquid cremation.

The price range may vary, often increase, with such alternatives but they are eco-friendly. So, confirm whether or not your cremation provider is offering alternate cremation services.

Ask for Services Available

Unlike burial funeral homes that offer a complete package and act as a single point of contact, cremation providers usually don’t provide a complete package and let the bereaved decide the type of cremation, choosing and purchasing an urn, putting together and distributing the obituary, and shipping the remains to a designated location, etc.

That’s why confirm beforehand if the required services are provided by the funeral provider.

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Check Online Reviews

The internet has offered you an easy opportunity to assess the customer service of a funeral home. Now, most customers leave feedback on the company’s website or any other platform about their experience. These reviews act as the deal-breaker when you’re narrowing down different options.

A cremation provider may sound appear good on paper but the reviews tell another story. Google search the name and you’ll see enough reviews to finalize your decision.

Compare Prices

Lastly, you should compare the quote of at least three cremation providers, without compromising on the quality, before landing on a decision.

Still, confused about which cremation provider to check? Contact us and get answers to all your questions about cremation services Waite Hill, OH.

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Combat the Physical Effects of Grief

The grief of losing a loved one after cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, is not a linear emotion that affects your mental health. Many people underestimate how draining grief can be for physical health if it’s ignored.

Those who have experienced grief know how challenging it can be and it can take a toll on your both mental and physical health. Taking care of your physical health is as important as that of mental health since both are inextricably linked.

Here are some easy solutions you should follow:

Exercise Regularly

Exercising daily brings a myriad of health benefits for the grieving person. It helps release hormones in your brain that keep you active and energetic as well as stay positive. Exercise is a natural remedy to combat stress and anxiety and feel motivated to take care of your body.

It doesn’t have to be an extreme workout, just having a morning walk in the park, a short stint on a treadmill, or a short run outside, will do the purpose. The idea is to diverge your mind off the loss.

Never Resort to Drug or Alcohol Use

Many people turn to smoking and drinking as a solution to ease out the pain and anxiety but it does more harm than good. If you are finding yourself drinking too much, it’s time to get back and take professional help. Else, you’ll plunge further into depression and a fantasy world quicker than you think.

Stay Hydrated

It’s normal to feel headaches and numbness during the grief journey that can lead to dehydration. Try to drink plenty of fluids particularly water and juices to stay hydrated.

Grief often distracts a person from self-care and makes a person feel empty and meaningless. Don’t let those feelings overwhelm you and make sure you are drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Eat Nutritious Food

Try to maintain a balanced diet as your immunity is a primary defense against grief. Eat more vegetables and fruits and take vitamins. Don’t allow grief to make you skip meals or eat unhealthy foods.

Likewise, get proper sleep and rest to restore your energy and stay jubilant throughout the day.

Play Your Favorite Sports

Dedicate your free time to playing the game you’re good at instead of lying alone in your bedroom. Research shows that hanging around with your friends and indulging in fun activities bring much-needed positivity to your life.

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You start appreciating the things you have and looking forward to what the future holds for you. Consider outing as an escape and a way to recharge which plays a critical role in helping you overcome the grief journey in a positive way.

It’s not easy to be stressed and grateful at the same time but when you look around and find your family and friends standing beside you, it can be the spark you need to return to normalcy after cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH.

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Answering Questions About Cremation Funerals

Cremation services Waite Hill, OH, are becoming more popular. The first thing that comes to mind after losing a loved one is choosing their end-of-life disposition method. In the last decade, direct cremation has taken over traditional funeral as the most common disposition method in America and the same trend is being witnessed elsewhere.

Deciding what happens to your body after death is a highly personal decision that is often influenced by your family’s wishes and traditions. There’re a lot of things you should consider before making a final decision.

Here’s a list of important cremation questions you hear quite often:

1. Can You Include Witnesses?

It depends on your choice. Cremation can have witnessed and as many as you want but it’s up to the guests as well if they want to watch the process.

The immediate family members may find solace in watching the final disposition of a loved one’s body but not many people are comfortable with that. Still, the choice is yours and you can add a guest list for witnesses.

2. Is Cremation Cheaper?

On average, direct cremation is almost half the price of a traditional funeral and that’s one of the major reasons why many families prefer cremation. However, the cost varies significantly depending on how you want to personalize the event and what services you want to include.

3. What Exactly is Cremation?

When someone says cremation, it means the final dispositional of the body through burning instead of burying it. The family receives the cremated remains in an urn after a few days of cremation.

What they do with remains is their prerogative; they can disperse it in the air, bury it, or keep it at home.

4. Why Should I Choose Cremation?

Cremation offers tons of benefits over traditional burial. You don’t have to buy expensive caskets, burial plots, and embalming, or cosmetic services.

Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and provides flexibility to the bereaved to personalize the event as they want. Unlike burial funerals, cremation is a simple and less complicated process.

5. What Can You Do with the Ashes?

The bereaved family has tons of options to honor the deceased. Here are a few things you can do with the ashes:

  • Bury in the sea
  • Convert into jewelry
  • Bury in the home garden
  • Display at home
  • Scatter with fireworks
  • Scatter from a plane
  • Bury in a beach
  • Bury at the favorite place or city of the deceased

The goal is to ensure that the ashes are put to rest with dignity and respect – no matter what you do with them.

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6. How Long Does a Cremation Take?

The length of cremation depends on the size of the person and the material of the container in which they are being cremated. Usually, the whole process hardly takes a few hours and involves fewer decisions regarding the nature of service.

The funeral home then takes 7-10 days to return the ashes to the bereaved family after cremation services Waite Hill, OH.

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How to Offer Condolences

Cremation services Mentor, OH, are among the least discussed topics among Americans and could be why some people hesitate to attend a reception or wake. The fear of finding themselves at a loss while offering condolences to the bereaved family makes them feel nervous to speak to a grieving friend.

However, if you ignore the family of a friend or colleague during the event, you likely won’t feel any better. Not offering your condolences can make you feel regret later when the funeral is over. So, if you’re planning on visiting a funeral service, keep the below points in mind.

Be a Good Listener

While having a conversation, don’t interrupt the grieving person. Give them a good listening ear and avoid trying to take over the conversation. Remember that the fact you showed up is more important than what you say.

Many people tend to offer advice on how to navigate through grief. However, a funeral or memorial service may not be a good time to give such suggestions.

Mention the Deceased by Name

Don’t hesitate to call the lost loved one by name. Research shows that hearing the deceased’s name leaves a positive impact on the bereaved. Mention their positive traits and how great of a person they were.

Acknowledge Their Feelings

Everyone grieves in a unique way. Your friend may be experiencing a rollercoaster of mixed emotions ranging from anger and anxiety to levity, frustration, and fear. Don’t be judgmental and acknowledge the range of emotions your friend is going through.

Ensure them of your unconditional support and that you understand their pain and loss.

Things You Should Say to a Grieving Friend

  • I am always here for you. Don’t hesitate to catch up with me if you ever need me.
  • I am so sorry for your loss. He was like a “brother” to me. I still remember …
  • I don’t know what to say but I want you to know that I love you and I will always be there for you whenever you need me.
  • Offer practical help such as “I will take care of your children’s school shift for one week” or “I will have your house cleaned.”
  • Offer monetary help if possible and don’t feel bad if they turn it down – well, most people do.

Cremation services Mentor, OH

Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Grieving Friend

  • Avoid comparing their loss with your own or others. Don’t go into unnecessary details and never ask too many questions from them about the tragedy.
  • Avoid saying things like “she/he is in a better place right now” or “It was all God’s plan” or “Everything happens for a reason.” It may make them angry.
  • Don’t tell them that they will eventually feel better or forget the loss. Though it’s true it may seem insensitive on your part. Also, avoid the sentences that reflect you know more about the grieving process or emotions than the bereaved family. Offer practical help instead of advice.

Attending cremation services Mentor, OH, involves interacting with other mourners.

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How to Deliver the Eulogy

Cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, can be emotional. You have articulated a perfect eulogy encompassing all the highlights, memories, and memorable stories of the deceased’s life. Now what? It’s time to speak in front of the bereaved family and guests – and for most people, delivering a eulogy in a convincing tone is even difficult than writing one.

Chances are you’re not an established speaker and on top of that, you’re combating your own grief, which makes it quite tough to deliver as you want. Fortunately, there are a few tips that will make the task easier for you.

Let’s dive in.

Practice, Practice, and Practice

Even the most prolific public speakers practice their funeral eulogies before delivering them. A eulogy is supposed to be 10-15 minutes long and practicing it out loud in front of a mirror will help you assess if it has the right tone and length.

Sometimes, the words look great on paper but they just don’t flow smoothly as you would have liked. So, the more you practice, the more you’ll be able to refine it before delivering it to the audience.

Calm Yourself Down

It’s natural to feel a whirlwind of emotions while delivering the speech in front of many people but don’t overwhelm yourself. Imagine it as a way of honoring the deceased without putting too much pressure on yourself.

Take out some time to familiarize yourself with the room, wear appropriate clothing, and have a glass of water beside you while delivering the speech.

See Yourself from the Lens of Audience

Always remember that you can never have a more sympathetic audience than the one you get while delivering a eulogy. Everyone would be least judgmental of you or the way you speak.

Imagine yourself in the audience, listening to the eulogy, and what would else you would have wanted from the speaker except listening to important stories about the deceased. For them, your mere agreement to delivering the eulogy is a great gift. They will appreciate you whatsoever – so being motivated.

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Speak Slowly and Avoid Eye Contact

Always speak slowly to let the audience process the memories of the deceased. In between the eulogy, some parts will evoke stronger emotions among the audience than others, so take small pauses when needed. Don’t ignore the emotionally charged parts of your speech while trying to maintain a flow.

The audience is bound to get emotional that may distract you. It’s best not to have direct eye contact with the audience.

Handle Your Emotions

Of course, it’s easier said than done but don’t get carried away while delivering the eulogy. Try your best to keep yourself composed and speak the words with your heart.

However, just like everyone else, you will likely be going through an emotional time. Do not let your emotions scare you from the job as your audience won’t complain if you take small pauses in between or take a do-over. All that matters is you should complete the job in the memory of the lost loved one after cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH.

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Why the Popularity of Cremations is Increasing

Cremation services Mentor, OH, are becoming increasingly popular.

More than 50% of Americans chose to cremate the lost loved ones in 2019 and the figure is expected to surge to 60% by 2025. If you’re wondering why cremation is witnessing such exponential growth in popularity in America and elsewhere, you’re not alone.

We have compiled the main reasons that encourage families to go for cremation as a type of final disposition. Keep reading to find out.

Straightforward Procedure

Perhaps the most highlighted benefit of cremation is that the whole process is simple and straightforward. After getting the necessary permit for cremation, the body is prepared and placed in a cremation chamber.

It is then transported to the cremation site and burnt to ashes. The funeral home transfers the cremated remains to the bereaved family in an urn after a week or so. For many families, this simple procedure is less emotional and peaceful.

Affordable Alternative

Many American families opt for cremation as it’s a cost-effective alternative to traditional burial. A burial funeral can see its costs grow as you add special services. Cremation, on the other, can be half the price of a burial funeral and sometimes, even less.

The low cost is because the bereaved family doesn’t need to buy a casket, which is pretty expensive, embalming service, burial plot, and other costs associated with burial.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Another top reason why many people are preferring cremation to burial is that the former is eco-friendly. A burial funeral requires a casket made of wood or metal, embalming chemicals, and a burial plot that takes a significant toll on the environment as well as wildlife.

On the other hand, cremation uses fewer and more eco-friendly resources to burn the human body, minimizing the effect on the environment.

Offers More Flexibility

Cremation offers much more flexibility to the bereaved family to think about how they want to honor the deceased. Unlike a funeral, cremated remains are handed over to the family after a few days and they can decide when and where to hold the memorial service. The family can hold on to the ashes indefinitely.

Additionally, the family has got plenty of options to scatter the ashes of the lost love done in a unique and memorable way. Some of the innovative options are:

Have the ashes turned into pieces of jewelry such as a ring, bracelet, locket, earring, and so on, and wear it as a souvenir.

Cremation services Mentor, OH

  • Bury them in the sea or any stream of water
  • Scatter from a hilltop or a plane
  • Bury in the loved one’s favorite city or place
  • Bury in your own backyard or garden
  • Scatter with fireworks
  • Travel the world with them

Choosing the type of funeral for your loved one or yourself is a highly personalized choice. A lot of factors such as family traditions, cultural and religious background, and financial aspects affect the decision. The aforementioned reasons justify why you should plan cremation services Mentor, OH for the lost loved one.

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Cremation vs Burial: What You Need to Know

Preparing for cremation services Waite Hill, OH, after the loss of a loved one accompanies unbearable pain and agony. At the same time, the bereaved family has to make some important decisions regarding the finals services of the deceased.

As of now, the two most common types of funerals are cremation and traditional burial. If you have just lost a loved one and don’t know whether to hold a cremation or burial service for them, then read on to get a better understanding of both funeral types and make your decision.

Cremation vs Burial

The last few years have seen a significant rise in the number of families choosing cremation as a final disposition method. Here are the main things you need to know about cremation and burial.


The reason most middle-class Americans are choosing cremation is the low cost of arranging one. On average, a cremation service is almost half the cost of a traditional burial. This price tag can further be reduced by making conscious decisions and avoiding unnecessary services like buying a cheaper urn.

Burial funerals are expensive as the family needs to buy expensive caskets and embalming services. Plus, a traditional funeral occurs several days after death, which can skyrocket the total expenditure.

Cremation is Simple and Flexible

For many bereaved families, cremation is a simpler, less emotional option while offering much more flexibility to honor the deceased compared to burial. Planning a cremation entails making just a few decisions regarding the type of cremation and what cremated coffin and urn to choose.

Also, the bereaved families get a wide range of options to scatter the ashes in a way that best suits the loved one’s personality.

No Embalming or Viewing in Cremation

Direct cremation doesn’t need embalming or viewing services. The family takes the body to the funeral home where a small ceremony is held before transporting the body to the cremation site and burning it. The whole process of cremation takes roughly three to five hours.

However, many families arrange a reception after receiving the cremated remains from the funeral home. Here, the guests are served food and they all pay tribute to the deceased.

Environmental Toll

Many people choose cremation as it is an eco-friendly alternative to burial. A typical burial involves burying caskets and embalming chemicals along with the dead body, and some families feel that this isn’t right the option for them.

Cremation, on the other hand, can cause less damage to the environment since it doesn’t use any embalming chemicals or tons of wood and metals.

cremation services Waite Hill, OH


Cremation is a final closure of the body with no chance of exhuming for legal or otherwise purposes if the need arises. This downside of Cremation alone bars many families from choosing it for the deceased’s final disposition. In case of a burial funeral, the body can be reexamined for reburial or legal or medical purposes.

Now, you’re in a better position to decide which type of final disposition suits your requirements, cremation services Waite Hill, OH, or burial.

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Healing from Grief

The pain of losing a loved one and arranging cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH, can be the most overwhelming experience one can have in life. The grief that accompanies the loss can take a serious toll on your personal and private life if the individual doesn’t adopt healthy ways to cope with it.

Here are some useful tips you should follow to stay proactive and accelerate the healing process.

Interact with Friends and Family

Many people going through the grief journey prefer to shell into isolation and distance themselves from family and friends. While trying to take on the grief and get back to normal life on your own is a commendable trait, but it’s also OK to turn to your close friends or family members

Psychologists believe that socializing with valued communities brings positivity and motivation in your life as well as provides much need distraction to recollect your strength.

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Mental and emotional health is inextricably linked with physical health. One cannot expect to heal quickly without taking care of yourself. Act on the below tips to take care of yourself.

Eat a nutritious and balanced diet. It’s not uncommon for grieving individuals to lose or gain weight, thanks to a poor eating plan while coping with grief.

Get enough rest and sleep. Grief often affects sleep patterns, but you have to battle it out and take a full-night sleep for the first few days following the loss.

Do exercise. It can be light weight-lifting, a walk or run in the park for at least 15-20 minutes, yoga, or any fitness activities at either home or a gym.

Never overindulge in smoking or drinking habits as it weakens your ability to fight the complicated grief emotions.

Indulge in Daily Activities

Try to maintain the same schedule as was before losing your loved one. Get yourself involved in handling the daily regular tasks including household chores and job activities. Also, do your best to indulge in doing your favorite things that make you happy.

It can be anything from cooking, fishing, watching a movie with friends, or playing your favorite sports.

Draw Comfort from Your Faith

If you belong to religious faith, connecting to your beliefs can help you process your emotions. If the grief doesn’t subside within the first few days, try to talk to a religious clergy member or others in your religious community and seek their support and condolences.

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Honor the Memory of Your Loved One

Last but not least, look for ways to honor the memory of your lost loved one. You can arrange a family dinner inviting close family and friends where everyone could share the pleasant moments of the loved one’s life, volunteer, fund their favorite charity organization, lead a plantation drive or plant a sapling in their name, or anything that you deem good to do.

Research shows that honoring the loved one can help an individual overcome grief and begin the healing process after cremation services Willoughby Hills, OH.

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Tips for Planning a Funeral After Hospice Care

Families with a loved one in hospice care know that the individual is near to death and will soon need cremation services Waite Hill, OH. It can be overwhelming seeing your loved one near the end. At the same time, planning for the burial and cremation can help you process what is going to happen.

Psychologists posit that the person in hospice care often wants to talk about their final services and how they will be remembered. In most cases, the families don’t get a chance to hold this important yet emotionally charged discussion especially if the loved one is suffering from a devastating illness or disease.

Keeping this in view, you should follow the below tips to plan a perfect funeral for your loved one.

Try to Find Out the Loved One’s Wishes

Many a time, a patient wants to actively engage with the loved ones and may provide instructions on how they want to be honored once the time comes. Consider these requests as an opportunity to reflect your unconditional love and support to the person in hospice care.

Hold their hand and let the person speak their heart out.

Finalize a Funeral Home

Locating a funeral home is a decision that should take enough time, research, and consideration. Narrow down your options using recommendations from friends and family and online reviews and choose a funeral home that fits your budget allocations and is capable of meeting the family’s cultural or religious requests.

Many hospitals require the family, as a part of the hospice admission procedure, to choose a funeral home and determine the type of final disposition – cremation or burial.

Write a Compelling Obituary

As part of the funeral planning, start writing an obituary for the loved one beforehand instead of leaving it to the last minute to avoid missing important details. An obituary is a perfect way to preserve the memory of the deceased and pass their legacy onto the next generations.

Take guidance from your funeral director if you’re having any trouble in crafting an obituary, its structure, what information to include, its length, and publication.

Choose an Individual to Deliver Eulogy

Determine who will read the eulogy at a memorial or funeral service. The person should be a close accomplice of the deceased, ideally, spouse or children. There can be two or more persons speaking a few words to honor the lost loved one.

Many a time, no one volunteers to deliver the eulogy for the fear of public speaking and it can catch you off guard if you haven’t planned it beforehand.

cremation services Waite Hill, OH

Choose A Burial Place

Depending on the deceased and your family’s wishes, look for a burial place to lay your loved one to rest. In the case of a traditional burial funeral, the available options for the final resting place vary from private and semiprivate mausoleums (above ground) to memorial gardens, private estates, and cemetery plots (underground options).

While for cremation services Waite Hill, OH, you can scatter the ashes in an ocean, into the air, have them converted into jewelry, keep them at home, or bury them at any desired location.