Cremation services Waite Hill, OH

Answering Questions About Cremation Funerals

Cremation services Waite Hill, OH, are becoming more popular. The first thing that comes to mind after losing a loved one is choosing their end-of-life disposition method. In the last decade, direct cremation has taken over traditional funeral as the most common disposition method in America and the same trend is being witnessed elsewhere.

Deciding what happens to your body after death is a highly personal decision that is often influenced by your family’s wishes and traditions. There’re a lot of things you should consider before making a final decision.

Here’s a list of important cremation questions you hear quite often:

1. Can You Include Witnesses?

It depends on your choice. Cremation can have witnessed and as many as you want but it’s up to the guests as well if they want to watch the process.

The immediate family members may find solace in watching the final disposition of a loved one’s body but not many people are comfortable with that. Still, the choice is yours and you can add a guest list for witnesses.

2. Is Cremation Cheaper?

On average, direct cremation is almost half the price of a traditional funeral and that’s one of the major reasons why many families prefer cremation. However, the cost varies significantly depending on how you want to personalize the event and what services you want to include.

3. What Exactly is Cremation?

When someone says cremation, it means the final dispositional of the body through burning instead of burying it. The family receives the cremated remains in an urn after a few days of cremation.

What they do with remains is their prerogative; they can disperse it in the air, bury it, or keep it at home.

4. Why Should I Choose Cremation?

Cremation offers tons of benefits over traditional burial. You don’t have to buy expensive caskets, burial plots, and embalming, or cosmetic services.

Plus, it’s environmentally friendly and provides flexibility to the bereaved to personalize the event as they want. Unlike burial funerals, cremation is a simple and less complicated process.

5. What Can You Do with the Ashes?

The bereaved family has tons of options to honor the deceased. Here are a few things you can do with the ashes:

  • Bury in the sea
  • Convert into jewelry
  • Bury in the home garden
  • Display at home
  • Scatter with fireworks
  • Scatter from a plane
  • Bury in a beach
  • Bury at the favorite place or city of the deceased

The goal is to ensure that the ashes are put to rest with dignity and respect – no matter what you do with them.

Cremation services Waite Hill, OH

6. How Long Does a Cremation Take?

The length of cremation depends on the size of the person and the material of the container in which they are being cremated. Usually, the whole process hardly takes a few hours and involves fewer decisions regarding the nature of service.

The funeral home then takes 7-10 days to return the ashes to the bereaved family after cremation services Waite Hill, OH.