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5 Little-Known Facts About Hospice Care

Funeral homes Waite Hill, OH, and hospices are connected. Hospice Care is a frequently used term by the family and patients it serves. It is a philosophy of care for people suffering from terminal diseases or those near the end of their lives (six months or less to live).

The concept is simple and the number of people receiving this service has been on the rise but still, many misconceptions linger about it. Whether you’re a patient, a family member, or a guardian, having the correct information about hospice care is indispensable to decide whether or not this service is appropriate.

Entering Hospice Care is Not Giving Up

Unlike what many people seem to believe, choosing to receive hospice care isn’t giving up on life or all medical care, it is about speaking up about what you want at the end of your life. One can continue seeing the regular doctor and take the necessary medication.

The ultimate goal of hospice care is to provide emotional support to the patients, provide the best possible care to them, and fulfill their last wishes.

Hospice Care Can Happen at Any Location

Hospice care is not a “specific place” but the philosophy of emotional and physical care involving the patient’s whole support system.

One can receive hospice care at any place of their choosing it can be your home or your loved one’s, a skilled nursing or residential care facility, and surrounded by people and things close to their hearts. Generally, patients prefer to receive care in their homes or the places they call home.

It Isn’t About Just Elderly or Cancer Patients

According to the American Hospice Foundation, hospice care is available for all people, regardless of their age and disease, though most of them are elderly and cancer patients.

Mostly, hospice patients have life-ending medical conditions like end-stage lung, heart, or renal diseases, neurological disorders, ALS, dementia, and so on. These people seek comfort and quality of life instead of pursuing a regular cure for illness.

Almost twenty percent of hospice patients are under age 65 and around half of them are diagnosed with diseases other than cancer.

Life Expectancy Increases with Hospice Care

Statistics show that hospice patients live longer by an average of 29 days. The will and strength of the patient to live longer are strengthened once the illness and its symptoms are better controlled and treated and the patient is provided emotional and physical well-being.

The constant care and love they receive from the staff and their family members give them the fortitude to battle the terminal illness with all the power they have and it increases their life expectancy.

Funeral homes Waite Hill, OH

A Patient Can Change Mind Anytime

The best thing about hospice care is that you can opt out of it anytime you want. As a patient’s needs and medical condition vary with time, so do his priorities. If someone wants aggressive medical treatment, then hospice care isn’t the best option and they can come out of it.

Similarly, a patient can choose to opt back anytime later, as long as they qualify for the services. Choosing hospice care is often the step before funeral homes Waite Hill, OH.