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5 Things to Notice at a Cremation Service

Your mind may be racing a million miles a minute when you attend your loved one’s cremation services Willowick, OH. However, there are a few things you should pay attention to. These will help you recall the event in the future when you think about the deceased.

1. Guests

Look at the other guests. These are people who loved the deceased and cared about their life. It’s impossible to know everyone that someone affects when they’re alive. When they pass away, it’s like being granted a glimpse into their inner life. You may be surprised at who shows up. Of course, you can’t assume anything about someone’s non-appearance. Someone not attending a funeral may not have any meaning. But there are things you can say if someone does attend.

2. Emotion

Pay attention to your own emotions. Your feelings may feel overwhelming, but they’re still yours. Everything you feel matters. This particular set of emotions may never strike you again. Even if you experience the death of another loved one, it may feel very different. Every time you experience death, it changes the way you feel.

3. Ashes

Will the ashes be scattered? Kept in an urn? This is an important decision. If the ashes are spread at the cremation service, it’s likely that the location is significant. People like to scatter their loved one’s ashes in areas that hold importance to them. It’s one of the benefits of cremating someone’s remains rather than burying them. If the remains are being kept in an urn, or if you’re the one who’s making the decision, this should be decided before the cremation service.

4. Eulogy

Eulogies are often given at cremation services as well as funerals. It’s only natural to want to speak about the deceased. The eulogy is the form that this speech naturally takes. Listening to a eulogy about someone you love will be incredibly moving. It might make you feel very emotional. Yet, this is one of the moments that you will cherish the most deeply.

5. Memories

Pay attention to the overall mood surrounding the event. Yes, people will be sad, but they will also be in the mood to share special memories of the deceased. Unlike the eulogy, these memories can be small tidbits, little stories that can be told in a few moments. Yet, hearing these memories can have an incredibly profound effect on you.

Attending or hosting a cremation service will never be a pleasant event. However, there are ways to make it more bearable for yourself. Death is something that you may come to accept about life. When something is unavoidable. It can seem less awful. You learn that grief can’t be avoided. The only thing you can do is try to celebrate the deceased’s existence.

Attending your loved one’s cremation services Willowick, OH, will be emotionally taxing. However, there will likely be special moments that you wish to recall. Pay attention to these small moments if you want to sear the day into your brain. Orlando-Donsante-Previte Funeral Home is one of the most reputable funeral homes.

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