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5 Reasons Why People Want to be Cremated

Cremation services Willoughby, OH are a critical part of the city. When you die, have you thought about what you want to happen with your remains? It’s not the most pleasant thought that you’ll ever have, but ignoring death doesn’t make it go away. Once you start thinking about your own death, you may decide that you want to be cremated. It differs from a traditional burial in obvious ways.

1. Religious

Hindus, for example, prefer to be cremated rather than buried. There are Buddhists that opt for cremation as well. Religious preferences hold a lot of weight. If the deceased believed that the state of their soul or position in the afterlife depended on their being cremated, you have to comply. It probably won’t be a surprise.

2. Cultural

For some, culture exerts a stronger influence than religion. There are atheists who choose to be cremated because it’s the custom in their region or with their family. These ties are hard to break. If the deceased falls into this category, you’ll know in advance.

3. Cost

Being cremated is generally much cheaper than being buried. The total cost for a burial often reaches five-figures. A body can be cremated, however, for less than $1,000. Of course, urns and other features of a memorial can be very costly. But, if you don’t want to worry about money, being cremated can be the right choice.

4. Flexibility

Because your loved one’s remains won’t be tied to a physical burial plot, you will have a lot of flexibility. The memorial service, for example, can be scheduled months after the deceased’s passing. It may take time to gather all of the people who want to be there. In addition, you can carry the ashes with you wherever you go.

5. Environmental

People rarely think about this issue, but burial plots require physical land. Cemetaries can actually become too full. By choosing to have the remains cremated instead, you’re saving land and helping the environment. You can also buy a biodegradable urn. This a very important motive for some people. If you want to be cremated after you die, make sure you put in your will or let your family know.

The average person doesn’t know very much about cremations. It’s only natural. It’s not a subject that lends itself to casual conversation. Most people would prefer to pretend they’re going to live forever. Discussing the details of death is bland. Yet, you may need to do so. Your survivors may not assume that you want to be cremated. In many places, burials are still far more common. So, you need to have the tough conversation.

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