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Answering FAQs About Funeral Events

In this article, we are going to answer some common queries of people regarding cremation and funeral homes Mentor, OH, and related events. Give it a read and clear out your confusion.

1. How long after death is cremation?

With the rise in the popularity of cremation, this is one of the most common questions of people. Since cremation doesn’t involve embalming, it takes place within a day or two after death. The next-of-kin needs time to sign the cremation authorization, and in some cases, a coroner must also authorize it.

2. Can it be both a funeral and a cremation?

Yes, the family can decide to hold a funeral after the cremation or vice versa. Cremation after the funeral means that you can have the body at the service.

But if you have the cremation first, you have to wait until the funeral home returns the ashes – which typically takes a couple of weeks. Then, you have complete authority to arrange the burial funeral anytime you want.

It also gives you more options to schedule funeral or memorial services and arranges out-of-town visits and other matters.

3. Can we plan a funeral on Sunday?

Why not! The family can decide to hold the funeral service on Sunday. Many funeral homes are more than willing to accommodate a Sunday funeral – however, a few funeral homes might say otherwise.

So, be sure to confirm it with your funeral home before planning further. Also double-check with the officiant to ensure his or her availability to speak at the service on Sunday.

4. What time are funerals usually held?

Anytime the family wants. But in general, late morning to early afternoon is the most common time frame for funerals. This time bracket allows guests to stay for a luncheon or reception before heading back home.

In contrast, wakes, viewings, and visitations usually occur in the evening, the night before the funeral.

5. How long after death is a wake?

A wake, also known as a viewing or visitation, happens within a week of death. Traditionally, it occurs the day before the funeral with friends and family members gathered to say one last tribute to the deceased.

The deceased’s body is present during an open-casket visitation. Compared to a funeral, this is a less formal event. The guests are also served some food or beverages.

funeral homes Mentor, OH6. Possible Reasons to Delay a Funeral

Some of the common reasons that might delay a funeral for an unspecified amount of time include:

  • The death occurred during the middle of winter and there has been a bad ice storm. Or the city has experienced a power outage, including at the funeral home.
  • There are some criminal investigations surrounding the death and the coroner has not yet released the body.
  • The close kins are outside the country for any reason. They need time to get back home so that they can attend the funeral.
  • The deceased has passed away in a different country.
  • The family needs funds collection to pay for a funeral.

Speak to the experts at funeral homes Mentor, OH, if you have additional questions.