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Amazing Facts About Funerals

Funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, and funerals are emotionally-charged topics and not many people prefer to talk about it – until they have to attend one.

Give this, we have handpicked some of the very interesting and surprising facts about a funeral service that you should know.

1. It’s Not Necessary to Hire a Funeral Director – But It Can Help

With the abundance of information available on the internet, you can arrange the whole funeral service by yourself. But it can be emotionally challenging to look after dozens of tasks at a time when you’re overwhelmed by grief and stress. No wonder, most families tend to get the services of a funeral director.

But that’s not mandated. If you have relevant experience or if you’re confident about handling all the tasks, then go for it. Starting from registering the death, issuing a certificate, and transporting the body, you can very well do it on your own with assistance from your friends and family.

However, we recommend readers get the services of a professional and experienced funeral director to ensure everything goes as planned.

2. Funerals Costs Vary

Funerals can be really expensive, but you can choose a customized, simple service to reduce the cost. Saving money on the deceased’s final service doesn’t mean that you love them any less. Rather the decision is influenced by your budgetary allocations as well as what services you want to add to a funeral.

Many funeral homes offer a wide array of funeral packages to let you choose a preferable option. Often, these packages include extra services that you don’t even want.

Instead of going for the complete funeral package, shop for individual items. With just a little effort, you can save considerably on buying services/products such as caskets, flowers, gravestones, catering, and more. Moreover, you can skip viewing and memorial services to make it a simple service.

3. You can Have Both Cremation and Burial

That must have surprised you a lot, isn’t it? With the ever-increasing trend of families choosing cremation over traditional burials as a type of final disposition, many people don’t know that one can have a burial service after the cremation if they wanted.

Many people display urns (containing cremated remains) instead of a casket and also bury the cremated remains at the deceased’s favorite place or a natural site. Simply put, cremation offers you a range of funeral options.

Funeral homes Waite Hill, OH4. Embalming is Not Necessary in All Cases

Embalming is the practice of adding certain chemicals to the deceased’s body to slow down the natural effects of death or decomposition of the body. Contrary to what many people believe, embalming is not compulsory by law in many cases.

You can proceed with the funeral service without embalming the body if the body has to be cremated or buried quickly after death.

However, if you choose to hold the viewing service or the body needs to be transported from far-off places, then embalming becomes mandatory to slow down the decomposition of the body at funeral homes Waite Hill, OH.